Gujarat riots

Hi friends,

As you know Gujarat is most sensitive for Hindu-Muslim riots. Following figure shows how many times riots occurred in history of Gujarat.

Year State Chief Minister Party

1969 Gujarat  H. K. Desai          Cong
1982 Gujarat  M.S. Solanki          Cong
1985 Gujarat  M.S. Solanki          Cong
1986 Gujarat  Amarsingh chodhary    Cong
1990 Gujarat  ChimmanbhaiPatel         J.P.
1991 Gujarat  ChimmanbhaiPatel        J.P.
1992 Gujarat  ChimmanbhaiPatel        J.P./Cong
1999 Gujarat  Keshubhai Patel         BJP
2002 Gujarat  Narendra Modi          BJP

These figures is showing that so many riots were happening during many Government of various political parties. During 1985 to 2000 year there were 6 big riots noted. So many innocent people killed during these riots and so many public properties damaged. Popularity rank and Growth of Gujarat was decreasing. Comparison with other states, industrialists didn’t prefer good spot for new development in Gujarat.Gujarat wasn’t safe for people and new industries.

From last 8 years, growth rate of Gujarat is becoming very high and new businesses are being developed. Gujarat is able to attract industrialists to develop new industries example TATA NANO, ADANI etc. Now Gujarat is also getting new tourists and industries. Anybody tell me why this thing is happening?

How is responsible for growth of Gujarat? State Government of BJP or Central Government of Congress?

Up to year of 1999 there was no BJP government established. After 1999 BJP won in Gujarat with majority and made Government. Before 1999,  many government was made by various political parties including Congress and Janata Party. Most of government was made by Congress. Then why this type of growth didn’t find in those history? It indicates that after Government of BJP and specially Chief Minister Narendra Modi is making success to grow popularity and growth of Gujarat in last 8 years. His Government gets success for developing Gujarat in last 8 years which was not happen in last more than 20 years.

Now Gujarat is being developed and getting creditable growth rate in compare to other states of India. All credits are going to successful Chief Minister Narendra Modi of BJP goverment. Because he is getting success to develop Gujarat in last 8 years which was not done in before 20 years. I am appreciating his efforts to make this state GREAT.


6 thoughts on “Gujarat riots

  1. Zakir Laliwala

    Exactly right. It is really true that we are getting totally peace from last several years. Everyone is safe in Gujarat. There is no communal poison found in anywhere in Gujarat. This things are reflecting of powerfull government. As gujarati and who is belonging in Gujarat, they are really feeling this.

  2. Saurabh Sheth

    Offcourse I am agree with this article. We are not communal and don’t oppose any of cast. But it is sure that every people (any of cast) is feeling very safe in our Gujarat state which was not happening in other Party’s government. Development and progress of Gujarat is increasing in mention last 8 years. So many new industries are establishing in last couple of years.

  3. Shikha Patwari


    From the last 50 years some parties are use minority as “Vote Bank”. But amazing that still minority cast doen’t accept it. Winston Churchill spoke in our freedom of India that this country is only slave nothing more. It is true fact at present. If we check our history then we can realize about truth of this statement and still it is true.

    1. Hi Shikha,

      You are exactly right. Churchill’s statement is true. How that I am explaining you here. First P.M was Jawaharlal Nehru after that his Daughter Indira Gandhi after that his Son Rajiv Gandhi after that Rajiv Gandhi’s wife Sonia Gandhi (she is not direct PM but indirectly she is). What is this, It is only indication of King’s family inheritage. Congress doesn’t has or gets single strong leader in past 50-60 years. Present condition says that in future Rahul Gandhi (son of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi) will be P.M of India. Because Congress is projecting this. Nobody think like this.

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