Amit Shah arrested in Sohrabuddin case

One another funny mystery founded. That is sohrabuddin encounter investigation. CBI is investigating sohrabuddin encounter.

Who was sohrabuddin? He was most wanted accused person in many criminal cases. He was wanted by 4 state police department. He was also involving in terrorism. Sohrabuddin  has out of India illegal  contacts to spread up terrorism in India. He was shot dead on November 26, 2005, near Ahmedabad in encounter with Gujarat Police. That was allegedly fake encounter and sohrabuddin and his wife were killed by Gujarat police.

So many top police officers have been arrested during investigation of CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). Former home minister Amit Shah was arrested too.

Sohrabuddin was projected as clean character and hero in CBI investigation. All top police officers and including former Home minister Amit Shah were villains of this fake encounter by CBI. Media is following this case to CBI investigation and publishing full coverage of this news.

If police would not be doing an encounter of terrorists and most wanted accused then who will be doing? Encounter of Sohrabuddin was fake or investigation of CBI is fake? I don’t know. But there is some mystery in this investigation. Because there are lots of cases pending in CBI office and CBI occupy its staff for investigation of this single case. There are lot of high qualified persons are investing this case. CBI treats the case as national security. It is indicating that CBI has special interest in this case. Because some another power is controlling CBI and directing too. These all symptoms show simple game to criticize Gujarat Police and Gujarat Government.

Do you think police encounters not happen in all other states? So many encounters are being performed by other stats police. May be all are not legal and some of those fake. But CBI hasn’t interest to investigate those encounters and has special interest in this encounter. In this encounter, Sohrabuddin wasn’t innocent person and might worked for some another connection. But what was he, what was happened it is not news. But what is being proved by CBI that is important.

Indeed some power and political party wants to win particular vote bank using CBI and spoil picture of Gujarat Government. CBI is proving itself as Common Bureau of Investigation but not Central Bureau of Investigation.


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