Corruption Issue of India

Corruption Issue of India

bribe, corruptionMy car was stolen before 6 months back and I launched complaint in respective Police station. It was amazing to see that I spend lots of money for getting FIR (First Investigation Report), Copy of Panchnama, and summary report. If you are original complainer then you should get these all copies as free of charge. But unfortunately, we need to spend money on same too. This is horrible situation in our country that after paying too many taxes to Government; we are unable to get single of service of Government as free. We need to give bribe in every department for obtaining services. Even if we want to get any death certificate or birth certificate then without giving bribe it is not possible to get in easy way.

This is really worst situation of country because without corruption there is no system running in Government departments. Aha…in private sector also affects with this issue.  These same situations are discussed in many Indian movies, news papers, tv serials, magazines but unfortunately it increases without getting impact of all.

If you want to fight against corruption then you need lots of free time to launch complaints in various other departments like legal, anti-corruption, courts, etc and there is no guarantee that you should need to give bribe for fighting against corruption. Yes…it means for corruption issue, situation is going to out of control in country. Off course that will be taken care by our elected ministers but unfortunately those themselves involve increasing this issue.

Government is keen to make new law for public interest but finally it is resulting to increase corruption. Example, Government made law about helmet is compulsory for two wheeler rider. Some people follow this rule but some not. Traffic Police takes bribe without penalize those people without wearing helmet. Now tell me who would follow the rules? Means new rules made for increasing corruption.

Main reason behind these all issues is slow legal process. If legal process becomes fast then everyone gets good result. But who is interesting to get it fast? If people would follow the rules and law then there is chance to decrease corruption automatically. What do you think about this? Share your thought about same.


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