Why We Pray The God?

pray the godAnytime, did you think about this? Nobody would think about this question in mind. Everyone pray the God with some wishes of health, wealth, marriage, earning, job, home, family, etc. There are lots of reasons of these all requirements and we pray the God and demanding something from God. In any temple, you can see crowd of people. Everyone demands different kind of their own requirement from the God. Some unhappy people demand happiness in life and happy people demand more from God.

Without any demand, requirement, wish there is nobody going to temple and praying the God. In this year of 2013, life becomes faster for all and due to this reason everyone demands quick earning, quick marriage, and quick happiness. But people never are able to drop their own sin and calamity. Why people don’t think about more meritorious?

Our parents are God for us. But unfortunately nobody care of this. Offcourse, who believe this, would get heaven in life and they pray the God with any wishes.

We pray the God for demanding our requirements. Then you should need to consider your parent as God too because when you are child that you was demanding so many things from them. Basic different between parent and God is, we can be able to see our parent and not be able to see God. After knowing this reason, still we are going to pray the God and put our demand to him because we are aware that our parent can be to argue with us if our demand is wrong and God never argue even though our demand is wrong.

What do you say about this?


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