Want Earning more?

Is there any relation between higher earning and education?

This question raises in everyone mind. Do you think any connection between those 2 things? Answer is very confusing because someone says yes and someone deny.

earning, dba salaryHigher earning depends on various factors like education, family background, hard work, ability, capacity, knowledge, daring, understanding, nature, public speaking, and luck. Only higher education doesn’t impact. I seen so many people whose are having good education like degree with MBBS, MS, CA, and CS but those are not practicing much and seen every time free. I seen a university first ranked MBBS doctor doesn’t have single patient in his clinic where doctor with lowest degree like BHMS and DHMS are having heavy practice with long queue of patients. I seen lots charter accounts don’t have single client and struggling to get single client from market where ordinary B.COM graduate practices more than him.

Family background is main base of higher earn like businessman always prefers his son or daughter regardless what he or she done in degree. Doctor father or mother always tries to provide better education to their children and children always grow up in this family environment. Obviously they will do better because when they start career get readymade market and infrastructure.

Problem is with only middle class families and their children. Middle class family thinks to provide better education to their children for improving their career. Unfortunately only some of them get success and rest of all will be struggling in this high competitive market.

Some of people get success because of rest of factors is very strong which I mentioned in starting of this article. In adding of those factors, one another factor is equally important and it is friend circle. If you have good friends then positive thoughts raise in your mind. Due to wrong friend circle, negative thoughts raise in your mind it will be resulting in wrong work with high failure ratio. Education makes people perfect with attitude and develops positive thinking. These both factors need to boost high confidence level.

Every DBA wants to earn more and thinks about higher package. Off course, it is very tough to crack technical Oracle DBA interview but if you have good knowledge with some hints of Oracle DBA Interview Questions then it is very easy to crack job interview.


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