The Cinema and Its Uses

How High Tech Cinema and movie can help society and young generation to develop culture.

a1Today no media is more popular than cinema and television. Every show of cinema hall is seen crowded with men and women, young and old, poor and rich. Cinema has influenced the imagination of every class of people lower, middle, and upper-alike. Children are seen murmuring film songs on the streets, young men talking about film stars and college girls are seen with film magazines in their hands. The existence of a cinema hall in the city is considered as necessary as a hospital or school or park. The wide popularity of cinema is due to its manifold advantages. Besides being the most common and cheapest form of entertainment and recreation, cinema has its impact on education also. Its educational value cannot be denied. Cinema can rightly be called a good teacher as it is an effective medium of imparting education. Cinema influences the minds of children. Children’s minds are very sensitive and expression received by them will fix firmly in their minds. Children can be taught subjects like geography, history, botany, zoology, etc, through the medium of film. Children can accept adventure after seeing so many good adventurous movies.

Movies bring people to their dream place and visualized imagination world. People get entertainment from this fantasy and dream. If any nice and self-improving message will be sent using this technology then people immediately accept. Any kind of people can accept this message. New technology is being developed and if this kind of knowledge would be available using movie then more people can be easily gain new technical knowledge. There are lots of adventurous movies providing the same kind message in people mind. People are able to handle every situation in their life. Unfortunately, very few movies are available for providing such kind of great help in the world.

Cinema and documentary films serve as a powerful agency for developing public opinion and relation. They also bring the people of one part of the country in contact with people living in another part and in this way serve as a means of bringing out integration and unity in the country. It is a sad state of affairs that in the country today cinema which has so much educational value has reduced as a means of cheap recreation and raising sex sentiments. Profit-making has becomes the sole aim of cinema producers. What is needed is the organization of a purity campaign for cinema films, the aim of which should be the eradication of sex, violence, etc, from the films. Production of short films on school subjects should be encouraged. It would thus raise the moral and spiritual value of films which would then be a real friend of ours.

Author has a passion to write articles on different topics of a human issue as well as technical. He is attached to Oracle and Teradata Backups with Oracle and Teradata Tuning like topics too.


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