A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

All of us have many things to do. If we think of them as too small or unimportant to be taken up at once, they will accumulate. We will soon find that the work we ignored has grown into something that needs great effort to do. Of all people, children must remember this. They have a lot to study but no one asks them to study the whole lot together. Instead, they are given little bits to study. What happens when a child ignores them? They add up and become too big for the child to manage.

If at all he manages to do the whole lot, he spends a lot of time and energy on it. This time and energy would not have been necessary if he had tackled the little bits. This is true for children’s habit too. No habit is formed all of a sudden. If the seed of a bad habit is removed as soon as it falls, there will be no problem. But once the seed strikes root and puts forth branches it will be difficult to remove it. Adults should be careful in this. If their children show a bad habit or the beginning of one, parents must remove it on the spot. If out of consideration for the youngster’s nothing is done about it the habit will be difficult to remove. Let us always remember that A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.


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