National Integration in Danger in India

national integration in indiaNational integration is an essential thing for any nation. ‘Unity in variety’ has remained an outstanding quality of India as a nation. But nowadays this national integrity is in danger. The most crucial issue facing the country today is national integrity. The situation in some of the states is very tense and alarming. The terrorist groups in Jammu Kashmir, the Naxalites in Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, and other states, the ULFAs and the Nagas in the eastern states, communal riots in Gujarat have created the havoc against the national integration. The people in some of the states do not feel emotionally integrated.

India is a vast country. Our geographical and cultural differences play a major part in dividing the nation. There are people of various religions, such as the Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, the Sikhism and so on. The cultural differences such as the Aryan and the Dravidian also divide the nation. The various states having different languages of their own also create division among the people.

Apart from the cultural and geographical differences, there are many other factors responsible for the national disintegration. First, there is the north accept Hindi as a National Language while the people of the south insist on English. Neither Hindi nor English is whole-heartedly accepted by all as our National Language. Secondly, the various languages, spoken in various states divide the people and create a great hurdle in intercommunication. Thirdly, there are controversial issues such as the Ayodhya issue, the Kaveri water dispute, the controversy about the Narmada Project, and the border issue between the two states. These pending issues have done tremendous harm to the national integrity. The Ayodhya issue has created the wide rift between the two communities. Fourthly, the religious fanaticism has also divided the people.

The narrow-minded politicians have made the situation worse than ever before. Many politicians have their wastage interests. They are guided by the politics of vote, they often follow the policy of divide and rule. Very often they have connections with the underworld. The tension between the central and the political leaders of the states is also responsible for the national disintegration. The people of the states give importance to the state level issues, and they ignore the issues of national level. Cunning and selfish politicians often misguide ignorant people.

Some external factors are also responsible for disintegrating the nation. Our neighboring country Pakistan is trying its worst to destabilizing our nation by encouraging the cross-bordered terrorism. Terrorist from Pakistan tries to enter in India in other side Bangladeshi people already enter in West Bengal. There are lots of internal factors also responsible and awaiting to divide India. “भारत तेरे टुकड़े होंगे” gang is famous and so all communists are awaiting to divide the nation. These internal factors are well educated and having strong anti-nationalism.

There cannot by peace and security unless there are mutual trust and goodwill among all sections of people. Nothing can be achieved if the nation is suffering from the disruptive forces. No progress can be made in the fields of art, literature, science, technology or economics if the nation is disintegrated. We cannot play any effective role in inter-nation affairs if we do not set out our own house in order. In the future, there are lots of chances that some state governments ask freedom and resulting dividing India. One law should apply to whole India including every state of India. United we stand, divided we fall.

In order to check the forces of disintegration, there should be an effective common medium of communication among the people. The use of the commonly accepted National Language will be highly useful in uniting the nation of the people. All students should be imparted such kind of education that will foster a national outlook. All people should be treated impartially so nobody will feel isolated. All economic and social disparities are to be minimized so that no one feels neglected and no one can be exploited. The interaction of the people of various states by the sport and cultural activities will help a lot in this connection. A Hindu orientation should be given to every aspect of life and thought. The disruptive forces should be curbed by force and strong will power. What we need today is a strong feeling of patriotism. Our political leaders should be free from narrow-mindedness and should inculcate the patriotic spirit. Integration of the people of India cannot be achieved by the government measures alone. Every individual should realize the importance of national integration. India has always remained united against the disruptive forces, and it is the duty of all of us to maintain this national integrity.



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