Terrific Terrorism

terrorismEvery morning we read in the newspapers the killings of innocent people by the terrorists in one year or other parts of the world. Terrorism means such activities that create terror among the people. Terrorism means all sorts of terrorist’s activities such as violence, bloodshed, bomb blasting, kidnapping, killing and massacre and damage to the property. Terrorism may be internal that is the terrorist activities within the country, the cross bordered terrorism and the international terrorism that contains its network throughout the world.

Terrorists are usually young people who are misguided by some politicians or enemy countries or dogmatic religious leaders. They are forced to join in such activities. They are paid for such activities. Sometimes the political leaders hire such kind of young persons to ruin their political rivals. Such persons when they get political backing and they become uncontrollable. Another factor responsible for terrorism is the strong desire to rule over others. The great world powers often employ the terrorists to make their enemies tense and confused. Sometimes the controversial issue between the two parties is responsible for terrorism. Religious fanaticism is one of the most important factors responsible for terrorism. It becomes worst when it is linked with religion. The “Islamic Jihad” is one such example.

Terrorism has now become a world problem. It has spread almost all over the world. The attack on the American trade-center has opened the eyes of all. There are so many other countries also impacted like Russia, Europe, the UK, Israel, France etc. In India, we have various terrorist groups such as the Pakistani terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, the Naxalites in Andra Pradesh, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and other states the ULFA terrorists in Assam and so on. Outside India, there are various terrorist groups such as the Fundamentalists in Middle-East Asia, the LTTE in Sri Lanka, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Muhadinjin in Pakistan and so on.

Terrorists do all kind of violent activities. They do bomb-blast, murder and kidnap. Sometimes they hijack the planes and demand money or the ransom of the terrorists imprisoned. They kill the passengers when their demands are not satisfied. They are also involved in smugglings, the drug-trades, arms, and weapons. Sometimes they bomb-blast the public places where large numbers of people are gathered.

It is very difficult to abolish terrorism. Terrorists contain well-planned network. They have very sensitive and ultra-modern weapons. They have been trained. The suicide bomb is the worst kind of terrorism. The terrorists often keep with them cyanide capsules, they would swallow them if they are caught. The political shelter to the terrorists is also a big hindrance in the way to curb the terrorism.

India has been a great victim by terrorist activities. Many people have died in Jammu and Kashmir at the hands of the Pakistani terrorists. These terrorists also attacked our parliament. But our soldiers made their plan fail the Mumbai bomb-blast of 1993, the attack on Akshardham Temple in Gujarat and the bomb-blast in train in Mumbai in 2006, the bomb-blast in Gujarat and attack on Mumbai in 2008, are all activities of the terrorists.

The various steps should be taken to curb the terrorism. The special anti-terrorists squads are to be formed. They are also to be trained and provided with modern weapons. To prevent the cross-bordered terror activities, the international borders should be sealed and well-guarded. The diplomatic steps should be taken at the international level to curb the widespread terrorism in the world. The countries, that provide shelter to the terrorists, must be exposed and strict restrictions must be imposed on them. The important step to curb the terrorism is to crush it down mercilessly from the very beginning. Our present prime minister Shri Narendra Modi is working on this issue very well manner. He is getting success to prevent some of those crucial activities.


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