The Hare and the Tortoise

overconfidenceThis is oldest Panchtantra Story but in present time still it is true.

One day a tortoise was moving slowly. A hare happened to see him. He made fun of his slow speed. He said to the tortoise, “How slowly you crawl?” I can run faster than you. While I go miles, you can move only a few yards”

Hearing the words of the hare, the tortoise became angry. He challenged him to a race. Though the hare laughed at the tortoise’s proposal, he accepted it. He was proud. Due to his speed, the hare was sure of his victory.

The race started. The tortoise began to crawl slowly but steadily. On the other hand, the hare covered more distance than the tortoise in a short time. He did so only after a few jumps. The hare was much ahead of the tortoise.

The hare rested for a short while and feel into a sound sleep. In the meantime, the tortoise continued to move at his slow and steady pace. He reached the finishing point and won the race. The hare could not do anything because it was too late for him when he got up from his sound sleep. It was because of his pride that he had lost the race.

This story I heard so many times when I was studying in school. Maybe you also heard this story in your school but you are not remembering this story in your life. I never forget this story and conclusion of the story. The conclusion of this story never be overconfidence and do not pride. If you build up self-confidence then you can achieve any goal of your career and life without fail. Never be proudly in your life with overconfidence because your overconfidence kills your skill and thinking power, these things are resulting in failure of your career and life. Improve your self-confidence which makes you growth of you in every aspect of life.

Wish you all the best.


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