differences between Online training and classroom trainings

Differences in Online training and classroom training

I have been receiving so many emails regarding online training and classroom training. Yesterday I got mail and asked “What are online courses? How we learn by online? I have never been part of online training. But I heard about this online training. What is the difference between online n classroom training? Anyone have done online courses? What is your experience? Kindly share knowledge about same. I am interested to learn online Oracle database administration.”

I replied simple answer “Using online courses, you can learn from anywhere including from home in your free time. There is vastly different between classroom training and online training because classroom training you can learn with other students from your teacher with a physical presence. Which is not possible in online training. Sometimes, some good company offers online training with a live instructor based virtual classroom. I think it is a better option too.”

One of more query got a day before yesterday was “I have confusion about online training. Does it good or better than classroom training? What are the major differences between online training and classroom training? I think classroom training is better than online training because we can raise queries and ask doubts to instructor directly in classroom training which is not possible for online training or e-learning courses.”

For more clarification, I am providing some basic differences between both types of training.

Following are major differences between Online training and classroom training.

Classroom Training:
– Good for but strictly maintain time schedule.
– You can ask queries and doubts directly to your instructor.
– If instructor changed then you get difficulty to set with another instructor
– You would not only in the classroom and due to this reason, sometimes you cannot ask a simple question which is more important, you feel shy.
– The course fee is very costly.
– Sometimes, classroom location is very far from your destination.

Online Training:
– There is no time constraint. Anytime you can take and anywhere you can access.
– If you select live instructor based online training then you can ask query or doubt to live instructor.
– Without live instructor based online training does not come with instructor means no dependency on the instructor.
– In online training, there are no other students with you.
– In live instructor based online training, one student-one instructor.
– The course fee is not costly.
– You can access from anywhere there is no location constraint.

There are lots of benefits of both types of training. You need to check which is more suitable for you. As per my opinion, if you are having a good instructor at your hometown or nearest your location then go for classroom training or choose online training. Some of the online training providers offer lifetime access and support too. It is good for us. I took so many online training for self-growing and upgrade myself. I took so many classroom training too. The choice is yours.

If you want classroom training from me for learning Oracle DBA from scratch then you can contact me. I am offering online training too.

I hope you have words about same like “E-learning of Oracle!! How can we get practical hands-on in online courses? I think classroom training is more good than online training.”. Then let me clear about the same, in online training you cannot get only videos but it is an interactive course with the live instructor based. You can learn practical things too with your instructor. Don’t worry.


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