The Donkey and the Salt Merchant –Panchtantra Story

Today I am again writing one more story of Panchtantra that we heard in our school studying. It is a very old story but for the next generation and the present generation, it is still true.

There was a salt merchant. He used to load his donkey with salt and take it to the village every day. On the way, both the merchant and the donkey used to pass through a river.

One day when the donkey was passing through the river his foot slipped and he fell down. Some of the salt was dissolved in the river water. The donkey felt happy due to a lighter load.

The next day, the donkey intentionally fell into the river. He did so with the aim of dissolving some of the salt in the river water for lighting weight. This time also his load became lighter. The donkey felt happy and comfortable, but it was a great loss to his master.panchtantra

The merchant was a wise man. He thought of a trick to teach his donkey a lesion. The next day he loaded his donkey with bags of cotton. As usual, the donkey fell into the river. But this time, the load became heavier and he found it difficult to carry. The merchant began to beat the donkey mercilessly. From that day, the donkey did not repeat his trick.

The conclusion of this story is that don’t work like a donkey. Always take responsibility for your work and do your every work with responsibility. Don’t try to get rid of your work responsibilities. This time, I see so many young skill workers do not perform work with responsibility but they want to increment and promotion in job. Without taking charge of your duty how can you get any kind of job enhancement? If you are working like this donkey then nobody will give you any kind of promotion and increment. Maybe you would get lay off. This is my way of thinking maybe you have another way of thinking. You can comment on my post.

Wish you all the best.


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