An Ideal Student

an ideal studentTill today, I wrote about how to be the ideal teacher or instructor but today I am writing about how to be a great student. Don’t ask me who are your ideal students? Nope, I do not tell you.

An ideal student is one who is fully conscious of his duties and aware of his responsibilities. He paves the way for the younger generations to tread on. Every student should endeavor to be an ideal one. Students are the leaders of tomorrow. A nation can prosper and reach the zenith of glory if it has a disciplined army of students.

A student is well up in studies and capable of passing examinations, but he may not necessarily be an ideal student. Such students though having a brilliant record throughout their school and college life prove utter failures when they enter the field of practical life.

An ideal student lives in accordance with the strict rules of conduct and disciple. This is the time of life when the foundation of character is laid. It is said, “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost; but if the character is lost everything is lost”. Similarly, without a sense of discipline, the student is like a ship without a rudder, it sails adrift and never comes safe to the harbor. He must obey the rules of schools and colleges and the dictates of his teachers and professors.

He uses his discerning insight while selecting his companions. He is fully conscious of ensuring that not even a single evil force will tempt him. He knows well that a single rotten apple spoils all the apples in the basket. As we owe a duty towards the members of the family, an ideal student tries to understand know much he owes to his parents, brothers, and sisters. It is his duty to realize that he is under heavy debt to his parents.

An ideal student is a servant of humanity. He should share the worries and other problems of life with the members of his family or teachers. He should also take a keen interest in social work wherever possible. He should be active in finding out solutions of various complicated problems of the society.

And the ideal student must possess the above-cited qualities. This will also help the nation in the achievement of the prosperity of the country.

These all things can improve student and helps to improve his career and goal achievement of life.


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