The Bear and the Friends

The Bear and the Friends

Today I am going to tell you the solid moral story of Panchtantra. In our real life these all stories are still true.

Once, two friends set out on a long journey. On their journey, they had to pass through a forest. It was dense jungle inhabited by many wild animals. One friend said to the other,”My dear friend, do not be afraid of the beasts. So long as I am with you, no beast can harm you.” The other friend replied, “Well, your friendship will be tested if and when an opportunity comes.”

After sometimes, they saw a bear coming towards them. On seeing the bear they were frightened. But the friend who promised help and protection to the other, at once climbed up a tree. He cared only for his own safety and paid no attention to his friend. His friend was surprised at the behavior of this friend who had made only false promises. He lay down on the earth and pretended to be a dead man. The bear came up to him, smelt him, licked his feet, took him for a dead body and left. Seeing the bear out of sight the selfish friend came down from the tree and asked the other friend, “What did the bear whisper in your ears?” replied the friend, “Well, do not trust a false and selfish friend.”

In this 21st century, people become more selfish. Everyone is interested in himself/ herself only. Friendship should be out of cunningness, selfish and ego. If you have a selfish friend then you would get in trouble anytime anywhere. Avoid this kind of friend. Choose good friends.


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