Politics or Citizenship learning in School

Politics or Citizenship learning in School

an ideal studentThe aim of education is to create responsible citizens. Hence, we give much importance to citizenship training. The education should enable them to develop desirable qualities like kindness, truthfulness, responsibility, obedience, discipline etc. as a responsible citizen, he should be aware of his rights and duties. Above all, he should uphold the values of the country such as democracy, equality etc.

Citizenship training does not mean involvement in politics. Of course, politics has a major role in democracy. The students should know about the constitution, how do we elect our representatives and how they make laws. They learn all these facts in schools. If these ideas taught are not enough, more topics on civics, law, and constitution may be included. On the contrary, there is no meaning in students’ engaging in politics. In the earlier stage, if they indulge in politics they will be misguided. They learn nothing from political parties in the present context. They do involve in violence and work for their political masters as blind followers. They are not given the opportunity to think what is right and what is wrong. They are not mature enough to choose a party. On the other hand, they follow the political lines of their parents, teachers and sometimes they are misguided by anti-social elements. In schools, we are giving lessons on family life and their responsibilities in life. But we do not allow them to engage in married life to learn about family. Hence, the arguments are that they should be allowed to work in politics to learn about democracy in baseless.

Students must get proper training to become a good citizen in a democratic country. For this, they should have enough knowledge of the constitution and the functioning of our government. They should be aware of their fundamental rights and responsibilities of a good citizen. More emphasis should be given for the values like democracy, scientific thinking, equality, independence and integrity of the country, security of the country. Students should be given an opportunity to choose their own politics when they become mature. Hence, elders should not try to impose politics on children. They should be allowed to learn more, think more and to choose their own way.

Of course, this is my thinking and you have some different. You can share your thoughts to me and if found any correction then let me inform.



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