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Preservation of Health

March 4, 2019

We are all familiar with the saying “Health is wealth”, but how many of us take the trouble of trying to understand the true import of this? Health is, indeed, the greatest blessing that a man can enjoy on earth. It stands on a higher level than wealth. What is wealth to one who is always ill? Disease and illness give him no comfort and peace of mind. He does not possess the capacity of enjoying wealth, and to him, it is no better than a curse. To possess wealth but to be unfit to enjoy it, is certainly a curse. Such a man would gladly give away his wealth and prefer to be a beggar if by that he could enjoy good health. The first essential condition of living for every man, whether rich or poor, is health. With this, all other things may follow, but without it, life becomes a burden and one finds no energy for anything.

Health, therefore, is at the root of prosperity and success. A man may be intelligent; he may be endowed with uncommon powers and may have exceptional genius. But all these are useless unless he has good health. People with high ambitions and aspirations will see all their hopes destroyed if they are not fortunate to have good health. For, how can a person exercise his powers towards the realization of the hopes if he is constantly in ill health? All people in this world are required, more or less, to work. If this is nature’s plan, it should be the duty of all to see that this law is not violated to render this possible. It is necessary that we should possess sound health, so that we may have the power to work. If one enjoys good health, it is certain that one will be generally cheerful and also enjoy a sound mind. A sound mind is no less important than a sound body. It is the combination of these two that makes a man happy and cheerful and confers upon him the energy required for work.

We have seen the several benefits that health gives to man. Let us now consider the evils which result from its want. The evils of bad health are many. In the first place, bad health makes man easily liable to all sorts of disease. The disease takes away from man all his vitality and energy and he becomes a physical wreck. He becomes incapable of work and so unable to earn his livelihood. Such a man, therefore, is always miserable and knows not what happiness is. A wealthy man not of good health is equally miserable. He may have good dishes for his food, but he has not the power to digest. He may lie on the most costly bed, but he gets no sleep. Of what use, then, is a wealth if the pleasures which wealth brings cannot be enjoyed? A rich Frenchman, who would not sleep at night because of ill health, complained bitterly that sleep could not be purchased in the market. Such is the stake of all men who do not possess sound health. As there is a close connection between the mind and the body, a diseased body is always attended with an unhealthy mind. A man who is in the clutches of a disease can never have a cheerful mind. He is ever melancholy and morose. Comfort and peace of mind are unknown to him. These are the harmful consequences which ill health brings with it.

As a rule, men are born healthy and if they carefully observe certain laws of health, they have every chance of keeping themselves in sound health. The laws are very simple to follow if only one has the mind to do so. Regularity, exercise, temperance, and the avoidance of over-exertion are the four principal rules for preserving our health. The human body is so made that it can only be kept in proper condition by labor or exercise. Physical labor, which is the same as exercise, is thus the best means of keeping the body in a sound condition. Those people, whose duties consist only in mental labor, should make it a point to take regular exercise.

The next important thing is regularity in eating, drinking and sleeping. A departure from this upsets the functions of the organs. Disease and disorder creep in. temperance or moderation in eating, drinking, and sleeping is another important point to be remembered. Once who eats or drinks more than one’s constitution can bear, or who sleeps excessively, is sure to fall a prey to disease. Further, different men have different constitutions and all cannot bear the same amount of strain. We should, therefore, put only that amount of strain upon our bodies as can be easily borne. We should also allow our bodies to have rest after work. All work and no rest wear out the constitution and causes health to break down. Besides these main laws of health, there are others which should also be carefully followed. Our bodies must be kept clean; the quality of our food should be good and we should never take our meals hurriedly. Neither should we sleep late nor rise late. The old but useful maxim

“Early to bed and early to rise,

Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

Should always be in our mind.

Good health is so essential for the very existence of man, we should, on no account, be indifferent to this important thing. Our youth is the best time when to lay the foundation of good health and we must be careful not to allow this period to pass away without improving it. Once the basis of good health is laid, we shall acquire the habit of preserving it and shall be fortunate to enjoy peace of mind throughout life. Out of India, everyone is health conscious but in India, we need to improve our thinking about health and avoid such harmful conditions.

The Importance of Sports in Life

February 1, 2019

The Importance of Sports

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”

self confidenceThis proverb throws light on the importance of sports in life. The words “sport” may be roughly defined as anything that diverts a man from the monotony of his routine life. But the word “sport” is technically used only for those activities which man undertakes either for delight or for athletic purposes. There may be outdoor games as well as the indoor games. Cricket, football, hockey, and handball are the example of outdoor games, while chess and table tennis are called indoor games. There are some games that require individual participation, while in other sports the participation of the whole team is required. In shooting, archery, long jump, running and swimming the individual participation is required, whereas in cricket, kho-kho, hockey, and football the teamwork is required.

Sport is sometimes wrongly considered as a waste of time. Some people argue that sports deviate the students’ attention from the study. But they forget the fact that sport is also a part of education. Sport is necessary as a preparation for life. It prepares the man to face the struggle of existence that awaits him. He must have a strong body in order to become successful in his struggle for existence.

The basic purpose of sports is to make the person physically fit. The Greeks were the first who laid the great emphasis on the development of bodies. Many games such as weight-lifting, wrestling, archery etc were popularized by the Greeks. The Olympic games were first started by the Greeks. The marathon race is also associated with the Greeks.

The advantages of sports are many. They keep the person physically fit and sound. They keep the person healthy and away from the diseases. A sound mind dwells only in a sound body. The physically weak persons are often dependent on others and they lose much in their life. The Sanskrit saying says “Sharir Khalu Dharmasadhanam” it means that the body is a means to achieve salvation. Sports play an important part in the character-building of an athlete. When you participate in any sport, you have to follow a set of rules. This provides you a code of conduct that later on develops into a steadiness of character. Sports bring out the inherent qualities of a person. Sports help to develop qualities such as team-spirit, co-operation, and the readiness to take a quick decision in sportsmen. Another important benefit is the spirit of sportsmanship that is developed in the athletes. Sport teaches us to accept out defeats with good grace and open heart and not to have any ill-will against our opponents. It makes life pleasant not only for our own self but also for the persons whom we are to deal. If this sportsmanship is taken in the right spirit, it will teach us a great lesson in life.

Sports remove the monotony of our daily life. They give pleasure not only to the sportsmen but also to the onlookers. In modern times, the sport is often considered as a career-oriented activity. There are many opportunities for sportsmen in various jobs. The due weight is given to the sportspersons in army and police. The top-level sportsmen get handsome gains when they participate in the international competitions. The players are honored and respected the world-wide.

Sport is, no doubt, advantageous to us, but it has its limitations. Interest in sports is a good thing, but when it turns into a mania, it harms us. Many young students often neglect their study for the sake of sports only. During the cricket-series, cricket-maniacs forget their all work and sit idly to the television set for hours. No doubt, the potentially rich sportsmen must be encouraged. But for the other people, their main activity should not suffer merely for the sake of sport.

Our performance in sports at the international level has not been satisfactory. Of course, we have shown good performance in cricket, we have yet to show better performance in other games. The proper attention must be given to sports during school education. The students having potentialities in sports should be searched from the school level. They should be encouraged and trained in their respective games by expert coaches.


Thoughts – सोच

January 30, 2019


ये दुनिया बहुत ही स्वार्थी है
इधर आप की सोच की कोई कीमत नहीं है
आप को वोही सोचना है जो दुनिया की सोच है
जय हिंद

An Ideal Student

January 24, 2019

an ideal studentTill today, I wrote about how to be the ideal teacher or instructor but today I am writing about how to be a great student. Don’t ask me who are your ideal students? Nope, I do not tell you.

An ideal student is one who is fully conscious of his duties and aware of his responsibilities. He paves the way for the younger generations to tread on. Every student should endeavor to be an ideal one. Students are the leaders of tomorrow. A nation can prosper and reach the zenith of glory if it has a disciplined army of students.

A student is well up in studies and capable of passing examinations, but he may not necessarily be an ideal student. Such students though having a brilliant record throughout their school and college life prove utter failures when they enter the field of practical life.

An ideal student lives in accordance with the strict rules of conduct and disciple. This is the time of life when the foundation of character is laid. It is said, “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost; but if the character is lost everything is lost”. Similarly, without a sense of discipline, the student is like a ship without a rudder, it sails adrift and never comes safe to the harbor. He must obey the rules of schools and colleges and the dictates of his teachers and professors.

He uses his discerning insight while selecting his companions. He is fully conscious of ensuring that not even a single evil force will tempt him. He knows well that a single rotten apple spoils all the apples in the basket. As we owe a duty towards the members of the family, an ideal student tries to understand know much he owes to his parents, brothers, and sisters. It is his duty to realize that he is under heavy debt to his parents.

An ideal student is a servant of humanity. He should share the worries and other problems of life with the members of his family or teachers. He should also take a keen interest in social work wherever possible. He should be active in finding out solutions of various complicated problems of the society.

And the ideal student must possess the above-cited qualities. This will also help the nation in the achievement of the prosperity of the country.

These all things can improve student and helps to improve his career and goal achievement of life.

Ten recommendations on Being a good Player Overseas

January 21, 2019

Today I will share my thought about how to be a good player when you are participating out of your country.

Players have gone play Overseas however have you? What will it extremely mean to be a good player overseas? Sports Agent Yannick Kizito has 10 straightforward pointers for you to assist you to succeed where you wish to play within the world.

produce and Build. Establish opportunities for you to urge higher as a player and your teammates around you. Analyze your daily workouts and weekly games presentations. perceive you get paid to assist your team win games if you don’t, you get cut from the team . Honour these commitments and make further times for your teammates and training employees to dialogue and co-create shared operating values.

Connect. Initiate bonding and prefer to connect along with your team. Develop a sincere interest in your team members and Fans. this can serve all of you well within the long haul as once individuals feel connected with each other your operating relationship is probably going to enhance and satisfy your coaching job employees.

Contribute. Here your involvement altogether your team activities is crucial because it will either enhance or weaken the group’s action. Facilitate the discussion by asking acceptable queries and encourage your teammates to bring their distinct information, Mental toughness, experience, and skills to the team.

Care. to worry suggests that to feel real concern and interest in your team activities, history and to confirm you take care of and supply for his or her wants. this is often a requirement for any Overseas player. therefore this implies that if you’re progressing to speak the speak, you’ve had to be compelled to walk the walk.

Show Compassion. This merely suggests that a real understanding of the suffering of others (your teammates, coaching job employees etc) and a want to alleviate it. you may get to care regarding your teammates, be compassionate and conscious of their wants and therefore the sorrow of claiming bye to your previous life.

Cosmopolitan. Being actually cosmopolitan is being accurately accustomed and comfy in numerous totally different countries and numerous cultures throughout your season . to confirm this step is well-executed, browse and study the variations between cultures before and through your season. this can modify you to stay AN open mind and be equipped for amendment.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. Curiosity is regarding learning, exploration and there’s most to be gained by being curious normally whereas taking part in overseas. raise queries, discover additional regarding your team History. forever raise open finished “How” and “Why”-questions and await their answers.

Challenge. we have a tendency to all have a necessity to challenge the foundations as a vicinity of our development. Your job is to assist your team to try for achievement. difficult people isn’t negative; rather it’s your responsibility to gift existing challenges as opportunities and to be able to facilitate one another bounce back.

Conflict. higher out than in. It’s an incontrovertible fact that disagreements are a part of life. however we have a tendency to contend with them is another story, of course. however we have a tendency to communicate, our language proficiency and our culture influence the ways that within which we have a tendency to handle conflict. As a player overseas you want to bear in mind of those variations and encourage your team members to dialogue and face disagreements.

Cooperation. we have a tendency to are all searching for the action and observe of operating put together towards a standard goal. By doing the on top of you may guarantee effective cooperation, a healthy dialogue, deeper inquiry, and a standard bond to succeed in your goals and your team goals.



ऐसी पत्नि को क्या कहते हैँ

January 14, 2019

स्वामी जी ऐसी पत्नि को क्या
कहते हैँ ?
जो सुंदर हो
गोरी हो
लम्बी हो
बुद्धिमान हो
पति को समझती हो
और उससे लडती ना हो ….
स्वामी जी – मन का वहम कहते
है बेटा …
मन का वहम !!

The Cunning Fox and the Foolish Crow

January 10, 2019

I am remembering some of the interesting stories which I heard when I was younger. Today I am trying to say some of those.

It is a very interesting story is “The Cunning Fox and the Foolish Crow”.

cunning fox and crowOnce a hungry fox was wandering about in search of prey. Tired and hungry, he decided to rest in a bush for a short time. Then he noticed a crow sitting on a low branch. It had a piece of meat in its beak. The fox had a bright idea. He said to the crow, “dear sister, how beautiful you are! And your voice it’s so melodious! I admire your songs so much. Will you please sing just a little song for me now?” The crow was greatly pleased to hear these words of flattery. It opened its beak to sing, and the piece of meat dropped to the ground, close to the fox who picked it hastily and gobbled it up. He then said to the crow, “Thank you, sister, for the piece of meat. As for your song, I do not want to hear it anymore. Goodbye”. Hearing these words the crow flew away sadly, and fox said to himself, “How clever I am”

Actually, the story was this. Of course, we are reading the same story in India then writer always replace “Puri” in place of “piece of Meat” because India is a vegetarian country.

Teach yourself

January 8, 2019

सामान्य और एवरेज व्यक्ति अपनी भुल, नाकामी से सीखते है
लेकिन होशियार व्यक्ति दुसरो की भुल, नाकामी से सीखते है

Drug Abuse and Addiction

January 8, 2019

drug addictionThe major cities of our country are in the grip of the drug menace. A larger number of persons are becoming addicted to intoxicating drugs. This devastating and fatal vice ruins the addicts by making them physically and mentally weak. It is alarming that this drug addiction is spreading in more and more areas.

If people are taken abstemiously, they can function like medicines. The proverb excess of everything is bad and is also true about the drugs. A man with a robust physique, nutritious food and with proper work habits may not die young owing to drug addiction. But a physically weak associated with malnutrition food may die young of it. The common people, who are not well-nourished, have to suffer the devastating magnitudes of drugs. This is appropriate for most of the young men in the world.

The drugs used in world may be categorized as narcotics, hallucinogens, stimulants and sedatives. Marijuana, cocaine, smack, heroin, opium, barbiturates and amphetamine are all habit-forming drugs. Some drugs like charas and ganja are inhaled in smoke-rolled cigarettes or pipes. Some drugs are injected into the vein of the body. Even tea, coffee and tobacco contain some harmful elements. Their excessive use harms the human body. Once a person is addicted to any drugs, he is more and more tempted to it. He cannot live without it. All these drugs work like slow poison. Of all the drugs Lysegeric Acid called LSD is the most harmful to human body.

Mostly the youngsters become victims of drugs. They take different drugs for various purposes. Some of them are tired of the dull and routine life, they take drugs to escape from hard realities of life. People who are pressed by overwork or have some tension take shelter in drugs. Some use drugs as sex-provocating stimulants. Failure in love or examination, disturbed family life and unemployment are some of the causes driving young people to the use of drugs.

Drug addiction is slow-poisoning and kills our youngsters both physically and mentally. For a moment, they forget the reality; they are successful. But then the effect of the drugs is reduced, they come to their original position. Drugs addicts lose their appetite; their livers and hearts become weak. They become weaker and weaker till they reach their final destination death. Drug addiction is slow death. Drug abuse is suicidal, it kills its user. The drug fanatics become the victims of many diseases, especially about mental disorders.

A recent study of drug addiction shows that drug abuse has become a critical and sensitive problem in the world. The United Nations Funds for Drugs Abuse Control UNFDAC has painted a very dark picture of drug abuse in India. In all our metropolitan cities, the lacs of people have already become drug addicts.

The Government has made the Narcotics Act to control drug abuse. The men of underworld and the smugglers are often involved in the illegal transactions of drugs. Because of their links with some of the politicians and the corruption in the police departments, they escape the punishment. The drug dealers should be severely punished. Sometimes the rival or enemy countries are involved in ruining the youngsters of our country by driving them to the drugs. We should be aware of such destructive forces and crush them down. The victims of drugs addicts should be educated about the dangers of these drugs. The awareness about the dangers of drugs should be created among the people by mass India.

Role of Women in Society

January 5, 2019

women in societyMan and women are complementary to each other. It is said that God wanted to compose a poem and he created a woman. But a woman is treated as inferior to man. She is not treated as equal to a man.

The status of the woman has been changing throughout the ages. In the Vedic period, women enjoyed a very good status in society. She was well educated. She had the right to select her life partner. But after that in the age of “Hindu Purans and epics” the status of women deteriorated. The certain political and social forces changed her status. She was not educated, she was married at an early age and she had no right to choose her life partner. We get the very desolating picture of the status of women from Manusmriti. In Manusmriti she is deprived of her right to education, choosing of the life partner, selecting the career and her right to perform “Puja and Yajna”. She had no freedom, she had to depend on her parents in childhood, upon her husband after marriage and upon her sons in the old age. The woman was losing her social status. The practice of “Sati” was followed in the society. In the later ages, the more atrocities such as kidnapping, rape, sexual exploitation and killings of the women for dowry became common.

It is during the British rule, that the status of women began to change. Because of English education, some reformers got the inspiration about the Feminist Movement from the West. Thanks to the social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Dayanand Saraswati, Rande and Vivekanand who tried their best to raise the status of women in society. After the Independence, the pace of change accelerated. The new laws were framed to protect the women against some atrocities and to provide a respectable position in the society. Many women activists joined in the Feminist Movement and fought for the rights of women.

Today women enjoy better social status than in past. They have equal right for education, equal wages for the same work, equal chances for their career and there is no distinction of sex in getting the job. Today women work on the reputed positions as men do. They have started to assert their own identity. Even in various examination women surpass male candidates. They enjoy prestigious positions in the field of education, art, science, and politics.

The situation of women has much improved in urban areas, but this pace of change is very slow in rural areas. In rural areas, women are not treated equally. They are not provided the equal opportunities for education, their voice is not often considered in selecting their life partners. This is the situation of women who are mostly uneducated or education is very low. The women are still treated as second-class citizens right from the cradle to the grave in many parts of the country. We still read many cases of atrocities on women in the newspaper and watch on television news. To get rid of female fetuses is alarming phenomena in rural as well as urban areas. Female infanticide is still rampant in certain parts of India. Dowry is still a curse that neither the stringent law nor education has been able to banish. Dowry is still a big problem and millions of women carry the cross all through life. Dowry deaths and rape still stalk women right into the new century. The plight of the widows is still miserable.

Some of the wrong people are also working in some wrong intention NGO for growing social status of women. But those are having very bad intention and they are trying to religious change and human trafficking. They have the totally wrong purpose to abolish peace of country or state. We need to take care of this kind of element.

Of course, some feminist organizations have become active in the rural areas and brought forth good results. The government has taken a revolutionary step by introducing the Domestic Violence Act DVA in order to curb the violence and injustice done to women. Now women are rapidly emerging as powerful as men. If this trend continues, the future will be very bright and prosperous for women. This is a good mark for any civilized society. Let us hope for the best.