The Cinema and Its Uses

How High Tech Cinema and movie can help society and young generation to develop culture. Today no media is more popular than cinema and television. Every show of cinema hall is seen crowded with men and women, young and old, poor and rich. Cinema has influenced the imagination of every class of people lower, middle, …

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Want Earning more?

Is there any relation between higher earning and education? This question raises in everyone mind. Do you think any connection between those 2 things? Answer is very confusing because someone says yes and someone deny. Higher earning depends on various factors like education, family background, hard work, ability, capacity, knowledge, daring, understanding, nature, public speaking, …

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Do you want to Leave Existing Job?

Do you want to Quit Existing Job? Wait a minute and read this article first and take decision about resign. Too many people don’t satisfy with existing job. There are several reasons behind this situation like job satisfaction, location, appraisal, promotion, reporting boss, staff, etc. Due to one of these reasons or many of reasons, …

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