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How To Protect Your Website From Hackers?

January 8, 2022

pexels-panumas-nikhomkhai-1148820-minIf you are a blogger, then there is a high chance that your website is going to be hacked. If you are not careful enough when it comes to the security of your website, then it is going to be hacked by a hacker in no time. Even the biggest and the most secure website is going to be hacked if it is not protected properly.

There are certain techniques which should be followed by every website owner to keep their website safe and to prevent it from being hacked. These are the top 5 tips for making your website more secure and less likely to be hacked.

Use a strong password

It is very important to use a unique and a strong password for your website. Do not use a simple word like “qwerty” or “password”, use a long random sequence of numbers and letters. Passwords should contain a combination of upper case and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols and at least 6 characters.

Update The Software

The first thing which you must do is to update the software on your website as it is outdated. There are certain softwares which can detect any outdated software on your website and alert you. So, make sure you are using the most recent version of the softwares.

Back Up Your Website Regularly

Make sure you are backing up your website on a regular basis. You should have a schedule for this, every week or bi-weekly. Backing up your website will ensure that in case anything goes wrong with your website, you can easily restore it.

Do Not Publish Private Information About Your Customers

Never publish private information about your customers like their name, address, phone number and credit card details on your website. This is a very bad idea because if a hacker gets access to such kind of private information, then he can use it against you.

Remove Unwanted Code Automatically

Remove all the code from the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which does not serve any useful purpose. You should do this automatically using some sort of software. If you do not do this, then there is a high chance that your website will be slow and it will affect the ranking of your website.

Do Not Add Unwanted Scripts To Your Website

Never add any kind of unwanted scripts like Java, Active-X or Flash to your website. These scripts may slow down your website and they can also be used by hackers for malicious activities.


I hope you liked this post about “How To Protect Your Website From Hackers?”. Do you follow these tips to protect your website from being hacked? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

WordPress Blog Security: The Best Tips To Keep Your Blog Safe

December 15, 2021

database securityIf you are a blogger then you must be thinking that how do I keep my blog safe from hackers. But I am going to tell you a few tips which will keep your blog safe from the outside world and keep your blog secure.

Here are some tips to keep your blog safe:

Use HTTPS connection:

There are many sites that don’t use SSL and they are easily hacked. So, when you visit a site using SSL connection, then you are less likely to get attacked by hackers.

Protect your images:

Protecting your images is not an easy thing, because we need to upload photos in order to share it on social media sites or any other platform. So, it is advisable to protect your images. You can use any free image editor like GIMP. This is the best way to protect your images from being stolen.

Make your blog private:

Your blog needs to be accessible for your friends and family, but you don’t want anyone to hack your blog and read your post. To make your blog private, you have to go to the settings and select the “Private Blog” option. If you don’t know how to do this then ask someone who has the knowledge of WordPress blog security.

Install WordPress SSL plugin:

SSL connection ensures that the information and data are encrypted before it goes from one website to another. So, this is one of the best plugins that will keep your blog safe from hackers. So, install this plugin in your WordPress dashboard and use it.

Use a strong password:

I am sure you are aware that passwords are the most important thing that every website uses to secure the login process, so use a unique and strong password to protect your blog. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. This will help you to prevent hacking and make your blog secure.

Protect your server:

Every blogger wants to get free hosting, but free hosting isn’t secure; it isn’t protected by any way. If you want to protect your blog, then you have to buy a premium web host, because this will help you to get a secure blog with more features.


These are some of the best tips that can help you to keep your blog secure. So, use these tips and I am sure you will be able to protect your blog from being hacked.

Introducing AI Writer; the Ultimate Content Marketing Solution

December 10, 2021

jumpstory-download20211208-061651-minIt is more important than ever to produce high-quality content consistently in the digital age. AI Writer is a solution for businesses who want to create relevant and engaging content in a way that is affordable and accessible. Using AI Writer, you can spend less time writing your content and focus on other aspects of your business.

It’s no secret that content marketing is the backbone of most business models, but the truth is it can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing demand. If you are tired of using outdated, inefficient tools and methods, it’s time to take a fresh approach and switch to AI Writer. We’ve crafted a powerful and intelligent platform to help you get the results you need with content marketing.

AI writer is not just another content spinner or content writing tool. It is a complete content creation suite that allows marketers to create unique, original, keyword-optimized web content, exactly how Google likes it.

AI Writer is the brainchild of the team at Content Monkey. Their goal is to develop AI software, which automates content marketing by using data and logic to craft content that Google will love.

AI Writer comes with a host of features, and the most notable is content generation. It can create articles that are between 1000 and 20,000 words in length, which have been optimized for SEO. It can churn out content articles for blogs, landing pages, press release articles, and more. These factors allow the AI writer to create original content that Google will recognize as valuable.

But why is this functionality necessary?

Original Content

content that Google loves includes content that is original and unique. If you write an article or blog with a spin or use the same material over and over then, Google will start to notice. If you are using original content, it is far more likely to rank your content higher.

Optimizing for SEO

when a website is fully optimized for SEO and Google recognizes the quality of the content, then it is far more likely that users will find the content helpful and visit it.

With AI Writer Content, marketers do not have to worry about the keywords, grammar, or content length. They only have to put their minds and effort into the content itself.

Increased Productivity

A content creation suite like AI Writer aims to do all the thinking for the marketer. First, it will look at the type of content, for example, a blog. It will then look at the site theme, determine what kind of article should be included, and plug in the relevant information. It will then write the article, and after it has been generated, it will be able to publish it or distribute it.

Everyone can use AI Writer for multiple blogs, press releases, and websites. Once the content is written, it is instantly available to post or distribute.

How to Get Started with AI Writer

We are getting into the era of voice search and digital assistants. Having been asked this question recently, I felt it best to put together an article that guided you through the process.

AI Writer is a voice replacement tool. It sits in your Chrome browser. When you speak into the microphone, it transcribes what you say and converts it to text.

When you open the Chrome browser, you will see the AI Writer symbol across the bottom of your screen.

Click on the AI Writer icon.

You arrive at the AI Writer page, where you can choose the language you want to convert your voice. A drop-down menu will appear. Select the language that you speak.

Select your language from the drop-down menu and click on enter.

The AI writer icon in the upper-right-hand corner of your Chrome browser will change from a black square to a green circle.

The next step after installing the AI writer is to register it.

Go to Settings –> AI writer.

Click on Register.

It will send an email with a verification code to your email. Open the email, type the code and then click on confirm.

After the registration, AI Writer will appear in the upper-right hand corner of your Chrome browser.

Click on enable dictation.

A window will open asking you to make AI writer the default keyboard. Click on OK and then click on done.

AI writer will now appear in the input bar of Chrome browser as a microphone icon.

Click on the microphone icon to start the dictation.

Type in your desired text.

You will see the AI Writer icon blinking when you speak into the microphone.

Click on Done.

You will see your text being transcribed in AI Writer.

You can also export your text by clicking the green export button.

You can drag and drop your text into any application.

Now you can see AI Writer in action.

Navigate to Settings –> AI writer and switch on ‘Start dictation when AI writer and Google Chrome are started.’

You will be able to use your Google Chrome, AI Writer, and microphone together all the time.

A common problem amongst bloggers and writers, especially new writers, is that often they find it hard to come up with ideas for articles or blog content. Often if a client or client contacts you, they have previously found you through a search engine, and they want to hire you to help them with their blog. Even if there are hundreds of relevant articles, you could write about, finding new and unique ideas can be difficult.

The benefits of using AI Writer

AI Writer’s cutting-edge technology means that it can tap into your full potential. You start the app and tell it what topics you want to write about. It analyzes your writing style and then uses this information to find unique and exciting ideas. It comes back with several article topics. You can then choose which ones you like, or as many as you like. It uses this information and then finds further articles about the subject. You tell it which topics you don’t like, and then AI Writer can pitch you better ideas based on what it has found.

If you have run a blog or a website before, then you will understand how tiring it is to add new content to keep it interesting constantly. Better blogs will employ writers to produce fresh content for their websites. However, this approach costs a lot of money and makes tons of content that may not even get read.

Enter AI writer. It has been around since 2015 but has only gained popularity now. The purpose of this article is to look at the benefits of using AI writers.

What is an AI writer?

AI writer is a tool that bloggers and website owners can use. The device comes with pre-set templates for writing blogs, websites, and newsletters.

AI writer helps with the production of content in general, which can be extremely useful. Having a well-optimized website is extremely important. However, it can take a lot of time to optimize a site properly. AI writer helps to speed up the process.

AI writer encourages readers to engage with your content. The more people who engage with your content, the more likely it appears in search results. By engaging with your content, a reader is expected to share it with others who may find it helpful.

AI writer encourages readers to share it when they find it valuable. Sharing becomes a critical ranking factor for content. The more shares it has, the higher it will rank in search results.

Anyone can also use AI writers for newsletters. Newsletters can be a good source of traffic. However, newsletters need to be well designed and written to get people to open them. AI writer can help with both.

AI writer can cut your expenses. If you can write the content yourself, you can use a tool like AI writer. However, this takes lots of time and effort, which can be better spent producing new content.


Using AI writers is an excellent option for bloggers and website owners. If you are a blogger or a website owner who has struggled with producing content quickly, we recommend going the AI writer route. We also do not like to say AI writers are much better than humans, and it is simply different. However, if you are struggling with writing and want to cut your expenses, we recommend trying out an AI writer to see your results.

Has this article helped you?

If you are a blogger or a website owner who has struggled with producing content quickly, we recommend going the AI writer route. We also do not like to say AI writers are much better than humans. It is simply different. However, if you are struggling with writing and want to cut your expenses, we recommend trying out an AI writer to see your results.

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What Is information Science? A Beginner’s Guide To information Science

September 9, 2021

Data analysts are accountable for translating technical analysis to qualitative action things and effectively communication their findings to numerous stakeholders. information scientists examine that queries would like respondent and wherever to seek out the connected information. they need business acumen and analytical skills still because the ability to mine, clean, and gift information.

I am torn between selecting ancient business intelligence or information science or massive data. you may analyze varied learning techniques like classification, association and cluster to make the model. Here, you assess if you’ve got the specified resources gift in terms of individuals, technology, time and information to support the project. information Science may be a additional modern approach, associate degree alpha manner with the main focus on analyzing the past or current information and predicting the long run outcomes with the aim of constructing enlightened selections. It answers the open-ended queries on “what” and “how” events occur. they create a great deal of use of the most recent technologies find solutions associate degreed reaching conclusions that ar crucial for an organization’s growth and development.

Regression is associate degree cubic centimeter rule supported supervised learning techniques. A durable handle on statistics will assist you extract additional intelligence and procure additional purposeful results. Here ar a number of the technical ideas you ought to comprehend before beginning to learn what’s information science. in addition, here ar few samples of however businesses are mistreatment information science to pioneer in their sectors, produce new product and build the globe around them even additional economical. information scientists typically exist in business settings and are charged with communication advanced ideas and creating data-driven structure selections. As a result, it’s extremely vital for them to be effective communicators, leaders and team members still as high-level analytical thinkers.

You need to exhibit associate degree understanding of information science on the far side the comes you’ve completed. A technical interview offers them the prospect to check out your data. secret writing bootcamps are intensive programs designed to equip you with the abilities you’d have to be compelled to forced an entry the technical school business.

In this stage, you would like to see the tactic and technique to draw the relation between input variables. designing for a model is performed by mistreatment completely different applied math formulas and visualisation tools. SQL analysis services, R, and SAS/access ar a number of the tools used for this purpose.

How to prevent online Identity Theft

May 19, 2021

a1Nowadays, there are newer and newer crimes we should protect ourselves. With the latest generations, criminals find new ways of getting into our homes and into our finances. One of the most common ways used by criminals to steal our money is online identity theft.

Unfortunately, the risk of having your identity stolen is a very high one on the Internet. There are no certain things you can do in order to be sure that you can’t be a victim. However, you can lower the risk to a minimum if you know a few things about this crime.

Protecting your personal information is the best way to prevent identity theft. This protection needs to be extended to online too because in many cases problems come from misusing your personal information and disclosing it in bad neighborhoods.

You should understand how online identity thieves act in order to be able to protect your information from them. In this article below you will find some of the best guidelines that can help you minimize the risk of being a victim of these scrupulous criminals:

1) Many people have several accounts at several services. One of the best ways to avoid having problems is using different passwords for different accounts. If you will use the same password at all the accounts you have, chances increase that your bank account gets empty.

2) Your passwords should not be known by anyone. Many times, online identity thieves send you emails in behalf of your bank and ask you for passwords and things like that. This is a scam you should definitely avoid and report. Also, you should never store your passwords on your computer. This is because there are all kinds of programs that can steal information from your computer and send it to criminals.

3) You should use both an antivirus and an anti spyware software on your computer. This is because you can have serious problems if you do not use them. Antivirus is not enough for complete protection.

4) The transactions you make online can be easily intercepted by hackers if they are not made in a secured page. Therefore, you should make sure that your credit card information and other sensitive information is disclosed only on secured pages. These pages begin with https instead of http.

There are millions of Americans suffering every year due to identity theft. You should make sure that you lower the risk of becoming one of them. Sometimes, this identity theft can have a lot of complications from losing serious amounts of money to legal complications. There are a lot of purposes that online identity thieves have for this activity and many times they are even more dangerous than the identity theft itself.

If you will follow the tips presented above, chances are you will not have problems in this domain. Online identity theft is an important part of this criminal activity and it can be easily prevented.

How to choose an Identity Theft protection plan

March 10, 2021

One of the major criminal activities that become more and more present in our lives is identity theft. This is partly because we live in an era when technology plays an important role and that can ease access to our personal information.

There are a lot of companies that have identity theft protection plans for you. However, not all of them are working properly and you should be able to make the difference if you want the best results when it comes to preventing identity theft.

There are a lot of protection plans that cost as low as $10 a month but unfortunately, in many cases, they do not work. You should do a little research in order to be able to separate the working ones from the non-working ones. There are slight differences that can make the difference in many cases.

For example, a credit freeze is similar to a credit alert. However, if you are subject to identity theft, you would want your credit frozen instead of alerting you.

Another important thing that should be provided by identity theft protection plans is identity recovery. If you are subject to such a crime, you should be helped with recovering your identity. This is for sure because in many cases it can be a very difficult task and you will need some help with that.

Unfortunately, many companies offering identity theft protection plans have a strong marketing message which is not backed up by anything. This is a reality and you should be aware of it. For example, they might promise a lot of money in the unfortunate case that you have your identity stolen.

However, the fine print from the bottom of the contract says otherwise so you will not get anything from them. Also, the best-marketed companies in this domain of identity theft protection are not necessarily the best ones on the market.

A very common mistake made by many people is to believe that purchasing such identity theft protection plans will help them avoid identity theft completely. This is not true because you will have to avoid identity theft yourself by taking some safety measures in order to minimize the risk of identity theft. You should expose your personal information as little as possible especially online and you should be careful at your mailbox and empty it every day.

In conclusion, if you will choose a good and appropriate plan for you, the chances of having your identity stolen decrease. However, you should be aware that in many cases you will have to take some measures yourself.

Quick Introduction of Computer Files

February 24, 2021

We hear about files. Here is an explanation of the computer file.

Computer files are so-called because they bear a nodding relation to the old-fashioned manila files people once used to store bits of paper. Such files had tab markers with headings such as “Laundry Bills, 2008-2009,” allowing a primitive form of random access. For the moment, you can think of a computer file simply as a place for storing data and programs on your disk. Disk files also have tab markers known as filenames. Groups of files are stored in directories, which also have names. Both you and Unix use these directories and filenames when locating a file and accessing its contents.

A major service offered by Unix and most other operating systems is handling files by name. You usually do not need to be concerned with the physical location or structure of a file-Unix keeps track of these boring details. Your accounts payable data may reside on cylinder 87 starting at sector 102, and it may even move about during processing. All you need to know is the directory name,/usr/payables or whatever, and the file-name, say, ac. payable.

You or your application program may want to access a data file to examine or update its contents. Data or text files normally contain visible, printable characters encoded in ASCII format. You will meet commands that will display or print the contents of a text file by reading a sequence of characters from the disk. There are yet more commands that allow you to write to the disk in order to create and modify text files. You can also copy and rename files, or append one file to another. You can, dare I mention it, all too easily erase (or kill) files.

Multiuser systems need to offer safeguards to prevent users from reading and/or erasing other users’ files without due authority. Unix has an elaborate scheme of file ownerships and permissions whereby users and groups of users can protect their files. Each file in the system carries read, write and execute permissions that dictate who can do what with a file.

Binary files, unlike text files, which are easily readable by most humans, contain program code in a form understood only by your CPU. Although some groups of characters in binary code may coincide with ASCII characters, printing or displaying a binary file will give you gibberish and may even lock up your printer or terminal.

If you want to run a program, Unix needs to locate it by name. When you enter the command date, for example, Unix looks for a program file called date.

Role of Social Media Networks in Your Business Progress

December 17, 2020

Social media is one of the most widely used platforms to communicate and share information effectively with business associates, prospective clients, and the target group. Most entrepreneurs are making use of social networking sites to promote their business globally. To kick start your business or website, get in touch with the contact number at any time.

According to a survey held last year, about 94% of businesses are making use of social media to promote their products and services. It is thus evident that social media is an important marketing tool. It can result in an increase in the number of quality backlinks to your website, which in turn builds more traffic to your website. The popular social networking sites are Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, and Google+

Role of social media in promoting a business:

It is the best platform to interact and communicate with your target audience efficiently. This way, you get potential customers and thereby enhance your productivity.
Social media can be used to showcase the complete information of your business, its core features, ideas, and goals to the appropriate group. The pictures, videos, and blogs that you use let the people know your business activities and actions.
It helps the rapid progress of good customer relationships. Customer is the God in business and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Offer discounts, free gifts, and packages to your customers, in the beginning, to make them comfortable with your brand.
The use of social media makes the job of interacting with customers on a regular basis easy. It also helps in finding a new customer base.
Social media provides one with various potential marketing options- video marketing, paid advertisement like PPC, and sharing quality content are some of them. Video marketing creates a greater impact.
Visibility of your business can be improved instantly if people are provided with complete information about activities. Do not let the content get stale, keep posting news and developments.
You can have more number of high-quality links which helps in increasing the PR (Page Rank). It also offers various opportunities to enlarge your business.
You can have a strong online presence, which helps in receiving feedback about your products and services and lets you make changes accordingly.
Social media features viral marketing. For instance, if a webpage is created on Facebook, that page can be shared by you with your family and friends, when they do the same it is shared among their family, and so on. This process can quickly spread your company motto and help build more traffic.
To survive the competition, your business must have brand awareness. You can use various social media platforms to make a mark.
It also offers various effective strategies of marketing like e-tuitions, e-book, and webinars.


How Is Spam Affecting Your Day?

July 20, 2020

I was really at a loss for words today;

960 emails !! 960 unwanted emails.

I shouldn’t say they were ALL unwanted. The three that I wanted to read were in there somewhere; I just had to look very hard for them.

Spam or UCM is becoming a bigger and bigger problem every day. As we get closer to the holiday season the amount of spam will grow even more.

I received an interesting email in the batch today. It was so obvious that it was a spam that it wasn’t funny. The thing that got me the most was they sent it to the wrong email address !! It was full of other addresses that I know were harvested off a message board.

With the new anti-spam law that will be signed by the end of the year, the amount of unwanted junk mail will be staggering. It is estimated that over 45% of the email people receive is spam.

My personal amount averages 450 a DAY!

So what does this mean for you? Your email box will be blasted with unwanted mail as long as the sender follows a few simple rules. 1) They must give a full header. This means that the sender has to clearly identify themselves 2) They must give you a real line to be removed from their mailing list.

Be that as it may, it will not stop your hardcore senders from moving to offshore providers to run circles around the laws.

Many ISP services already have spam filters in place to stop the flood of email going to your inbox. The problem with them is that they block the mail you want as well. You still have to wade through it all to get what you want to send to your inbox.

Spam will be with us as long as email address survives. The problem will really never go away as long as you have to keep posting your address to get the information you want from the internet and the crawlers keep harvesting those names to sell. New laws will only be effective until the next spammer figures out yet another way to get around the system.

In short; the best defense against spam is a good offense. Learn to use the tools available. By blocking as much junk email as we can will we be able to maybe put an end to it.

Or at least really slow it down.

Do you know how DATA lost from your computer?

July 7, 2020

More than 95% of the people and businesses I spoke to experienced data loss. However, the sad fact is that most businesses are not very ready and do not understand the serious risk of data loss.

Do you have an accident plan?

The information you store on your computer can be lost in many ways. Many people are unaware of the various ways in which their data can be safely stored.

First, there are obvious ways.

Physical damage to a computer, such as a fire or water damage, is one surefire way to lose all information on your computer. Although insurance can cover physical damage to your machine (s) and you can replace the correct hardware, no insurance policy can recover your data.

Another common way for individuals to lose the data they have worked hard to build is THEFT. As with many computer disasters, insurance can cover physical hardware, but there is no policy to store the information stored on your hard drive and other physical media.

If you don’t have a backup solution, your data is at risk every day.

There are many other things that can cause partial or complete data loss. Other common events are:

Data corruption (failed CRC or MD5 checks),

Hard drive failure (more hard disk is getting closer to MTBF, or “mean time between disk” rated at the factory)

It is not unusual for a machine to reboot after replacing critical system files, such as a Windows OS package or a driver update application.

Human error – simply deleting a file or directory occurs more often than you think. Not to mention the “non-emergency” cancellation by an unhappy employee.

Viruses and worms – Although protection is easily available and widely used for these digital pests, data loss associated with them is still widespread.

These are just a few of the potential threats that can hit a computer that is not backed up at the time.

Now ask yourself, “What can I do?” You may ask. In fact, there is one simple solution for all your data integrity needs: external backup information.

Backups may be used to perform separate tape drives or other removable media, Offsite data provides a very clear, easy-to-use, and secure way to keep files in a secure location. They are safe (remember, if your office building fires a fire, your workplace will not only destroy the data but also prevent your tape from using expensive firewalls.

Data backup is easy to manage and protect your data offline in the most secure, economical way possible. If you are thinking about implementing a data backup for your company or personal computer, do yourself a favor and consider using a secure backup service. This is the simplest and most effective disaster recovery.

Your DATA is your life. What you are waiting for.