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Database Administrator Job Description Explained

February 4, 2022

maxresdefaultToday’s IT jobs are not just limited to programming or any other technical things, there are many non-technical things that an individual must know to get a job in this field. Here are the most important non-technical skills that every DBA should possess.

Ability to communicate clearly and effectively

A DBA is someone who manages the database of a company, so he/she has to be clear and understandable when communicating with the programmers and other team members. A good DBA should be able to explain his tasks in an easy manner so others can easily understand it. This is one of the most important skill for a DBA.

Good interpersonal skills

A DBA is someone who works with the different departments of a company, so he/she should be able to communicate with everyone in a friendly way. A DBA should have the ability to listen to the problems of other people and should have the ability to solve them in a quick and effective way. This is another very important skill for a DBA.

Analytical thinking

This is an important skill for any kind of job, but it is especially important for a DBA. A DBA has to be able to analyze the data of the company in a quick and correct way. A DBA has to be able to suggest the changes in the database that will increase the efficiency of the company. This is yet another important skill for a DBA.


I hope you found these 10 non-technical skills useful. I know some of them are obvious but still, I am sure many of you didn’t know them. If you want to work as a DBA then I would like to suggest you take some classes related to this subject. There are many good online courses available for free that can help you to learn these skills.

Common Questions in HR interviews

January 29, 2019

Here I am providing you some of the common questions and answers of HR interview. For more detail you can check my official blog at Gitesh Trivedi blog.

Que: Tell us something about yourself?
Ans.: Be step by step whereas responsive this question. Jump with your Name the candidate should cowl his skilled expertise. Keep in mind you speak that has relevance to the required profile. You want to provide a temporary plan regarding your educational qualification, achievements together with the career goals.

Remember that before telling something regarding your interests and traits, you have got already mentioned and gained the data regarding the obtainable position.

Que: What are your weaknesses and strengths?
Ans.: This is the largely asked question throughout interviews. Be terribly positive whereas respondent these queries and provides a sensible answer. Attempt to render a positive account each the queries.
While talking regarding your strengths describe regarding your skills and talents that are the foremost appropriate to the vacant position. like “I don’t simply follow the deadlines however attempt to end the given task well before the given deadlines.”

When there’s the communicate say regarding your weakness you’ve got to be a touch diplomatic. Show the positive facet of your weakness like “I praise my team when each winning action, then again I feel that I will improve them to try and do higher.”

Que: Why should we hire you?
Ans.: One of the foremost typical queries that are asked throughout the interview. Here you’ll be able to offer some examples within the sort of your experience and past achievements. To answer this question in best means, you must have done the preparation and compare your skills with the need of the vacant position. the most effective answer to this question is often “because you have got the chance and that I have the competency to accomplish that chance.”

Que: Tell Me the difference between hard work & smart work?
Ans: Hard work suggests that you may provide physical & mental stress to yourself for completion of labor on alternative hands sensible work suggests that you simply to use your information especially direction to complete your task.

Que: Are you willing to relocate?
Ans: If you wish a job in this company your answer is affirmative, I’m able to relocate or travel.

Que: Describe your ideal company, location & job?
Ans: Don’t be Foolish to grant the solution like that my ideal company is INFOSYS location Bombay and Job coder. This Ans are making a dangerous impression to an hour. The preferred Ans ought to be:-
Ideal company means: – wherever client satisfies for employee’s project. Wherever manager satisfies for employee’s performance.
Ideal location means: – wherever I’ll get new Skills, Knowledge, and act with totally different individuals.
Ideal Job means: – wherever I’ll suppose my theoretical information supported that I’ll get sensible information

Que: Tell about your outstanding experience of your career?
Ans: I was in past company and providing DBA support throughout the night. At that, I used to be alone Oracle DBA in duty with some IT operation guys. At 2:45 AM, I used to be watching all info and same time I found one thing wrong with our one in every of the production database. info crashed and that we got physical corruption during a file that size was around eighty GB. Instantly I attempted to decision my superiors however no one picked my phone. that point I made a decision to revive file from the last backup and commenced recovery method. Before this method, I ended my all standby info of the production database. Recovery method took around four hours for extracting a file from backup, copying, applying archive logs. However, finally, production info was up. Early within the morning, I got a decision from my superiors and that they aghast to listen to concerning this state of affairs. Next day I got appreciation however those half dozen hours were extremely alarming on behalf of me.

Que: Do you have any question for me?
Ans I might wish to grasp the talent you found missing to ME. so I might improve myself to suit for the corporate clearly if I’m selected. If I’m not selected these days, your opinion is going to be serving ME to the future interviews many thanks…

How become Oracle DBA?

January 23, 2019

I have been getting so many inquiries from the various candidate who are having keen interest to be Oracle DBA. I am providing some information regarding this.

DBA (Database Administrator) is a person who is an expert with exceptional skills required in the fields of database management. These professionals are the worker bees that make sure that the system runs smooth and without any glitches. It is their primary duty to troubleshoot any problem. Especially developed certifications, training and hands-on experience are offered by database product manufacturers to train professionals to handle their products and solutions. DBA is a busy person in a corporate environment, even income corporate structures there are a number of DBAs at a single site. This all depends upon the complexity of the whole system.

DBA professional is a person who is equipped with the latest and up-to-date knowledge of the database system of his own choice. Advance knowledge is then combined with periodical training held by the manufacturer i.e. Oracle, and the final element, experience. Experience is considered to be the most important element, it is the stage when you get personal experience to troubleshoot the database system. A person who lacks any of these three elements would fail in his attempt to be called DBA.

Before purchasing the necessary course materials one should choose the correct database platform to begin. Latest platforms developed and launched by Oracle include the reliable 11g and 10g products. So one needs to choose the course for induction, he has ample choice such as Oracle DBA 11g or Oracle DBA 10g along with necessary Oracle DBA training. Once a person has made up his mind, the next step is to get admission in an authorized training and testing center. This is necessary and is mandatory for beginners. Experienced professionals would be able to benefit from their previous experience.

The route to Certified Oracle DBA is divided into three brief steps. These steps are interconnected and one must complete all three steps to complete his certification. The very first step is Oracle Certified Associate, this is the initial step and is composed of three exams. You must pass at least two to make it to the second step. Oracle Certified Professional is the second step professional, it is necessary to acquire training at this level to qualify for the next final level. Along with training you also need to pass the examination. Once cleared now you move to the final level the Oracle Certified Master, you need to get advanced training and have to pass at least two exams to become the Oracle DBA.

This is a long road but it is very much necessary so that you can actually perform your job. Maintaining and troubleshooting Oracle database systems can only be performed by a certified professional. A huge commercial and corporate firms have giant interlinked database systems that interact around the world. Only a certified person will be able to point out the problem and fix it. Confidence is also boosted with the training that you get in the three qualification levels. You will also get a chance to upgrade your knowledge in future too.

How to create the perfect effective cover letter?

December 24, 2018

Is the process of searching and applying for jobs? If so, you may be ready to send out your resume. Before you send your CV or resume, you will want to closely look at the letter with your resume, for starting with even a cover letter.

If you are not currently using the letter, you will want to refrain from sending a CV, at least right away. Many companies expect a cover letter attached to all resumes. In fact, many of which require them, especially with the mail in applications or resumes. If you’re not sure how you go about creating the perfect CV or at least one that can benefit you, you will want to continue reading.

As for creating the perfect cover letter, there are several important factors to consider. One of these factors is the job you’re applying for and wishes of the company. It is common for some employers to list what they want to join letters. If you are given a sample or directions, it is advisable to follow them. Failure to comply may result in your resume and your cover letter ending “does not require” pile.

As mentioned earlier, companies may have their own preferences about what they would like letters contain. That’s because no two companies are really the same. It is therefore recommended not to use the same cover letter for each resume you send. Instead, you want to create and distribute different cover letters for each employer that you have. You can have a sample letter or template to use, but it is recommended to take the time to personalize each letter in one way or another.

Speaking of personalization, cover letter, you will want to personalize each letter you send to the job you’re applying for and the companies in which you are sending your resume. For example, if you are applying for the position of clerk, you will want to clearly state that position. This will automatically set you apart from much of the competition. Customize each cover letters that work, that you try a great way to attract attention, as did a few extra steps is not required.

Another one of the many ways that you can create the perfect cover letter for yourself is to be short and on topic. With this in mind, I will not be too short. The cover letter should be at least three points and you should try and keep all the letters on one page long. It is recommended not to use colored fonts, and black ink should be doing. It is also recommended that you do not use colored paper to the CV cover letter. Some job seekers mistakenly believe that this falls into the eye for scheduling these interviews. Yeah, maybe, but not always is in a way that we hoped for.

As for what should be included in the cover letter, it is recommended to replace some of their skills and qualifications. It is also important to keep this part of your cover letter short and on topic. Your resume will be further details, but it is still advised that quickly outlines the qualifications and skills you have. The focus should be on those that relate directly to the job that you are applying. For example, if you are applying for the position of clerk, you will want to summarize your knowledge of computer software, writing, transcription skills, and so on.

These points are all points that you will want to take into consideration when making a cover letter for yourself. Honestly, every letter is better than no letter at all, but the letters include relatively easy creating, why taking the chance.

Why are you wanting DUMPS?

January 19, 2018

a1Could you tell me why are you wanting dumps for clearing exams? off course you want to clear exam and don’t want to waste your money. Right?

If you learn Oracle database administration concept accurately then I don’t think you require dumps for passing out exams. If you do every practice which is mention in books then you would understand perfect concepts of every feature of Oracle. Without practicing anything you can not get. You should need to understand all features fundamentals. If anybody asks you any fundamental in technical interview then you won’t able to provide the accurate reply.

Thus remember one thing passing out only OCP exams is not sufficient for getting a good job. You need to have good understanding and knowledge of the subject.

An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop

June 26, 2012

An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop – For all Oracle DBA and IT professionals.

Idle Mind is the Devil’s WorkshopAll living things have to be active. Resting or relaxing is to be done when the body is tired and demands it. It is a physical need and not something to be done for the pleasure it gives. Idling is dangerous. When we have nothing to do, our mind turns to evil thoughts. From thoughts to words and actions is an easy step. That is why it is said that idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Being engaged in some activity is the only remedy. People who have no work to do, those can do something that will be of use to the others. Those who have work, but get a lot of free time can take up some hobby. Work does not mean just physical labor. Using our intelligence and studying problems also is work. Only an idle man does evil that is deliberate and pre-planned. Only those who idle their time can do this. Importance of having some work for our young is mainly due to this. Because they are idle they lean to evil thoughts and deeds. They seek pleasure that is not due to them. Keeping oneself idle is not at all necessary. On the other hand it is too dangerous.

Think about this carefully, you will get bad ideas and thoughts during idle time or your free time only. During working on job or online, it never happens.

If you are fresher and not having job then don’t seats idle. Just go and search the job. If found any job then apply. I am remembering my primary level. I applied 100 jobs daily up to 1 year. Then I got bigger chance in a company and due to that job, I got very good exposure.

In idle time, go to any good Oracle DBA forums and try to read other’s thread, issue, problems. Try to understand at your level. Check reply of experts. Try to reply from your side too. If you don’t find out any good thread then open new thread for your issue, if not getting any answer then reply yourself with solution. Day by day, due to these activities, you become popular and many people know you. Share your knowledge in this kind of forums. Try to write some good articles on Oracle database which is unique and without grammatical mistake. Share those articles or sell those articles to our company or other companies. You will earn more and your interest is developing.

How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA-4

August 3, 2010

Hi Friends,

Today again I am providing one biggest hint for making resume of fresher Oracle DBA.

When we are providing personal details like full name, birthdate, address, father’s name, hobbies, educational qualification, professional certification. Some candidate also mentions passport details as follows.

Passport detail:

Passport No:  B1569256

Issue date:  21/02/2009

Expired date: 20/06/2015

All consultants are not reliable. Now tell me if anyone of them is wanting to misuse of your details and make fake passport then what will be happening? Because all of your details he/she has including passport number with issue date and expired date with your education, qualification, passing years, professional certifications, experience, hobbies. Aha….all things because those are being provided in same resume.

This is security alert to make resume carefully. No consultant will ask you detail of passport while getting resume because resume is only mirror of your education, qualification and experience. Yes offcourse if you are applying out of country then they can ask. But as per my own view you should need to protect passport detail from them in resume. You can provide them following kind of detail of your passport.


Passport detail:

Having Valid Passport: YES

Passport No:  xxxxxx

Issue date:  XX/XX/2009

Expired date: XX/XX/2015

If you mention this kind of information of your passport then consultant can also know that you have valid passport. There is no reason to show this detail to everyone. Whenever you would be selected then you can provide full detail of passport. Means whenever you would get offer letter then also you can show full detail of your valid passport.

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Mean be careful to make your resume.

All the best,

Thanks and regards,

Gitesh Trivedi

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How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA-3

April 17, 2010

How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA-3

Hi Friends,

Today again we are going to discuss resuming making tip for fresher Oracle DBA.

I have seen so many fresher Oracle DBA make resume with OCP exam scores. If as fresher Oracle DBA is applying for Jr.Oracle DBA post and he or she is appearing in OCP exams then they mention OCP exam scores in resume as follows.

If fresher Oracle DBA is appearing Oracle 9i DBA track exams then what they mention in resume……

Exam Paper Score Result

1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i SQL                               92%                 PASS

1Z0-031 Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals I                    95%                 PASS

1Z0-032 Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II                  97%                 PASS

If fresher Oracle DBA is appearing Oracle 10g DBA track exams then what they mention in resume……

1Z0-047  Oracle Database SQL Expert                                 90%                PASS

1Z0-042  Oracle Database 10g: Administration I            89%                PASS

If fresher Oracle DBA is appearing in Oracle 11g DBA track exams then what they mention in resume……

1Z0-051 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals           93%               PASS

1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g: Administration I              95%               PASS

But do you know everybody knows very well that dumps of every OCP exam papers are easily available in market. Most of people are using those dumps for clearing Oracle Certified Professional exams. Even  some websites also provide or distribute this OCP exam dump and people and fresher OCP students are downloading those and prepare examinations from it.

Can you believe that your interview taker is also OCP or technical sound and known with this dump mystery. Because when interview taker takes so many interview of OCP students and found they are technically ZERO even OCP, then what he thinks about those percentage mentioned in the resume?  If you mention this type of score of OCP exams then it will be creating wrong impression to your interview taker that you want to get job using OCP certificate and it’s score only, where anyone can do this think easily. There is no guarantee you have technical knowledge of Oracle DBA.

As per my advice as fresher Oracle DBA you should need to mentioned that you are obtaining OCP or Pursuing OCP certification track of Oracle 9i just as follows.

“Pursuing Oracle 9i DBA track OCP certification and have cleared 3 exams.”


“Present status: OCA and pursuing Oracle 9i DBA track certification with cleared 3 exams in same path”


“Obtaining Oracle Certified Professional 10g DBA track certification, present status appeared and cleared 1 exam of SQL.”

This will be helpful to interview taker can understand easily that you are obtaining OCP certification and within short period it will be clearing. This thing looks good and make nice image to your interview taker.

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All the best,

Thanks and regards,

Gitesh Trivedi

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How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA-2

April 11, 2010

Hi Friends,

Today we are discussing another tips for resume making as fresher Oracle DBA.

In the resume there is first we should need to explain our Goal as Objective. I have read so many resume with wrong objective.

When we are applying for Oracle DBA job, then our Goal and objective should be clear. Oracle DBA job is specific job in fix Oracle domain. Oracle Database Administration is special career track. It is not related with any other domain or technical skill. If you are going to apply Oracle DBA job as fresher then you should need to highlight your skill and goal in “objective” field.

I am showing you how you can make it clear. What is the wrong and what is the right words should be used.

Kindly check following “objective“.

“Seeking dynamic and progressive development environment where I can use my knowledge and expertise to continuously grow and learn new cutting edge technologies in a professional environment.”

“To pursue an innovative and challenging career in IT field, be in track with the latest know-how of technology. Work in a competitive team environment where efforts are recognized and achievement is equally promoted.”

“Seeking a progressive career to constantly upgrade myself to the highest level of learning and perform well in a challenging environment, which enables my personal and professional growth simultaneously.”

Above objective doesn’t show perfect matching with your I.T skill set or career. As per my advice you can make your objective as following manner.

“To be a part of a team which utilizes acquired knowledge to provide leveraging Oracle database technology solutions.”


“To make strong career as Oracle DBA for challenging and critical environment.”

I think it is now clear that show that you want to work as Oracle DBA in career “objective” or “Goal” of career.

Wish you all the best..

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Thanks and regards,

Gitesh Trivedi

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How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA

March 31, 2010

Hi Friends,

Today we see how to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA.

Resume making tip for fresher Oracle DBA for getting instant job.

I have seen so many resumes of fresher Oracle DBA. Most of resumes contain Oracle DBA topics are just explaining like Oracle DBA course ware. Some of examples are following.

  • Creation and deletion of users
  • Resizing of datafile according to the requirement
  • Managing backup of databases (Hot, Cold and Export/Import)
  • Monitoring of database health checkup
  • Recovery of databases with the help of archive and redologs.
  • Creating Profiles for the users and managing users.
  • Managing role and database security.
  • Managing tablespace and managing storage.
  • Managing Oracle networking and troubleshooting.
  • Instance Tuning and memory Tuning.
  • Disk I/O tuning and sql tuning.

Now can you tell me what is this? It is nothing but DBA course ware means Fundamental I, Fundamental II and performance Tuning.

When you are making your resume that time keep in mind that interview taker always knows these all things. It is indication that you haven’t any kind of working experience of DBA. Even you don’t have knowledge that how can you implement these knowledge in real time as Oracle DBA.

This thing is impacting very bad to HR department and specially Technical department of any company. There is no company looking for traditional DBA and they won’t give any chance to this type of fresher Oracle DBA.

As per my own view your resume can contain something just like following contents.

  • Schema and User management.
  • Space maintenance as per requirement for tablespace and segment.
  • Good knowledge of hot backup for 24*7*365 environment.
  • Depth know how for database health monitoring using trace files and alert.log.
  • Well verse with recovery procedures in archive and noarchive database log mode.
  • Installation of Oracle on Windows and Linux platforms with operating system environments.
  • Primary knowledge of PL/SQL scripting and very good in SQL scripting.
  • L1 support level technical knowledge for Automation of DBA tasks.
  • Troubleshooting of Oracle network and difficult ORA-errors.
  • Awareness of STATSPACK reports and AWR reports for tuning of Oracle.
  • Basic level technicality of LINUX and UNIX platforms.

If your resume is containing just like as above contents then your resume will be considered and make clear in scrutinize procedure. Means your will get interview call of company.

This is my own view and I have very large experience as interviewer of Oracle DBA for L1,L2,L3 support level. I have been taking so many interview of fresher Oracle DBA. But I found these is primary thing missing in their resume. This is my advice for making resume of fresher Oracle DBA. Means don’t copy and paste of above contents in your resume. But when you are going to prepare your resume that time keep in your mind this advice and try to make some good resume.

Resume is mirror of you. You are not sitting with HR department or technical interviewer but they will be following as per your resume. Using resume you are getting JOB. Without resume you won’t get any single job.

Next time we will talk for some other point for getting job as fresher Oracle DBA.

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Wish you all the best,

Thanking you,

Gitesh Trivedi