Database Administrator Job Description Explained

Today’s IT jobs are not just limited to programming or any other technical things, there are many non-technical things that an individual must know to get a job in this field. Here are the most important non-technical skills that every DBA should possess. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively A DBA is someone who manages …

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Disaster Recovery Planning to maintain Oracle High Availability

The data accumulated in the databases of your business’s computer systems is tremendously priceless. In many scenarios, this data symbolizes your most expensive advantage. Securing this asset is critical for any database site. As an architect, DBA, system administrator or system, you may have in various ways and methods to ensure that your data is …

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Job Search is Hard TASK nowadays

Everyone at least knows by heart regarding the current poor economy trend that is prevailing all over globally and as a result leading to less possibility of job opportunities everywhere. During the past two years due to the economic meltdown, the much-witnessed term all over the news channel and media is the “lay off’ as …

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