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Database Administrator Job Description Explained

February 4, 2022

maxresdefaultToday’s IT jobs are not just limited to programming or any other technical things, there are many non-technical things that an individual must know to get a job in this field. Here are the most important non-technical skills that every DBA should possess.

Ability to communicate clearly and effectively

A DBA is someone who manages the database of a company, so he/she has to be clear and understandable when communicating with the programmers and other team members. A good DBA should be able to explain his tasks in an easy manner so others can easily understand it. This is one of the most important skill for a DBA.

Good interpersonal skills

A DBA is someone who works with the different departments of a company, so he/she should be able to communicate with everyone in a friendly way. A DBA should have the ability to listen to the problems of other people and should have the ability to solve them in a quick and effective way. This is another very important skill for a DBA.

Analytical thinking

This is an important skill for any kind of job, but it is especially important for a DBA. A DBA has to be able to analyze the data of the company in a quick and correct way. A DBA has to be able to suggest the changes in the database that will increase the efficiency of the company. This is yet another important skill for a DBA.


I hope you found these 10 non-technical skills useful. I know some of them are obvious but still, I am sure many of you didn’t know them. If you want to work as a DBA then I would like to suggest you take some classes related to this subject. There are many good online courses available for free that can help you to learn these skills.

Disaster Recovery Planning to maintain Oracle High Availability

June 10, 2021

dbametrixThe data accumulated in the databases of your business’s computer systems is tremendously priceless. In many scenarios, this data symbolizes your most expensive advantage. Securing this asset is critical for any database site.

As an architect, DBA, system administrator or system, you may have in various ways and methods to ensure that your data is properly protected from disaster. Of course, the application of a good foundation for the support of the strategy to protect civilians, but there are many other ways to prevent such disasters, ranging from simple hard drive failure, access to the main database site.

Computer hardware is, by and large, extremely reliable, which many make it easy for you’re to postpone thinking about disaster recovery. Most software is also very reliable, and the Oracle database protects the integrity of its data even in the event of a software failure. However, components and software will, at times, fail, and the more are components involved, the greater the likelihood of a disaster.

The difference between an inconvenience and a disaster is the presence or absence of adequate disaster recovery plans, so it is best to understand all of the options available with Oracle so you can choose the best approach for your particular site.

Company depend more and more details. With the improving use of Group Large Web, the performance to come again details with the real is the come again of details is much more awesome effect on organizations. Not capable of the on the internet with back hyperlinks to the outside of employees is instantly acquainted to the real and can seriously affect the options of the organization and organization, customer obligation for the organization. See the globally web assistance of UPS and FedEx provides and maintaining shares with its customers. If customers are very centered mostly on solutions over the on the internet, provides an assistance disturbance to the same customers to competition. This serious incapable of techniques, it would be serious and immediate effect customer assistance.

Oracle, you can be sure that valuable information is readily available. Some factors of higher accessibility solutions are part of the Oracle software instantly repair and Real Application Groups is the failing function. Some other factors are available to exterior companies, such as copy components failover and the number of staff. Finally, many main reasons of higher accessibility solution rely on the rendering of appropriate techniques to secure information.

Job Search is Hard TASK nowadays

January 20, 2018

a1Everyone at least knows by heart regarding the current poor economy trend that is prevailing all over globally and as a result leading to less possibility of job opportunities everywhere. During the past two years due to the economic meltdown, the much-witnessed term all over the news channel and media is the “lay off’ as many lost their jobs all of sudden without any prior intimation in the private sector and made their life uncertain. In spite of this situation the job search has not diminished, every day millions of people in India where search through the internet all through the day in all sources of job sites and government website in order to grab a job for the living.

In spite of these situations such as global recession and unemployment everywhere, in such milieu, one major sector which was totally running as usual without facing the major setback due to the recession was the government job and public sector jobs. If you have a keen look at the internet job sites or employment news one can get a clear idea regarding the fact that Indian government has been frequently employing the workers all over for all categories.

In these advanced periods of state of the art technologies, one is nowhere in need to get out of their dwelling in order to up to date with the latest development that is prevailing in the government and public sector jobs as the internet will act as a catalyst to the whole world. One could come across a myriad number of job search portals which offers specific as well as relevant information on Sarkari Naukri which unquestionably sweep you off your feet.
In today world the percentage of internet users have increased to a greater extent and moreover, the search for jobs through online regarding government and public sector jobs will reduce loads of resources and as well as your precious time just by sitting from the comfort of your home.

However, the web also provides you with excellent study materials and learning tips regarding how to get ready for Sarkari Naukri. Meanwhile, some of the major areas of job opportunities in public sector where one can seek to get placed in their dream jobs are railway jobs, banking jobs, administrative jobs, defense jobs, researcher jobs etc. There are quite a large number of jobs available for government and public sectors suiting for all categories of studies.

However, seeking job opportunities in government job sectors will lead you to give secure job opportunities whereas with private sector it is quite not confirmed when you could be laid off. Apart from this one could quickly search for any job placement through a number of prominent job Agency Company website who will act as an intermediate between the companies and job seekers. One could make use of those companies in order to get the quick job according to your qualifications.

You can find out so many good jobs in social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. You can connect with lots of techies and companies in this media and get good opportunities. You should need to try constantly without fail.

Why are you wanting DUMPS?

January 19, 2018

a1Could you tell me why are you wanting dumps for clearing exams? off course you want to clear exam and don’t want to waste your money. Right?

If you learn Oracle database administration concept accurately then I don’t think you require dumps for passing out exams. If you do every practice which is mention in books then you would understand perfect concepts of every feature of Oracle. Without practicing anything you can not get. You should need to understand all features fundamentals. If anybody asks you any fundamental in technical interview then you won’t able to provide the accurate reply.

Thus remember one thing passing out only OCP exams is not sufficient for getting a good job. You need to have good understanding and knowledge of the subject.

An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop

June 26, 2012

An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop – For all Oracle DBA and IT professionals.

Idle Mind is the Devil’s WorkshopAll living things have to be active. Resting or relaxing is to be done when the body is tired and demands it. It is a physical need and not something to be done for the pleasure it gives. Idling is dangerous. When we have nothing to do, our mind turns to evil thoughts. From thoughts to words and actions is an easy step. That is why it is said that idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Being engaged in some activity is the only remedy. People who have no work to do, those can do something that will be of use to the others. Those who have work, but get a lot of free time can take up some hobby. Work does not mean just physical labor. Using our intelligence and studying problems also is work. Only an idle man does evil that is deliberate and pre-planned. Only those who idle their time can do this. Importance of having some work for our young is mainly due to this. Because they are idle they lean to evil thoughts and deeds. They seek pleasure that is not due to them. Keeping oneself idle is not at all necessary. On the other hand it is too dangerous.

Think about this carefully, you will get bad ideas and thoughts during idle time or your free time only. During working on job or online, it never happens.

If you are fresher and not having job then don’t seats idle. Just go and search the job. If found any job then apply. I am remembering my primary level. I applied 100 jobs daily up to 1 year. Then I got bigger chance in a company and due to that job, I got very good exposure.

In idle time, go to any good Oracle DBA forums and try to read other’s thread, issue, problems. Try to understand at your level. Check reply of experts. Try to reply from your side too. If you don’t find out any good thread then open new thread for your issue, if not getting any answer then reply yourself with solution. Day by day, due to these activities, you become popular and many people know you. Share your knowledge in this kind of forums. Try to write some good articles on Oracle database which is unique and without grammatical mistake. Share those articles or sell those articles to our company or other companies. You will earn more and your interest is developing.

Oracle DBA Job Searching

May 30, 2012

What is Oracle DBA Job Searching?

oracle dba jobsI seen people are trying to get quick Oracle DBA easily and for grabbing job they are trying to so many things. Including those things is done which don’t benefited and useless.

Fresher Oracle DBA applies to opening which clearly mentioned for experienced person.

Fresher Oracle DBA tries to apply to those recruiters who are not providing chances to fresher.

They are trying to call directly to company for getting job.

Above things is useless and all efforts are becoming waste. Fresher never tries to look into their own resume and doesn’t check what is missing in resume that recruiter doesn’t shortlist him or her. They never try to sharp own knowledge bank or get deep in to skill knowledge. This thing is resulting failure in technical interview or HR interview.

I seen lots of people are not getting success to get job as fresher due to above reasons only. They don’t have proper guidance and training institute is also not providing proper advice to them (may be training institute or faculty doesn’t have proper knowledge of this).

Now we can look in to intermediate and expert DBA job. Every intermediate DBA and experienced DBA has some constraint for new job like salary hike, job location, designation, duty hours. Off course, after getting some experience and if you would not get any good appraisal then you should need to change job. But about duty hours or rotation duty or night duty it is not suitable for experienced DBA. Job location is also one of suitable reason sometimes. There are so many other reasons or factors affecting for changing the job. Some good persons improve their skills during the duty or off hours of duty but some persons are not. Due to lack of knowledge of domain standard or new job requirement they are being failed in technical interviews.

I took so many interviews including technical and HR interviews in my career and I seen so many certified DBA doesn’t have good depth knowledge of basic architecture of Oracle and RDBMS. Those are including fresher, intermediate, and experienced.

Proper guidance and advice is needed to fresher DBA and proper domain expertise knowledge is needed to intermediate and experienced DBA to get successful job search.

Next time, we will discuss about reason of failure to get job for Oracle DBA. For getting regular update of Oracle DBA jobs of Dbametrix, stay connected with

How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA-3

April 17, 2010

How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA-3

Hi Friends,

Today again we are going to discuss resuming making tip for fresher Oracle DBA.

I have seen so many fresher Oracle DBA make resume with OCP exam scores. If as fresher Oracle DBA is applying for Jr.Oracle DBA post and he or she is appearing in OCP exams then they mention OCP exam scores in resume as follows.

If fresher Oracle DBA is appearing Oracle 9i DBA track exams then what they mention in resume……

Exam Paper Score Result

1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i SQL                               92%                 PASS

1Z0-031 Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals I                    95%                 PASS

1Z0-032 Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II                  97%                 PASS

If fresher Oracle DBA is appearing Oracle 10g DBA track exams then what they mention in resume……

1Z0-047  Oracle Database SQL Expert                                 90%                PASS

1Z0-042  Oracle Database 10g: Administration I            89%                PASS

If fresher Oracle DBA is appearing in Oracle 11g DBA track exams then what they mention in resume……

1Z0-051 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals           93%               PASS

1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g: Administration I              95%               PASS

But do you know everybody knows very well that dumps of every OCP exam papers are easily available in market. Most of people are using those dumps for clearing Oracle Certified Professional exams. Even  some websites also provide or distribute this OCP exam dump and people and fresher OCP students are downloading those and prepare examinations from it.

Can you believe that your interview taker is also OCP or technical sound and known with this dump mystery. Because when interview taker takes so many interview of OCP students and found they are technically ZERO even OCP, then what he thinks about those percentage mentioned in the resume?  If you mention this type of score of OCP exams then it will be creating wrong impression to your interview taker that you want to get job using OCP certificate and it’s score only, where anyone can do this think easily. There is no guarantee you have technical knowledge of Oracle DBA.

As per my advice as fresher Oracle DBA you should need to mentioned that you are obtaining OCP or Pursuing OCP certification track of Oracle 9i just as follows.

“Pursuing Oracle 9i DBA track OCP certification and have cleared 3 exams.”


“Present status: OCA and pursuing Oracle 9i DBA track certification with cleared 3 exams in same path”


“Obtaining Oracle Certified Professional 10g DBA track certification, present status appeared and cleared 1 exam of SQL.”

This will be helpful to interview taker can understand easily that you are obtaining OCP certification and within short period it will be clearing. This thing looks good and make nice image to your interview taker.

Anyone wants more details and fresher Oracle jobs assistance then he/she can get from our partner site called using above link. You can get more tips and guidance from my Oracle DBA Career Blog. For getting regular update of Oracle DBA jobs of Dbametrix, stay connected with

All the best,

Thanks and regards,

Gitesh Trivedi

Remote DBA support

How to check Oracle processes in windows

November 11, 2009

Hi Oracle DBA friends,

Today’s Tip for Oracle on windows.

How to check Oracle processes in windows. In unix there is command called “ps“. Using ps command we can check all type of processes which are running in system. Ps command is very usefull to administrating and monitoring oracle in unix/linux systems.

But there is no command in windows just like ps in unix. Means there is no way to find out running processes in windows system. There is only task manager available in windows system. Using task manager we can check running processes in windows system. It is very difficult to monitoring and administrating Oracle on windows systems for Oracle DBA.

Alternate of ps command:

No it is not TRUE. Windows has own command to trace all running processes in the system. Using “tasklist” command we can trace all running processes in windows including oracle,sqlplus,exp,imp and others. Tasklist command is very closer to ps command.

Please check help of tasklist command.

C:\>tasklist /?

TASKLIST [/S system [/U username [/P [password]]]] [/M [module] | /SVC | /V] [/FI filter] [/FO format] [/NH]

Description: This command line tool displays a list of application(s) and associated task(s)/process(es) currently running on either a local or remote system.

Parameter List:

/S system Specifies the remote system to connect to.

/U [domain\]user Specifies the user context under which the command should execute.

/P [password] Specifies the password for the given user context. Prompts for input if omitted.

/M [module] Lists all tasks that have DLL modules loaded in them that match the given pattern name. If the module name is not specified, displays all modules loaded by each task.

/SVC Displays services in each process.

/V Specifies that the verbose information is to be displayed.

/FI filter Displays a set of tasks that match a given criteria specified by the filter.

/FO format Specifies the output format.

Valid values: “TABLE”, “LIST”, “CSV”. /NH S

pecifies that the “Column Header” should not be displayed in the output. Valid only for “TABLE” and “CSV” formats.

/? Displays this help/usage.

Filters: Filter Name Valid Operators Valid Value(s) ———– ————— ————–


IMAGENAME eq, ne Image name

PID eq, ne, gt, lt, ge, le PID value

SESSION eq, ne, gt, lt, ge, le Session number

SESSIONNAME eq, ne Session name

CPUTIME eq, ne, gt, lt, ge, le CPU time in the format of hh:mm:ss. hh – hours, mm – minutes, ss – seconds

MEMUSAGE eq, ne, gt, lt, ge, le Memory usage in KB

USERNAME eq, ne User name in [domain\]user format

SERVICES eq, ne Service name

WINDOWTITLE eq, ne Window title

MODULES eq, ne DLL name








TASKLIST /S system /U domain\username /FO CSV /NH

TASKLIST /S system /U username /P password /FO TABLE /NH TASKLIST /FI “USERNAME ne NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM” /FI “STATUS eq running”

Means using tasklist or tasklist -v command we can monitor and administor our oracle processes.

Now never tell that you haven’t ps command for windows !!!

All the best,

Gitesh Trivedi

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