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The Bear and the Friends

January 29, 2019

The Bear and the Friends

Today I am going to tell you the solid moral story of Panchtantra. In our real life these all stories are still true.

Once, two friends set out on a long journey. On their journey, they had to pass through a forest. It was dense jungle inhabited by many wild animals. One friend said to the other,”My dear friend, do not be afraid of the beasts. So long as I am with you, no beast can harm you.” The other friend replied, “Well, your friendship will be tested if and when an opportunity comes.”

After sometimes, they saw a bear coming towards them. On seeing the bear they were frightened. But the friend who promised help and protection to the other, at once climbed up a tree. He cared only for his own safety and paid no attention to his friend. His friend was surprised at the behavior of this friend who had made only false promises. He lay down on the earth and pretended to be a dead man. The bear came up to him, smelt him, licked his feet, took him for a dead body and left. Seeing the bear out of sight the selfish friend came down from the tree and asked the other friend, “What did the bear whisper in your ears?” replied the friend, “Well, do not trust a false and selfish friend.”

In this 21st century, people become more selfish. Everyone is interested in himself/ herself only. Friendship should be out of cunningness, selfish and ego. If you have a selfish friend then you would get in trouble anytime anywhere. Avoid this kind of friend. Choose good friends.

No Gains without Pains

January 29, 2019

No Gains without Pains

panchtantraOur every Panchtantra stories are really excellent and provide some moral message to us but unfortunately, we heard like story or fairytale only. We do not bother about those messages.

Once there loved an old farmer. He was a hardworking man. But his sons were idle and useless. The farmer was anxious about his sons. When he was lying in his bed he thought of teaching his sons a good lesson to make them industrious and hard-working. So he called them near his bed and told them that in one part of his property there was a hidden treasure. These were the last words of the farmer to his sons.

Soon after the death of the farmer, the sons took spades and dug all the fields. But no treasure was found. This made them learn a lesson, “No gains without pains”. This encouraged them to sow the fields with different kinds of seeds. Thereafter they lived happily from what they got from their fields by their hard work.

Moral of the story is work hard and do not become lazy. If you work hard then you would definitely get some result. If you are lazy and do not work anything then you would not get any kind of result. In this highly competitive world, you just need to work hard in your service or business otherwise you will not get anything. Without hard work nobody gets anything. In this new generation, you need to do hard work as well as smart work too. Because even donkey can do hard work, then what about us?. Use your brain, apply your brain and do hard work then you would get success.

The Donkey and the Salt Merchant –Panchtantra Story

January 23, 2019

Today I am again writing one more story of Panchtantra that we heard in our school studying. It is a very old story but for the next generation and the present generation, it is still true.

There was a salt merchant. He used to load his donkey with salt and take it to the village every day. On the way, both the merchant and the donkey used to pass through a river.

One day when the donkey was passing through the river his foot slipped and he fell down. Some of the salt was dissolved in the river water. The donkey felt happy due to a lighter load.

The next day, the donkey intentionally fell into the river. He did so with the aim of dissolving some of the salt in the river water for lighting weight. This time also his load became lighter. The donkey felt happy and comfortable, but it was a great loss to his master.panchtantra

The merchant was a wise man. He thought of a trick to teach his donkey a lesion. The next day he loaded his donkey with bags of cotton. As usual, the donkey fell into the river. But this time, the load became heavier and he found it difficult to carry. The merchant began to beat the donkey mercilessly. From that day, the donkey did not repeat his trick.

The conclusion of this story is that don’t work like a donkey. Always take responsibility for your work and do your every work with responsibility. Don’t try to get rid of your work responsibilities. This time, I see so many young skill workers do not perform work with responsibility but they want to increment and promotion in job. Without taking charge of your duty how can you get any kind of job enhancement? If you are working like this donkey then nobody will give you any kind of promotion and increment. Maybe you would get lay off. This is my way of thinking maybe you have another way of thinking. You can comment on my post.

Wish you all the best.

The Hare and the Tortoise

January 19, 2019

overconfidenceThis is oldest Panchtantra Story but in present time still it is true.

One day a tortoise was moving slowly. A hare happened to see him. He made fun of his slow speed. He said to the tortoise, “How slowly you crawl?” I can run faster than you. While I go miles, you can move only a few yards”

Hearing the words of the hare, the tortoise became angry. He challenged him to a race. Though the hare laughed at the tortoise’s proposal, he accepted it. He was proud. Due to his speed, the hare was sure of his victory.

The race started. The tortoise began to crawl slowly but steadily. On the other hand, the hare covered more distance than the tortoise in a short time. He did so only after a few jumps. The hare was much ahead of the tortoise.

The hare rested for a short while and feel into a sound sleep. In the meantime, the tortoise continued to move at his slow and steady pace. He reached the finishing point and won the race. The hare could not do anything because it was too late for him when he got up from his sound sleep. It was because of his pride that he had lost the race.

This story I heard so many times when I was studying in school. Maybe you also heard this story in your school but you are not remembering this story in your life. I never forget this story and conclusion of the story. The conclusion of this story never be overconfidence and do not pride. If you build up self-confidence then you can achieve any goal of your career and life without fail. Never be proudly in your life with overconfidence because your overconfidence kills your skill and thinking power, these things are resulting in failure of your career and life. Improve your self-confidence which makes you growth of you in every aspect of life.

Wish you all the best.

Robert Bruce and the Spider

January 15, 2019

self confidenceThis story I heard so many times from my father in my younger age. It is really self-grooming story. The story is following.

Robert Bruce was the King of Scotland. He was defeated by his enemy. He escaped from the battlefield and ran away to the forest. He was very sad and in despair. At last, he took shelter in a cave.

He tried to come back to his country and make it free. Several attempts were made but all his efforts were in vain. He fought against the enemy several times but was driven back. After his defeat in several wars, he spent his days in utter despair and sorrow. He gave up the idea of fighting more wars.

While he was lying in the cave, he saw a spider. It was trying to climb up the wall. Its aim was to reach up to the top. It made seven attempts to reach the top of the wall but failed. Thought it had failed seven times, it did not give up its efforts. It tried again and again. At last, it succeeded.

Robert Bruce was curiously watching the spider. He learned a lesson from the repeated efforts of the spider and its ultimate success. The king again thought of fighting another war against the enemy. He came out of the cave and organized his army once again. At last, he made a final attack against the enemy. The enemy was defeated and was driven away from his country. Thus Robert Bruce succeeded in his final attempt.

This story I heard lots of time from my father when I failed in some task and sat down with sorrow. My father always told me about Gita’s knowledge “कर्म करो और फल की इच्छा मत करो. क्यों की कर्म करना आप के हाथ में है और फल देना ईश्वर के हाथ में है” If you do not make any effort then how can you get success. It means you need to put efforts again and again until you are getting success. Do not leave your attempt.

I am getting so many responses about the failure to get fresher Oracle DBA job, now what should need to do. I am advising them to try again and again until getting success. Never bother about your failure. Try to concentrate on your mistakes and try to avoid those mistakes in the next attempt. Then you would get success definitely and it is my promise. Always boost up your self-confidence and go ahead for attempting new attempt.

Wish you all the best.

The Cunning Fox and the Foolish Crow

January 10, 2019

I am remembering some of the interesting stories which I heard when I was younger. Today I am trying to say some of those.

It is a very interesting story is “The Cunning Fox and the Foolish Crow”.

cunning fox and crowOnce a hungry fox was wandering about in search of prey. Tired and hungry, he decided to rest in a bush for a short time. Then he noticed a crow sitting on a low branch. It had a piece of meat in its beak. The fox had a bright idea. He said to the crow, “dear sister, how beautiful you are! And your voice it’s so melodious! I admire your songs so much. Will you please sing just a little song for me now?” The crow was greatly pleased to hear these words of flattery. It opened its beak to sing, and the piece of meat dropped to the ground, close to the fox who picked it hastily and gobbled it up. He then said to the crow, “Thank you, sister, for the piece of meat. As for your song, I do not want to hear it anymore. Goodbye”. Hearing these words the crow flew away sadly, and fox said to himself, “How clever I am”

Actually, the story was this. Of course, we are reading the same story in India then writer always replace “Puri” in place of “piece of Meat” because India is a vegetarian country.