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Why remote DBA from dbametrix?

March 3, 2020

dbametrixThere’s been a lot of discussion over whether hiring a remote DBA is really a win in the long term. Many people seem to think it’s not, but it really depends on how it’s done. If you’re supplementing your internal team with some expertise that you wouldn’t be able to hire or keep on your own staff, it can make a lot of sense. In our experience, a lot of companies can benefit from this type of relationship. Imagine that you’re a business who relies upon MySQL but doesn’t have huge racks full of servers — say, a car dealership. You don’t need to have a rock star on your staff, and chances are you can’t afford or find someone like that anyway — but it sure helps to have such a person available when needed.

Our pricing structure makes a lot of sense, too. No artificial roadblocks to try to force you to buy a package deal. No lock-in. No pressure to get per-server licensing. (Consider this. If you want your servers to run as efficiently as possible, would you hire someone who gets paid by the server?) Just by-the-hour, a-la-carte consulting, with the option to get onsite or other types of help if you want. This isn’t without its tradeoffs — in particular, you have to be an active participant in scheduling, since per-hour scheduling is less tolerant to slippage than having someone onsite for a whole day. But on the whole, it’s remarkably efficient.

We also align our compensation with your goals. We set things up so that serving you best is the same as serving ourselves best. You don’t have to rely on our nobility or altruism to goad us towards doing the right thing. We love the satisfaction of a job well done, but even without that, the financial incentive is for us to do what’s best for you.

Companies like other companies (we’re not the only ones) are disrupting the old models, which have a lot of silly lock-in and other things that just don’t serve the customers. There is plenty of fish in the sea. Everyone’s looking for help, and it’s hard to find. Why go the route of the lock-in, with the corresponding disincentive for improvement? Every efficiency we add helps us help more customers more quickly and better. So what if we’re “working ourselves out of a job?” It’s not as if there’s any scarcity of jobs!

We’re quite a bit different from other “remote DBA” companies. We are full-stack performance optimization experts — we work on a lot more than MySQL. You can think of us as performance Ninjas if you wish. But whether you’re hiring a Ninja or a remote DBA, you should look for an approach that values your interests equally with the consulting company’s. If you’re considering remote DBA support and you want to know whether it’s worth it, just ask us. We’d be happy to give you some satisfied customers as references.

Why remote DBA support is a better choice for you?

March 7, 2019

Why remote DBA support is a better choice for you?

In this era of big data, information is the most crucial and important amongst everything that you’ve got. But, cluttered unorganized data is as much a nightmare as sweet indulgence it is after proper categorization and management.

With the help of remote database support, you can easily perform tasks such as backup & recovery, performance tuning along with many other services too. And as compared to hiring a full-time resource, you will comparatively find it feasible and cheaper as well.

Some of the reasons that indicate you are better with remote DBA support instead are listed below:

  1. You can’t get your Database administrator to stay even while offering all the perks. This is a highly technical job position and one has to be on call all the time since slight inconsistency in the servers can cause huge loss to the company. Unexpected working hours are the main reason people leave behind this job.
  2. There are a lot of things to be done when it comes to database management and a single person or even a team can only do so much. Sometimes, the work is just too much and you can’t outsource it all and your DBA is unable to handle it as well. In that case, you can transfer some of the work to a remote DBA firm.
  3. Hiring a DBA that’s expert in all things requisite is a nightmare in terms of budget as well as availability. Unlike you, remote DBA firms have highly skilled and experienced professionals working on several clients with problems even worse than yours. You can get them to manage everything on your server.
  4. Many of the companies today often have a working database but are unable to get someone to manage it precisely due to some of the reasons listed above. Being central to the operations and virtually everything, your database needs to be smooth running and that can be arranged with the help of these remote firms who provide DBA support.
  5. In between Oracle, MySQL, and others, there are several kinds of database and although they all consist of same stuff which inter-translates well, wouldn’t it be better to have expertise specific to each instead of the same team and/or person for all. Remote DBA firms hire teams specifically skilled and experience in separate databases.

The list can go on endless but you get the main concept. Instead of trying to manage everything, you can outsource your needs and successfully run the business while focusing on the key requirements. While hiring a remote DBA firm that suits your needs and fits your criteria can often take time, it’s better than getting stuck with someone who not only wastes your time and efforts but also puts your company at risk. There are lots of hidden benefits for hiring remote dba experts services.

About SQL and Oracle DBA

January 20, 2018

a1If you are new to both Microsoft SQl server and as well as  Oracle database server, you may think that both the database server are very much similar to each other, however, both are similar to a certain degree. Moreover, each has their own unique features and functionality and differ each other in many perspectives.

It is always a doubt and perplex for anyone for many years regarding what database platform to choose between these two platforms of Sql and Oracle because both have different features respectively. But that’s not really where the real importance lies; the important thing is the database server effective and user-friendly in handling the database every time with a high-end security system to their database. However, in this article, I will give a brief discussion about the real difference between sql & oracle and comparison Sql and Oracle the two giant database servers today.

Supported Operating Systems:

Microsoft Sql server has always been an integral part associated with Windows server family and so far Microsoft has not come up with any version of the database that can be applied in other OS than windows. The operating system supported by Microsoft Sql server database is XP, Vista, Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008. The database platform is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows.

Whereas with Oracle supports multi-platform OS support which includes Windows (32 bit and 64 bit), Linux and as well as UNIX platform (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX etc.)

Both the database server provides high-end security system for the client’s database and however, experts claim that Microsoft Sql server provides much more security compared to that of Oracle as many security vulnerability cases have been filed against Oracle compared to Sql. Microsoft Sql advanced security is incorporated in all Standard, Enterprise, and Workgroup SQL Server Editions whereas Oracle has come up only with a basic level of security regarding their standard and enterprise editions.

Both Oracle and Sql server often comes up with frequent updates of new features for the clients to handle the database effectively. The new features that is included with Oracle latest version of Oracle 11g is the Pl/Sql as it is an essential 3GL that was designed especially regarding the flawless processing of SQL commands. Moreover, it also provides specific syntax for this purpose and supports exactly the same datatypes as SQL. Server-side PL/SQL is stored and compiled in Oracle Database and runs within the Oracle executable. It automatically inherits the robustness, security, and portability of Oracle Database.

Latest SQL Server of version 2008 well supports the ADO.NET Entity Framework and the reporting tools, replication, and data definition will be built around the Entity Data Model.

Some of the major DBA duties of Oracle database is to implement and maintain database security and as well as to Do application tuning and performance monitoring. Moreover, they also install, patch and maintain all Oracle software. In SQL server the major DBA duties are to Installation, configuration and upgrading of SQL server software and related products.

If you are working on both databases then you should need to take care of both servers, applications, databases.

Advantages of Remote Database Management System Outsourcing

September 16, 2012

Most of the major companies which use a Database Management System like Oracle have outsourced the management of the database and running the maintenance of the system to external entities sometimes even outside the country. Let us see what the advantages of database services outsourcing are…

  1. Technical Expertise – Although the big corporations have internal IT departments as well which handle some of the small issues with the Database Management System, there are several administrative parts of the process which tend to clog up the internal department. Remote database support ensures that technical experts, who have a good understanding of the various needs and requirements of a database management system, handle the issues and not let the internal teams get over-burdened.
  2. Reduces Downtime– Database Management Systems require a lot of monitoring, management, data back-up and a plethora of other time consuming activities, which tends to affect the production capacity and efficiency of a company if done internally. However, remote dba work ensures that these tasks are handled by technical experts who work fast and optimally to reduce the downtime to a minimum.
  3. Cost Benefit– The most important benefit of remote database support service is that it reduces cost of management of the database and also increases the revenue of the company. Since, the Outsourcing companies have a team of well-trained technical experts, they are able to do the job more efficiently and with less chances of the system facing any glitches or issues, which reduces the cost.
  4. Independent Check– Database Management System Outsourcing also provides a system of external checks and balance on the database management system which being independent provides a thorough and detailed analysis of any and all problems, which may be missed by the internal IT department.

Thus Database administration outsourcing is very important for any company using a RDBMS. As we are aware about, database is essential for every company to maintain their important information in unique resource for data retrieving, data manipulating. Importance of database is increasing as  well as expert dba plays vital role in global company for administrating, backing up, tuning, securing databases. For above reasons, remote dba services is becoming more popular nowadays.