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January 24, 2019

यह कह कर मेरा दुश्मन मुझे हंसता छोड़ गया

की तेरे अपने ही बहुत है तुझे रुलाने के लिये….

An Ideal Student

January 24, 2019

an ideal studentTill today, I wrote about how to be the ideal teacher or instructor but today I am writing about how to be a great student. Don’t ask me who are your ideal students? Nope, I do not tell you.

An ideal student is one who is fully conscious of his duties and aware of his responsibilities. He paves the way for the younger generations to tread on. Every student should endeavor to be an ideal one. Students are the leaders of tomorrow. A nation can prosper and reach the zenith of glory if it has a disciplined army of students.

A student is well up in studies and capable of passing examinations, but he may not necessarily be an ideal student. Such students though having a brilliant record throughout their school and college life prove utter failures when they enter the field of practical life.

An ideal student lives in accordance with the strict rules of conduct and disciple. This is the time of life when the foundation of character is laid. It is said, “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost; but if the character is lost everything is lost”. Similarly, without a sense of discipline, the student is like a ship without a rudder, it sails adrift and never comes safe to the harbor. He must obey the rules of schools and colleges and the dictates of his teachers and professors.

He uses his discerning insight while selecting his companions. He is fully conscious of ensuring that not even a single evil force will tempt him. He knows well that a single rotten apple spoils all the apples in the basket. As we owe a duty towards the members of the family, an ideal student tries to understand know much he owes to his parents, brothers, and sisters. It is his duty to realize that he is under heavy debt to his parents.

An ideal student is a servant of humanity. He should share the worries and other problems of life with the members of his family or teachers. He should also take a keen interest in social work wherever possible. He should be active in finding out solutions of various complicated problems of the society.

And the ideal student must possess the above-cited qualities. This will also help the nation in the achievement of the prosperity of the country.

These all things can improve student and helps to improve his career and goal achievement of life.

differences between Online training and classroom trainings

January 23, 2019

Differences in Online training and classroom training

I have been receiving so many emails regarding online training and classroom training. Yesterday I got mail and asked “What are online courses? How we learn by online? I have never been part of online training. But I heard about this online training. What is the difference between online n classroom training? Anyone have done online courses? What is your experience? Kindly share knowledge about same. I am interested to learn online Oracle database administration.”

I replied simple answer “Using online courses, you can learn from anywhere including from home in your free time. There is vastly different between classroom training and online training because classroom training you can learn with other students from your teacher with a physical presence. Which is not possible in online training. Sometimes, some good company offers online training with a live instructor based virtual classroom. I think it is a better option too.”

One of more query got a day before yesterday was “I have confusion about online training. Does it good or better than classroom training? What are the major differences between online training and classroom training? I think classroom training is better than online training because we can raise queries and ask doubts to instructor directly in classroom training which is not possible for online training or e-learning courses.”

For more clarification, I am providing some basic differences between both types of training.

Following are major differences between Online training and classroom training.

Classroom Training:
– Good for but strictly maintain time schedule.
– You can ask queries and doubts directly to your instructor.
– If instructor changed then you get difficulty to set with another instructor
– You would not only in the classroom and due to this reason, sometimes you cannot ask a simple question which is more important, you feel shy.
– The course fee is very costly.
– Sometimes, classroom location is very far from your destination.

Online Training:
– There is no time constraint. Anytime you can take and anywhere you can access.
– If you select live instructor based online training then you can ask query or doubt to live instructor.
– Without live instructor based online training does not come with instructor means no dependency on the instructor.
– In online training, there are no other students with you.
– In live instructor based online training, one student-one instructor.
– The course fee is not costly.
– You can access from anywhere there is no location constraint.

There are lots of benefits of both types of training. You need to check which is more suitable for you. As per my opinion, if you are having a good instructor at your hometown or nearest your location then go for classroom training or choose online training. Some of the online training providers offer lifetime access and support too. It is good for us. I took so many online training for self-growing and upgrade myself. I took so many classroom training too. The choice is yours.

If you want classroom training from me for learning Oracle DBA from scratch then you can contact me. I am offering online training too.

I hope you have words about same like “E-learning of Oracle!! How can we get practical hands-on in online courses? I think classroom training is more good than online training.”. Then let me clear about the same, in online training you cannot get only videos but it is an interactive course with the live instructor based. You can learn practical things too with your instructor. Don’t worry.

How become Oracle DBA?

January 23, 2019

I have been getting so many inquiries from the various candidate who are having keen interest to be Oracle DBA. I am providing some information regarding this.

DBA (Database Administrator) is a person who is an expert with exceptional skills required in the fields of database management. These professionals are the worker bees that make sure that the system runs smooth and without any glitches. It is their primary duty to troubleshoot any problem. Especially developed certifications, training and hands-on experience are offered by database product manufacturers to train professionals to handle their products and solutions. DBA is a busy person in a corporate environment, even income corporate structures there are a number of DBAs at a single site. This all depends upon the complexity of the whole system.

DBA professional is a person who is equipped with the latest and up-to-date knowledge of the database system of his own choice. Advance knowledge is then combined with periodical training held by the manufacturer i.e. Oracle, and the final element, experience. Experience is considered to be the most important element, it is the stage when you get personal experience to troubleshoot the database system. A person who lacks any of these three elements would fail in his attempt to be called DBA.

Before purchasing the necessary course materials one should choose the correct database platform to begin. Latest platforms developed and launched by Oracle include the reliable 11g and 10g products. So one needs to choose the course for induction, he has ample choice such as Oracle DBA 11g or Oracle DBA 10g along with necessary Oracle DBA training. Once a person has made up his mind, the next step is to get admission in an authorized training and testing center. This is necessary and is mandatory for beginners. Experienced professionals would be able to benefit from their previous experience.

The route to Certified Oracle DBA is divided into three brief steps. These steps are interconnected and one must complete all three steps to complete his certification. The very first step is Oracle Certified Associate, this is the initial step and is composed of three exams. You must pass at least two to make it to the second step. Oracle Certified Professional is the second step professional, it is necessary to acquire training at this level to qualify for the next final level. Along with training you also need to pass the examination. Once cleared now you move to the final level the Oracle Certified Master, you need to get advanced training and have to pass at least two exams to become the Oracle DBA.

This is a long road but it is very much necessary so that you can actually perform your job. Maintaining and troubleshooting Oracle database systems can only be performed by a certified professional. A huge commercial and corporate firms have giant interlinked database systems that interact around the world. Only a certified person will be able to point out the problem and fix it. Confidence is also boosted with the training that you get in the three qualification levels. You will also get a chance to upgrade your knowledge in future too.

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January 23, 2019

ज़िंदगी एक फ़साना ऐ ग़म हे
मेरा तो इससे नाक में दम हे
तेरे कहने पे जी रहा हूँ ऐ खुदा
तुज़पे ये अहसान मेरा क्या कम हे

ज़िंदगी की राहो में
रंजो ग़म के मेले हे
भीर हे क़यामत की
फिर भी हम अकेले हे

The Donkey and the Salt Merchant –Panchtantra Story

January 23, 2019

Today I am again writing one more story of Panchtantra that we heard in our school studying. It is a very old story but for the next generation and the present generation, it is still true.

There was a salt merchant. He used to load his donkey with salt and take it to the village every day. On the way, both the merchant and the donkey used to pass through a river.

One day when the donkey was passing through the river his foot slipped and he fell down. Some of the salt was dissolved in the river water. The donkey felt happy due to a lighter load.

The next day, the donkey intentionally fell into the river. He did so with the aim of dissolving some of the salt in the river water for lighting weight. This time also his load became lighter. The donkey felt happy and comfortable, but it was a great loss to his master.panchtantra

The merchant was a wise man. He thought of a trick to teach his donkey a lesion. The next day he loaded his donkey with bags of cotton. As usual, the donkey fell into the river. But this time, the load became heavier and he found it difficult to carry. The merchant began to beat the donkey mercilessly. From that day, the donkey did not repeat his trick.

The conclusion of this story is that don’t work like a donkey. Always take responsibility for your work and do your every work with responsibility. Don’t try to get rid of your work responsibilities. This time, I see so many young skill workers do not perform work with responsibility but they want to increment and promotion in job. Without taking charge of your duty how can you get any kind of job enhancement? If you are working like this donkey then nobody will give you any kind of promotion and increment. Maybe you would get lay off. This is my way of thinking maybe you have another way of thinking. You can comment on my post.

Wish you all the best.

lifestyle of youth today

January 22, 2019

self confidenceइस समय की युवा पीढ़ी के साथ मेने बहुत काम किया है और अब भी कर रहा हूँ और शायद आगे भी करता रहूँगा। इस युवा पीढ़ी के बारे में कहूं तो बहुत ही जोशीले और तेज़ है. हर काम सही तरीके से और अच्छी तरीके से करने की ताक़त है उनमे। स्फूर्ति और जोश दोनों कूट कूट के भरे पड़े है. हर काम जल्दी से करना चाहते है. उनके पास समय की फुर्सत नहीं है. हर काम जल्दी से निपटाने की चाह में वो लोग आगे की सोच नहीं सकते। एक प्रॉब्लम बहुत देखा है उनमे वो है परिपक्वता की खोट है आज की युवा पीढ़ी में. कोई भी काम के पीछे फॉलो उप भी नहीं होता उनमे। इसलिये कभी कभी सफल नहीं हो पाते।

हर काम उनको बहुत जल्द ख़त्म करना है जैसे उसके बाद कोई फ्लाइट पकड़नी हो. पैसा भी बहुत जल्द कामना चाहते है, प्यार भी बहुत जल्द करना चाहते है, शादी की भी जल्दबाज़ी और बाद में एक दूसरे से उब भी बहुत जल्द जाते है इसलिये तलाक की भी जल्दी रहती है. पुराने ज़माने के माँ बाप, नाना, नानी के पास से कुछ सिखने की कोई इच्छा नहीं और सुनते भी नहीं।

बहोत कुछ युवा में सेल्फ कॉन्फिडेंस की कमी नज़र आती है. रिस्क लेना नहीं चाहते। बहुत युवा ऐसे भी देखे है जो चेंज को स्वीकार नहीं करते सिर्फ एक ही लय में जीना चाहते है. अगर बिना रिस्क अगर कुछ मिल जाये तो ठीक वर्ना हमें कहाँ कोई जल्दी है. मौका मिले तो गवांते हुए दिख रहे है. ऐसे युवा को देखके मुझे शर्म आती है क्यों की ज़िंदगी में बिना रिस्क के कभी किसी को कुछ नहीं मिला और हाथ में आया हुआ मौका कभी दुबारा नहीं आता. लेकिन क्या करे. “मुक्कदर का सिकंदर” फिल्म में कादरखान का डायलॉग था “कुछ लोग मिडिल क्लास ही पैदा होते है, मिडिल क्लास ही जीते है और मिडिल क्लास ही मर जाते है” शायद ये डायलॉग आज भी सही है.

ऐसी जल्दबाज़ी में अपना समय नस्ट करते है और फिर पता नहीं बुढ़ापे में हिसाब लगायेंगे या नहीं वो तो मुझे मालूम नहीं जैसे अभी के ढलती जवानी वाले मेरे जैसे लोग हिसाब लगाते है की क्या पाया और क्या खोया, ज़िंदगी में कौनसी भूल हुई और कोनसी सुधर सकती थी. ये किया होता तो आज ये दिन नहीं देखने पड़ते। ऐसे हिसाब किताब में भी एक मज़ा है. क्यों की ये सोचने के लिये कोई पैसा खर्च नहीं करना पड़ता और समय खर्च हो जाता है.

दौलत को जल्द पाने की इच्छा हमें ठग बाबाओ के पास ले गयी हमें दौलत मिली या नहीं लेकिन ठग बाबा को जरूर मील गई. खैर छोडो इन ठग बाबाओ के लिये में एक अलग पोस्ट लिखूंगा क्यों की बहुत कुछ लिखना है उनके लिए. अभी तो हम बात कर रहे थे आज की युवा पीढ़ी की.

आज की युवा पीढ़ी में जोश और होश दोने हे. काम करने की हिम्मत भी है. लेकिन वक़्त बहुत कम है. इसलिए कोई आगे की सोच नहीं। उनके पास कभी कभी अपने माँ बाप और रिश्तेदारों के लिए समय होता है लेकिन वो भी बहुत कम. बाकी उनका समय सिर्फ पाने मोबाइल, इंटरनेट और दोस्तों के लिए ही समय है. सारे काम जल्द में निपटाके वो सिर्फ अपने मोबाइल के इंटरनेट के माध्यम से भ्रमित सोशल मीडिया में ही खुश है.

एक चीज़ है उनमे जो मेने इस पोस्ट के अग्र भाग में कही है की हर काम वो लोग पुरे जोश और उत्साह में करते है. हरेक काम को अंजाम तक पहुँचाने में भी माहिर है. सिर्फ एक ही खोट है वो है उनके पास वक़्त नहीं है किसी के लिये और खुद के लिए भी और इसी वजह से आगे की सोच नहीं है.

Ten recommendations on Being a good Player Overseas

January 21, 2019

Today I will share my thought about how to be a good player when you are participating out of your country.

Players have gone play Overseas however have you? What will it extremely mean to be a good player overseas? Sports Agent Yannick Kizito has 10 straightforward pointers for you to assist you to succeed where you wish to play within the world.

produce and Build. Establish opportunities for you to urge higher as a player and your teammates around you. Analyze your daily workouts and weekly games presentations. perceive you get paid to assist your team win games if you don’t, you get cut from the team . Honour these commitments and make further times for your teammates and training employees to dialogue and co-create shared operating values.

Connect. Initiate bonding and prefer to connect along with your team. Develop a sincere interest in your team members and Fans. this can serve all of you well within the long haul as once individuals feel connected with each other your operating relationship is probably going to enhance and satisfy your coaching job employees.

Contribute. Here your involvement altogether your team activities is crucial because it will either enhance or weaken the group’s action. Facilitate the discussion by asking acceptable queries and encourage your teammates to bring their distinct information, Mental toughness, experience, and skills to the team.

Care. to worry suggests that to feel real concern and interest in your team activities, history and to confirm you take care of and supply for his or her wants. this is often a requirement for any Overseas player. therefore this implies that if you’re progressing to speak the speak, you’ve had to be compelled to walk the walk.

Show Compassion. This merely suggests that a real understanding of the suffering of others (your teammates, coaching job employees etc) and a want to alleviate it. you may get to care regarding your teammates, be compassionate and conscious of their wants and therefore the sorrow of claiming bye to your previous life.

Cosmopolitan. Being actually cosmopolitan is being accurately accustomed and comfy in numerous totally different countries and numerous cultures throughout your season . to confirm this step is well-executed, browse and study the variations between cultures before and through your season. this can modify you to stay AN open mind and be equipped for amendment.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. Curiosity is regarding learning, exploration and there’s most to be gained by being curious normally whereas taking part in overseas. raise queries, discover additional regarding your team History. forever raise open finished “How” and “Why”-questions and await their answers.

Challenge. we have a tendency to all have a necessity to challenge the foundations as a vicinity of our development. Your job is to assist your team to try for achievement. difficult people isn’t negative; rather it’s your responsibility to gift existing challenges as opportunities and to be able to facilitate one another bounce back.

Conflict. higher out than in. It’s an incontrovertible fact that disagreements are a part of life. however we have a tendency to contend with them is another story, of course. however we have a tendency to communicate, our language proficiency and our culture influence the ways that within which we have a tendency to handle conflict. As a player overseas you want to bear in mind of those variations and encourage your team members to dialogue and face disagreements.

Cooperation. we have a tendency to are all searching for the action and observe of operating put together towards a standard goal. By doing the on top of you may guarantee effective cooperation, a healthy dialogue, deeper inquiry, and a standard bond to succeed in your goals and your team goals.



The Hare and the Tortoise

January 19, 2019

overconfidenceThis is oldest Panchtantra Story but in present time still it is true.

One day a tortoise was moving slowly. A hare happened to see him. He made fun of his slow speed. He said to the tortoise, “How slowly you crawl?” I can run faster than you. While I go miles, you can move only a few yards”

Hearing the words of the hare, the tortoise became angry. He challenged him to a race. Though the hare laughed at the tortoise’s proposal, he accepted it. He was proud. Due to his speed, the hare was sure of his victory.

The race started. The tortoise began to crawl slowly but steadily. On the other hand, the hare covered more distance than the tortoise in a short time. He did so only after a few jumps. The hare was much ahead of the tortoise.

The hare rested for a short while and feel into a sound sleep. In the meantime, the tortoise continued to move at his slow and steady pace. He reached the finishing point and won the race. The hare could not do anything because it was too late for him when he got up from his sound sleep. It was because of his pride that he had lost the race.

This story I heard so many times when I was studying in school. Maybe you also heard this story in your school but you are not remembering this story in your life. I never forget this story and conclusion of the story. The conclusion of this story never be overconfidence and do not pride. If you build up self-confidence then you can achieve any goal of your career and life without fail. Never be proudly in your life with overconfidence because your overconfidence kills your skill and thinking power, these things are resulting in failure of your career and life. Improve your self-confidence which makes you growth of you in every aspect of life.

Wish you all the best.

Robert Bruce and the Spider

January 15, 2019

self confidenceThis story I heard so many times from my father in my younger age. It is really self-grooming story. The story is following.

Robert Bruce was the King of Scotland. He was defeated by his enemy. He escaped from the battlefield and ran away to the forest. He was very sad and in despair. At last, he took shelter in a cave.

He tried to come back to his country and make it free. Several attempts were made but all his efforts were in vain. He fought against the enemy several times but was driven back. After his defeat in several wars, he spent his days in utter despair and sorrow. He gave up the idea of fighting more wars.

While he was lying in the cave, he saw a spider. It was trying to climb up the wall. Its aim was to reach up to the top. It made seven attempts to reach the top of the wall but failed. Thought it had failed seven times, it did not give up its efforts. It tried again and again. At last, it succeeded.

Robert Bruce was curiously watching the spider. He learned a lesson from the repeated efforts of the spider and its ultimate success. The king again thought of fighting another war against the enemy. He came out of the cave and organized his army once again. At last, he made a final attack against the enemy. The enemy was defeated and was driven away from his country. Thus Robert Bruce succeeded in his final attempt.

This story I heard lots of time from my father when I failed in some task and sat down with sorrow. My father always told me about Gita’s knowledge “कर्म करो और फल की इच्छा मत करो. क्यों की कर्म करना आप के हाथ में है और फल देना ईश्वर के हाथ में है” If you do not make any effort then how can you get success. It means you need to put efforts again and again until you are getting success. Do not leave your attempt.

I am getting so many responses about the failure to get fresher Oracle DBA job, now what should need to do. I am advising them to try again and again until getting success. Never bother about your failure. Try to concentrate on your mistakes and try to avoid those mistakes in the next attempt. Then you would get success definitely and it is my promise. Always boost up your self-confidence and go ahead for attempting new attempt.

Wish you all the best.