Security Is Important Concern in Remote Database Support

January 27, 2016

database securitySecurity is always an issue in databases. The data is important to you and your organization is always important for your competitor. Your competitor is always looking for ways to take away the data from you. This theft can be a recipe for a disaster. It’s all about data and its security. You have your database being managed by a team of experts, who handle your database remotely. It’s not only the physical theft that has to be taken care of, but it’s equally important that you secure your database from being theft over the internet. There are several users using the database from across the globe. In this scenario the security of your database can go for a toss. The database becomes more vulnerable when the same becomes visible over the internet. There are several hackers, who keep a close eye over the activity of your database. They are always looking for loop-hole so that they can penetrate in and steal your data. Thus it’s equally important that you save your data, not only physically but also over the internet. The security should be managed such that your data remains theft proof in all respects, being visible to all the users at the same time.

The database is viewed by many over the internet. There is a constant fear of it being open to the world of hackers. They can take it away at any time. They can also get in and destroy the database. The fear is even more intense when the database administrator is accessing your database remotely. Today almost every organization has a DBA in a different location and the DBA accesses the database remotely. If the database is not secured enough and the database administrator is not a good enough then your database is pronged to hackers. The remote connection to your database by a database administrator carries a lot of important information. This remote connection if not secured can be taken down by any hacker. The theft can be more intense because the data viewed by the administrator is not just the set viewed by the users, but includes some very important data. The time for which the database is monitored is 24×7 so the connection is for unlimited time, this increases the probability of theft, because it is easy to be located by hackers.

In such a scenario, it’s recommended that you take help of the experts and get your database administered by one of the most experienced professionals. We not only provide you with excellent database administration services, but also make sure that your data are administered safely, giving the same amount of visibility to its normal users. We make sure that the database administrator working on your database is using the most secured line to access it. The security of your database is one of the major challenges to us and we make sure that we provide the best services to you. It’s on you to take help of the best professionals in the market. Make sure that you don’t lose your data. We keep the data intact and prevent it from is being stolen.

It’s a big global world of internet and you can get rid of the constant fear of your data getting stolen by taking help of the best remote DBA’s, who will make sure that your database is getting monitored effectively without any security threats. Dbametrix is name you can put trust for hiring remote dba services.


How to get more Facebook Like

January 16, 2016
facebook like

Facebook LIKE

Facebook is most popular social media nowadays. I am also using this social media for keeping contacts to my social network and sharing so many things. We are posting some good news or knowledge sharing about new technical news, politics, burning issue, day by day activities. And friends of our social network are getting this news immediately. It is very good platform for sharing day by day activities and breaking news because people are being able to grab it very quickly.

People from our social network like our post and they use LIKE button of post. Once anyone will like this post then same post also reflects to his or her social network. If we will get more LIKE then our post is spreading in more social networks and more people will be able to read.

Unfortunately I seen people are sharing a post and poster likes own post. I don’t understand why people are doing this. Because when we like our own post then our social network can see this and when other will like this post then post will be spreading across their social network. But people like own post for increasing count of facebook like. It is useless. If you want more LIKE then try to share your own post to different groups of FACEBOOK. If quality of post is good then you would get more LIKES on same and it will be spreading all over. Some people my share your post too. Definitely your post becomes more popular and gets more facebook like.

If your post becomes older then you can press LIKE button for keeping fresh and again people can watch your post. You would get again attention on your post. If you have long friend list of active members then definitely you would get more like but without long list of friends you won’t be able to get more like. Second and important thing is that you should need to share your post in different groups of same interesting people. Then you would get more attention on your post and it is best way to get more LIKE on your facebook post.

If you check our facebook fan page then you can get more guidance at

Baby Review

February 1, 2015

Have you seen BABY movie? You should need to watch this movie. It is really excellent movie with solid story, thrills, and action. Perfect movie.

What is life?

September 24, 2014

What is life?

ज़िन्दगी क्या है
मौत का एक लम्बा सा इंतेज़ार


Want Earning more?

June 2, 2014

Is there any relation between higher earning and education?

This question raises in everyone mind. Do you think any connection between those 2 things? Answer is very confusing because someone says yes and someone deny.

earning, dba salaryHigher earning depends on various factors like education, family background, hard work, ability, capacity, knowledge, daring, understanding, nature, public speaking, and luck. Only higher education doesn’t impact. I seen so many people whose are having good education like degree with MBBS, MS, CA, and CS but those are not practicing much and seen every time free. I seen a university first ranked MBBS doctor doesn’t have single patient in his clinic where doctor with lowest degree like BHMS and DHMS are having heavy practice with long queue of patients. I seen lots charter accounts don’t have single client and struggling to get single client from market where ordinary B.COM graduate practices more than him.

Family background is main base of higher earn like businessman always prefers his son or daughter regardless what he or she done in degree. Doctor father or mother always tries to provide better education to their children and children always grow up in this family environment. Obviously they will do better because when they start career get readymade market and infrastructure.

Problem is with only middle class families and their children. Middle class family thinks to provide better education to their children for improving their career. Unfortunately only some of them get success and rest of all will be struggling in this high competitive market.

Some of people get success because of rest of factors is very strong which I mentioned in starting of this article. In adding of those factors, one another factor is equally important and it is friend circle. If you have good friends then positive thoughts raise in your mind. Due to wrong friend circle, negative thoughts raise in your mind it will be resulting in wrong work with high failure ratio. Education makes people perfect with attitude and develops positive thinking. These both factors need to boost high confidence level.

Every DBA wants to earn more and thinks about higher package. Off course, it is very tough to crack technical Oracle DBA interview but if you have good knowledge with some hints of Oracle DBA Interview Questions then it is very easy to crack job interview.

Books are Truly Good Friends

March 4, 2014

Are Books Truly friends in this high tech world?

true friends booksEvery costly thing doesn’t offer high quality. Some people think high quality if found high cost. Sometimes low expensive thing also offer high quality and sometimes costly thing provides high quality. It depends on thing maker and way of use. Same thing happens to books. Sometimes costly book doesn’t provide much knowledge and low cost book offers high level of knowledge and entertainment.

You need to think about usage of thing like books. Book is friend of human. You won’t become lonely if you have interesting books. In free time if you read book then you don’t want any more friend. Book offers high knowledge and deep thinking. If you are feeling bore and want to relax then start reading. If you are reading some exclusive book of your interest then you would get relax quickly. Books offer refreshment and entertainment. When I am at client site and outside of my city then I always keep some books with me. In spare and free time, I read those books. Sometimes, I read books again and again but not feeling bore.

Off course, after introducing television, mobile, and internet, nobody takes care to buy books. But still books are having same value. Due to this reason, some many people carry kindle because you can store so many books in single kindle. If you are not aware of book reading then start from today. If you will read books on your interest then you will be fan of those.

This is technology world. Lots of information technology is introduced every time. If you are technocrat then you should need to read books daily. Using books you can gain more deeply knowledge of new technology because newspapers and news sites provide only introduction of new technology. Only books offer you high quality of knowledge with wide scope of information. I have collections of books in my three cup boards. Those are antiques. I read those books repeatedly but never get bored. Those books are friends of mine. How obedient friends those are? When I am travelling to abroad then I keep some those with me. They are with me in my home and abroad. When I want to read then I will be able to read. Those books talk with me.

Off course, some books in collection are costly and some of less expensive. But for me those are more valuable because those books give me proper knowledge and help me to grow my career. I never think about cost of book but I think about what I will gain from book. If book is helpful to me then I buy even though it is costly. After buying book, it is mine. Still I didn’t hear about any thief steals books. Yes, I lost a unix book in Abu Dhabi when I was at client site. But after that visit when I came to India then immediately I bought same book again and never think about it price. Still same unix book is in my collection. I never forgot this incident.

I am book lover and my best friends are books due to this reason, I wrote book to guide every Oracle DBA for gaining more knowledge and helpful to clear technical job interview. A latest 5th edition of my Oracle DBA Interview Questions & Answers is published by My latest book is available at

My Poem in Gujarati

February 27, 2014

હું નડયો
જીંદગી માં બધાને  હું નડયો ,
હું હસ્યો ત્યારે પણ નડયો હું રડ્યો ત્યારે પણ નડયો
જીંદગી માં બધાને  હું નડયો ,
હું સુખી થયો ત્યારે નડ્યો હું દુઃખી થયો ત્યારે નડ્યો
જીંદગી માં બધાને  હું નડયો ,
જીંદગી માં આગળ નીકળ્યો તો નડયો બધાને
જીંદગી માં પાછળ રહી ગયો તો નડયો અમુકને ,
હું કાયર થયો તો નડયો દોસ્તોને
હું સબળ થયો તો નડયો દુશ્મનોને
જીંદગી માં બધાને  હું નડયો ,
નોકરીમાં સારું કામ કર્યું તો નડ્યો સાથીઓને
નોકરીમાં સારું કામ ના કર્યું તો નડ્યો શેઠને
વધારે કમાયો તો નડ્યો અદેખા સગા સંબધીને
ઓછુ કમાયો તો નડ્યો ઘરવાળાઓને
જીંદગી માં બધાને  હું નડયો ,
જન્મ્યો ત્યારે નડયો  જીવતા નડ્યો
બીક લાગે છે ‘ગિતેશ’ મરીશ ત્યારે પણ નડીશ આથી નથી લેવો બીજો જનમ
બધાયે કહ્યું કે તું નડ્યો પણ કોઈએ મને ના પૂછ્યું કે મને કોણ નડ્યું.

I am too Smart than Other

February 14, 2014

Big Mistake of thinking about There is no one smarter than me.

smart peopleDo you think this? Most of every people think about same. Thinking and though is not mistake but in real time it might be mistake. If any person thinks that he or she is smarter than other then it won’t be true. There are lots of smart people existing who have more knowledge and thinking is higher than yours. Don’t get over confidence about same. You should need to think accurate and gain more knowledge every day. This is truth of life. Off course, in some area or skill you have good knowledge than other but compare with higher not lower or same row.

Gaining more knowledge is one kind of art and skill. If you are hungry for gaining knowledge and skill then definitely you will achieve dream goals in your life. Without effort you won’t get success in any aspect. I have seen lots of candidates those tried to get job or do business but not getting success and they dropped idea. Why you don’t think differently? If you got un-success for getting Oracle DBA job then try for other job. If you don’t get success to does some business then change business ideas. There is no achievement gaining without efforts.

Always try to be smart not over-smart. If you think that you are only genius and smarter in the world then you are over-smart with over confidence. These two things will kill your success. There are lots of smarter and genius people existing in world. If you become over-smart then you cannot get more knowledge in life and resulting failure. I am telling this thing but history proves. When we were kid that time we studied history. Why we study history? History teaches lesion of failure and victory. Unfortunately we didn’t learn exact lesion from our history and now trying to search on web about how to get success in life.

If you think about there are lots of smart people existing who are smarter than me then you will learn more things from other people. This is best idea for learning more. For an example, your coworker doesn’t have good knowledge in compare with you. But while team leader is shouting on him that time he is listening silently without any argument. Where if your project manager is shouting on you that time you are becoming excite and arguing. You should need to learn from your coworker how to keep silent while your higher management becomes angry for your mistakes. Off course, in every scenario this thing is not possible.

Free Grabbing – People’s Poor Mentality

January 6, 2014

downlod freePeople have interest to grab anything as free of cost. As human being it is not bad habit. But when you would get same thing is affordable cost then why still people is having this mentality? This is biggest question.

If any software is available with affordable cost but people still search on web for getting free of cost. If any email facility available with some minimum cost then also people don’t bother to see what they are offering but they are picking up free email facility. If any software is available with affordable cost with update and support then also people is trying to search on web as free software even though they won’t get update and support of software. This “Free Grabbing” mentality finds extremely high in Asian countries including India.

People are looking for license product as free. They don’t want to spend some money for purchasing license product. Due to this reason, people download free software from fake sites or use fake license to crack this product. This is absolutely wrong attitude. You need to spend some money to buy license product for safety purpose because there is no guarantee of virus free in cracked software.

Due to this reason, file sharing and torrent sites are becoming more popular. I am not blaming personally to any country people but this mentality establishes in every people. This is absolutely wrong. Take an example, a website designer designs nice website template and selling with cost of $15 – $50. Designer also provides full support for your website development. Unfortunately when any person likes this website template then is starting to search on web for free download. This is wrong mentality. If you would get free of cost then you won’t get support and there is no guarantee of original template. It might be hacked version of template. Why you don’t buy it from original designer? You should need to appreciate him/her with buying template.

Same thing applies in books. Book writer writes book and spending lots of time for getting information, collecting data. When writer publishes book and people is trying to book free of cost. Put request to various forums to upload this book free download. This is absolutely wrong mentality. If any book writer or publisher will be claim copyright and sue to up loader then what would be happening? You should need to appreciate book writer with buying his or him book. Remove “Free Grabbing” mentality from your mind. Off course, there are so many things available at free of cost but not everything.

Today, I am writing this article because I have seen so many requests about my books for free grabbing in various forums which is easily available at for procuring. But unfortunately, our all efforts are becoming waste where people don’t want to change their mentality.

Facebook Page – Be Social

November 9, 2013

Hi friends,

facebook likeFacebook is wonderful social platform to get touch every moment of life. Facebook provides us accurate platform where we  can share our non-technical and technical content easily and spread across to community worldwide.

I am available at facebook with my students, friends, business, job, online friends, relatives. Recently our company created and published official facebook page at . Very first day we got good “likes”.

If you are working as Oracle DBA or want to enter in DBA field then you should need to check out company’s facebook page and provide your valuable “like” to page for getting touch every time. I am and our company’s authorized team member will be publishing Oracle DBA related technical notes, information, presentations, videos, jobs, tricks, techniques, tips, etc regularly at our above mentioned official Dbametrix’s facebook page. You can get update every day after making “like” of page.

I will be back. See you soon. Thanks.


Gitesh Trivedi