A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

February 21, 2018

All of us have many things to do. If we think of them as too small or unimportant to be taken up at once, they will accumulate. We will soon find that the work we ignored has grown into something that needs great effort to do. Of all people, children must remember this. They have a lot to study but no one asks them to study the whole lot together. Instead, they are given little bits to study. What happens when a child ignores them? They add up and become too big for the child to manage.

If at all he manages to do the whole lot, he spends a lot of time and energy on it. This time and energy would not have been necessary if he had tackled the little bits. This is true for children’s habit too. No habit is formed all of a sudden. If the seed of a bad habit is removed as soon as it falls, there will be no problem. But once the seed strikes root and puts forth branches it will be difficult to remove it. Adults should be careful in this. If their children show a bad habit or the beginning of one, parents must remove it on the spot. If out of consideration for the youngster’s nothing is done about it the habit will be difficult to remove. Let us always remember that A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.


उम्र का तजुर्बा ये मिला

February 8, 2018

उम्र का तजुर्बा ये मिला
दुश्मन बढ़ते गये और दोस्त खोते गये
कदम आगे बढ़ते गए और जिंदगी खोते गये
रिश्ते बढ़ते गये और दिल छोटे होते गये
अब ऐसे मुकाम पे आ गये
की पीछे देखते हे तो ख़ुशी भी हंस रही हे
अब आस नहीं हे किसी की
सिर्फ मरने के लिये ज़िंदगी खोते रहे
– गितेश त्रिवेदी

The Cinema and Its Uses

February 8, 2018

How High Tech Cinema and movie can help society and young generation to develop culture.

a1Today no media is more popular than cinema and television. Every show of cinema hall is seen crowded with men and women, young and old, poor and rich. Cinema has influenced the imagination of every class of people lower, middle, and upper-alike. Children are seen murmuring film songs on the streets, young men talking about film stars and college girls are seen with film magazines in their hands. The existence of a cinema hall in the city is considered as necessary as a hospital or school or park. The wide popularity of cinema is due to its manifold advantages. Besides being the most common and cheapest form of entertainment and recreation, cinema has its impact on education also. Its educational value cannot be denied. Cinema can rightly be called a good teacher as it is an effective medium of imparting education. Cinema influences the minds of children. Children’s minds are very sensitive and expression received by them will fix firmly in their minds. Children can be taught subjects like geography, history, botany, zoology, etc, through the medium of film. Children can accept adventure after seeing so many good adventurous movies.

Movies bring people to their dream place and visualized imagination world. People get entertainment from this fantasy and dream. If any nice and self-improving message will be sent using this technology then people immediately accept. Any kind of people can accept this message. New technology is being developed and if this kind of knowledge would be available using movie then more people can be easily gain new technical knowledge. There are lots of adventurous movies providing the same kind message in people mind. People are able to handle every situation in their life. Unfortunately, very few movies are available for providing such kind of great help in the world.

Cinema and documentary films serve as a powerful agency for developing public opinion and relation. They also bring the people of one part of the country in contact with people living in another part and in this way serve as a means of bringing out integration and unity in the country. It is a sad state of affairs that in the country today cinema which has so much educational value has reduced as a means of cheap recreation and raising sex sentiments. Profit-making has becomes the sole aim of cinema producers. What is needed is the organization of a purity campaign for cinema films, the aim of which should be the eradication of sex, violence, etc, from the films. Production of short films on school subjects should be encouraged. It would thus raise the moral and spiritual value of films which would then be a real friend of ours.

Author has a passion to write articles on different topics of a human issue as well as technical. He is attached to Oracle and Teradata Backups with Oracle and Teradata Tuning like topics too.

Distance Education becomes more popular than classroom education

February 5, 2018

a1Calculators and computer software made their mark in the 1980s and with them, a more advanced mixture of technology was born, distance education.  Distant education is interrelated of technology which can connect various schools, universities and other private and government facilities. It unites the learner and the teacher of the course through various computer technologies. It is a two-way communication in which anyone, teacher or learner, can initiate the dialogue and is very much interactive.

With such a fast-paced life in this competitive era where technology is very important in each and every activity of human life, distance education is also not an exception. People are widely accepting this system of learning and getting degrees. Such programs are specially crafted to meet the requirements which arise when you are studying out of the class. Nowadays distant education is done majority through the internet. Previously CD and DVD ROMs were used for the purpose of learning.

Major advantages of distant education:

  • Easy to initiate
  • You can maintain the balance with work while studying and getting an additional degree while working
  • Timing of the class can be flexible and according to the wish of the learner
  • Also, you can access in a remote place or wherever you travel and you will not miss your class
  • You can learn from an expert from any corner of the world when such an expert is not available at your local place
  • It is also quicker and cost-effective

Distant education is available for diplomas, bachelors, masters and even for the doctorate in any of the science, commerce or art field. Majority of the universities are providing distance learning course and much more are planning to start the facility. Distance education is becoming more popular day by day and is getting acceptance from the learners.

How Is Oracle Online Training Different From Oracle Classroom Training?

February 1, 2018

Online Oracle Training diverges than Oracle classroom training

classroom-training-vs-online-trainingWith the value of Oracle still swelling and recruitment, there is a significant increase in the amount of training offered by the classroom online and traditional. Today, one of the most widely used approaches for learning Oracle is using online resources. Be more precise, using the terminology “virtual classes” mentioned.

The organizers provide critical guidance and advice to students via the web. This revision of the famous observation is of “telelearning, where the foundation is transmitted from the communication link. This form of online training uses a common voice and messengers remote software desktop sharing, such as tools third, etc. All this is very unlikely that the traditional classroom training for Oracle, the student and the instructor will meet on the field, and the learning process is carried out on PC, face-to-face. Yet with online learning is all useless. Well, all sleet the technology!

The long list of merits with respect to online training from Oracle, probably the place is a purification of the travel and whines. You can literally learn from “anywhere” (provided Internet connection is working!) This means that the huge time-saving in real terms. This is particularly useful for those who are truly concerned about the full-time employment or training. Finally, the student is to communicate with other students around the world, opposing the traditional classes. This will help in learning more productive and constructive. Adding more students are using their own computer and be able to communicate directly with expert advice. Online students are privileged by access many lying on the Oracle server (usually 12 hours). The availability of downloadable study notes, guides, manuals and other materials is another feature of the Oracle online training differs from other species like the usual classroom.

The few prominent differences: In the online course a student is trained in both, while in the class a total of two students on a single computer part. Students are supported to learn the proper atmosphere free from any hustle and disruptions to organize. However, it is the responsibility of the organizers for organizing the study site likely to settle – with the outfit’s key methodological and technical. The head of the training can be more if the student is at a great distance, such as an unequal continent.

This enchanting line is training agreement with the prearranged supply. Back to the top of the list is a computer fully functional and fast? Internet connection (broadband is recommended). It cans also fundamental Voice Messenger and related equipment such as helmets, etc. If you are a student, you have all the essential administrative privileges to the appropriate software and download plug-ins. In addition, a suitable web browser installed. The organization lists all basic needs. You get the guidelines, such as security, messengers, and cookies, etc.

Kendba.com is offering online training and classroom training for Oracle DBA couses.

How to create the perfect cover letter

February 1, 2018

Is the process of searching and applying for jobs? If so, you may be ready to send out your resume. Before you send your CV or resume, you will want to closely look at the letter with your resume, for starting with even a cover letter.

If you are not currently using the letter, you will want to refrain from sending a CV, at least right away. Many companies expect a cover letter attached to all resumes. In fact, many of which require them, especially with the mail in applications or resumes. If you’re not sure how you go about creating the perfect CV or at least one that can benefit you, you will want to continue reading.

As for creating the perfect cover letter, there are several important factors to consider. One of these factors is the job you’re applying for and wishes of the company. It is common for some employers to list what they want to join letters. If you are given a sample or directions, it is advisable to follow them. Failure to comply may result in your resume and your cover letter ending “does not require” pile.

As mentioned earlier, companies may have their own preferences about what they would like letters contain. That’s because no two companies are really the same. It is therefore recommended not to use the same cover letter for each resume you send. Instead, you want to create and distribute different cover letters for each employer that you have. You can have a sample letter or template to use, but it is recommended to take the time to personalize each letter in one way or another.

Speaking of personalization, cover letter, you will want to personalize each letter you send to the job you’re applying for and the companies in which you are sending your resume. For example, if you are applying for the position of clerk, you will want to clearly state that position. This will automatically set you apart from much of the competition. Customize each cover letters that work, that you try a great way to attract attention, as did a few extra steps are not required.

Another one of the many ways that you can create the perfect cover letter for yourself is to be short and on topic. With this in mind, I will not be too short. The cover letter should be at least three points and you should try and keep all the letters on one page long. It is recommended not to use colored fonts, and black ink should be doing. It is also recommended that you do not use colored paper to the CV cover letter. Some job seekers mistakenly believe that this falls into the eye for scheduling these interviews. Yeah, maybe, but not always is in a way that we hoped for.

As for what should be included in the cover letter, it is recommended to replace some of their skills and qualifications. It is also important to keep this part of your cover letter short and on topic. Your resume will be further details, but it is still advised that quickly outlines the qualifications and skills you have. The focus should be on those that relate directly to the job that you are applying. For example, if you are applying for the position of clerk, you will want to summarize your knowledge of computer software, writing, transcription skills, and so on.

These points are all points that you will want to take into consideration when making a cover letter for yourself. Honestly, every letter is better than no letter at all, but the letters include relatively easy creating, why taking the chance.

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7 Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

January 30, 2018

Coming to the point in your business where you can start to think about quitting your full or part-time job is a fascinating time! Don’t let the excitement cloud your judgment. Start by thinking carefully about this next sizable step. Here are 7 things you’ll require to think about when quitting your job becomes a possibility:

  1. Money – You knew this one would be in here, right? It’s so important that you take the time to figure out exactly how much money you will need to work from home full time. There’s been plenty of an entrepreneur who’s skipped this step and succeeded but you don’t need to take that chance. Plan ahead to make definite you will make money to support yourself and your business.
  2. Set a Schedule – Before you get into the day to day of jogging your home business set up a schedule of work hours that you and your relatives can respect and live with. Make out the agenda, have it protected and post on your fridge or other prominent places so everyone knows when you will be occupied with business. Relatives and friends appear to have a hard time with the fact that you are actually working and can’t cease anytime you feel like it for phone calls, outings, etc, so setting them straight from the beginning will help you get your work done effectively.
  3. Time – now this one is obvious but you need time to run your business. Some mothers get an idea in their head that they will be able to work around their kids (at naptime, after bed, etc) and still generate a prospering business. This is not a realistic way to think. In case you have young kids, plan to have a child care provider take care of them while you focus on your business – you’ll get more work done and be much less stressed this way.
  4. Leave that Door Open – When you let your work know that you’re leaving, do it properly. Make definite you give the appropriate amount of time to discover a replacement and leave on a good note whenever feasible. You never know when you might need your job back or a good reference so always leave that door open.
  5. Money Saved – It’s always a good suggestion to have money in the bank but when you are quitting a job this becomes more important than ever. Tuck away two or seven months worth of pay and you can be definite you’ll leave work with some peace of mind.
  6. Taxes – As a tiny business owner you will be responsible for paying your own personal taxes at the finish of the year. The best way to prepare for this is to put 25-30% of your income into a separate account for when the taxman comes knocking.
  7. Time to enjoy – Where’s the fun in working from home in case you don’t take time to enjoy what you have created for yourself? Make definite that you don’t book yourself so solid that you have no time for anything but work. Working from home is about working smarter, not harder!

As you know there are loads of things to think about on our journey toward working from home. The list above ought to give you some things to start thinking about. Whatever you do, make definite to set yourself up so you have the best feasible start to working from home and you’ll be so glad you did. Best of luck on your new work at home journey!

Google’s War Against Spam Goes Way Beyond Panda

January 30, 2018

The war is long and there are many casualties, but it must be fought

Think of it as collateral damage, those of you who feel you were undeservedly punished. As indicated, Panda is just another in a long line of updates designed to clean the trash out of Google’s search index, and thanks to an awesome infographic from SEO.com, Panda update victims can track the history of the war, one that started in earnest in 2003, which is around the same time Google’s hold over the search engine industry was entering the “iron-clad” stage.

Perhaps the perspective will give them some solace, as well the willingness to be prepared for future Google purges. The infographic in question. It’s a large file–almost 3000 pixels tall even with the size reduction–so be sure to click it for the full version:

Google’s search index, left unattended, would be a wasteland of spam sites, content farms, and prescription drug outlets.

Furthermore, if your site was one of the unintended victims, reports are, if the necessary corrections/alterations are made, Google will open the doors of its index and allow your site back in.

Some interesting tidbits from the infographic, at least from this perspective:

Google makes 400 updates to its algorithm each year, so even if there isn’t a widely-publicized released update with a catchy name, Google is constantly tailoring.

There were over three years between the “Big Daddy” update (2006) and “Caffeine” (2009). Before that, there were many major updates on a yearly basis. 2003 saw four separate ones, while there were two each in 2004, 5, and 6.

Do the extended wait between Big Daddy and Caffeine mean Google was actually satisfied with the quality of their index, save for the minor algorithm tweaks? Whatever the case, this graphic does a great job of informing webmasters about Google’s index-purging ways. It should also be a warning against complacency when it comes to website quality control.

Avoiding malware in android mobile apps

January 27, 2018

There has been a significant increase in the emergence of demands for the smartphones as well as tablets in the international market. This shows the importance that users are giving to the gadgets in their everyday lives. It’s an era in which users can get the information regarding anything with just the click of a button. The fact is that as the demand for the gadgets that includes smartphones as well as tablets increases, the possibility of malware threats are also on the rise.

One of the main targets is the ever-growing Android mobile apps which have revolutionalized the integration of the operating system of the emerging smartphone platform with that of an open ecosystem that enhance the users with the ability in purchasing apps from diverse repositories The malware threat is posing a great challenge even for tech majors like Apple who have developed a walled garden in order to avoid the malware threat but the analysts have pointed out that Apple App store still has its weaknesses which makes it still vulnerable to malware.

Some of the precautions that the users can take in order to avoid Malware in the Android Mobile Apps include;
• Awareness.
• Doing Homework.
• Checking of the sources.
• Watching the permissions.
• Using Anti-Malware.


As of now, Malware has less significance in the mobile apps that currently exist in the international market since Malware is increasingly getting affected by the personal computers especially the computers that are Windows based. The only precaution the user has to take from their side is that be aware that Malware exists and it can affect your mobile apps too at some point in time. The possibility of malware in mobile apps cannot be unseen taking into consideration the huge demand as well as usage of Android mobile apps in the smartphones as well as tablets.

Doing Homework:

Before the downloading of an app, please try to get some sort of basic information regarding what the user is about to establish. Expert opinions from friends or relatives as well as from social networking sites are always appreciated. It is mainly true as far as the proverb “Look before you Leap” is concerned.

Checking the sources:
Checking the sources is considered to be one of the most important steps that the users have to take notice while downloading an app. For Apple-based iOS, JailBreaking has to be done if the user wishes to introduce a third party app. But comparatively the fact is that Android is an open source mobile apps development platform that has the capability to accept any sort of third-party apps. Some of the safest source as far as the mobile apps development platform is concerned includes the presence of;

• Google Android Market.
• Amazon App Store.

Please make sure that the users deselect the unknown sources option that is present in the Android mobile apps settings.

Watching the permissions:
Users should understand the fact that most of the existing mobile apps request the mobile operating system for access to the core functions as well as services of the device. The users will have to read and understand the conditions before blindly accepting them.

Using Anti-Malware:
This is one of the best options that the users can opt for, McAfee being the most sought after anti-malware software. The fact is that anti-malware software like McAfee provide the users with satisfaction by detecting and identifying any sort of threats in your Android mobile apps.

Advantages of Web Directory Submission

January 26, 2018

Web directory submission is one of the key methods of search engine optimization.  Submission of a website to a popular web directory certainly bears great results in the form of link popularity and page rank.  Web directory submission is often a neglected area when it comes to search engine optimization techniques.  SEO methods like forum posting, article submission, blog commenting and the like are employed by the affiliate marketers these days to perfection.  On the other hand, many affiliate marketers fail to recognize the importance and the significance of web directory submission.

It is important to know that web directory submission has got its own advantages.  You should never underestimate the efficacy of submission to web directories.  Most web directories are highly ranked in the search pages of the popular search engines.  Hence if you submit your website to a popular web directory, then the chances of your website receiving high page rank is high too.

Although there are many web directories available on the Internet for you to choose from, pick the directory that enjoys high page rank in the search results of the popular search engines. There are two major types of web directories.  They are free web directories and paid web directories.  Both of them have got their own individual uses and advantages.  Submission of websites to paid web directories has specific advantages when compared to submission of websites to free web directories.

Go for a web directory that does manual submission of links so that your website improves its link popularity in the course of time. Manual submission is a vital factor when it comes to page rank.  Many search engines including Google support manual submission of links than submission through software.  Most popular web directories take the effort of improving the page rank of your website by individually submitting each of your links manually in such a way that link building is done with perfection.   Your website will receive the enormous number of visitors over a period of time by virtue of backlinks triggered from other sites.

It can be categorically said that there is no search optimization method like web directory submission when it comes to link building.  This is the opinion of experts of search engine optimization.  Therefore web directory submission should not be neglected since it contributes a lot to link popularity.  Another advantage of submission to web directories is that most directories have different categories to choose from.  You can choose the right category for your website to optimize the results.