Why remote DBA support is a better choice for you?

March 7, 2019

Why remote DBA support is a better choice for you?

In this era of big data, information is the most crucial and important amongst everything that you’ve got. But, cluttered unorganized data is as much a nightmare as sweet indulgence it is after proper categorization and management.

With the help of remote database support, you can easily perform tasks such as backup & recovery, performance tuning along with many other services too. And as compared to hiring a full-time resource, you will comparatively find it feasible and cheaper as well.

Some of the reasons that indicate you are better with remote DBA support instead are listed below:

  1. You can’t get your Database administrator to stay even while offering all the perks. This is a highly technical job position and one has to be on call all the time since slight inconsistency in the servers can cause huge loss to the company. Unexpected working hours are the main reason people leave behind this job.
  2. There are a lot of things to be done when it comes to database management and a single person or even a team can only do so much. Sometimes, the work is just too much and you can’t outsource it all and your DBA is unable to handle it as well. In that case, you can transfer some of the work to a remote DBA firm.
  3. Hiring a DBA that’s expert in all things requisite is a nightmare in terms of budget as well as availability. Unlike you, remote DBA firms have highly skilled and experienced professionals working on several clients with problems even worse than yours. You can get them to manage everything on your server.
  4. Many of the companies today often have a working database but are unable to get someone to manage it precisely due to some of the reasons listed above. Being central to the operations and virtually everything, your database needs to be smooth running and that can be arranged with the help of these remote firms who provide DBA support.
  5. In between Oracle, MySQL, and others, there are several kinds of database and although they all consist of same stuff which inter-translates well, wouldn’t it be better to have expertise specific to each instead of the same team and/or person for all. Remote DBA firms hire teams specifically skilled and experience in separate databases.

The list can go on endless but you get the main concept. Instead of trying to manage everything, you can outsource your needs and successfully run the business while focusing on the key requirements. While hiring a remote DBA firm that suits your needs and fits your criteria can often take time, it’s better than getting stuck with someone who not only wastes your time and efforts but also puts your company at risk. There are lots of hidden benefits for hiring remote dba experts services.


Preservation of Health

March 4, 2019

We are all familiar with the saying “Health is wealth”, but how many of us take the trouble of trying to understand the true import of this? Health is, indeed, the greatest blessing that a man can enjoy on earth. It stands on a higher level than wealth. What is wealth to one who is always ill? Disease and illness give him no comfort and peace of mind. He does not possess the capacity of enjoying wealth, and to him, it is no better than a curse. To possess wealth but to be unfit to enjoy it, is certainly a curse. Such a man would gladly give away his wealth and prefer to be a beggar if by that he could enjoy good health. The first essential condition of living for every man, whether rich or poor, is health. With this, all other things may follow, but without it, life becomes a burden and one finds no energy for anything.

Health, therefore, is at the root of prosperity and success. A man may be intelligent; he may be endowed with uncommon powers and may have exceptional genius. But all these are useless unless he has good health. People with high ambitions and aspirations will see all their hopes destroyed if they are not fortunate to have good health. For, how can a person exercise his powers towards the realization of the hopes if he is constantly in ill health? All people in this world are required, more or less, to work. If this is nature’s plan, it should be the duty of all to see that this law is not violated to render this possible. It is necessary that we should possess sound health, so that we may have the power to work. If one enjoys good health, it is certain that one will be generally cheerful and also enjoy a sound mind. A sound mind is no less important than a sound body. It is the combination of these two that makes a man happy and cheerful and confers upon him the energy required for work.

We have seen the several benefits that health gives to man. Let us now consider the evils which result from its want. The evils of bad health are many. In the first place, bad health makes man easily liable to all sorts of disease. The disease takes away from man all his vitality and energy and he becomes a physical wreck. He becomes incapable of work and so unable to earn his livelihood. Such a man, therefore, is always miserable and knows not what happiness is. A wealthy man not of good health is equally miserable. He may have good dishes for his food, but he has not the power to digest. He may lie on the most costly bed, but he gets no sleep. Of what use, then, is a wealth if the pleasures which wealth brings cannot be enjoyed? A rich Frenchman, who would not sleep at night because of ill health, complained bitterly that sleep could not be purchased in the market. Such is the stake of all men who do not possess sound health. As there is a close connection between the mind and the body, a diseased body is always attended with an unhealthy mind. A man who is in the clutches of a disease can never have a cheerful mind. He is ever melancholy and morose. Comfort and peace of mind are unknown to him. These are the harmful consequences which ill health brings with it.

As a rule, men are born healthy and if they carefully observe certain laws of health, they have every chance of keeping themselves in sound health. The laws are very simple to follow if only one has the mind to do so. Regularity, exercise, temperance, and the avoidance of over-exertion are the four principal rules for preserving our health. The human body is so made that it can only be kept in proper condition by labor or exercise. Physical labor, which is the same as exercise, is thus the best means of keeping the body in a sound condition. Those people, whose duties consist only in mental labor, should make it a point to take regular exercise.

The next important thing is regularity in eating, drinking and sleeping. A departure from this upsets the functions of the organs. Disease and disorder creep in. temperance or moderation in eating, drinking, and sleeping is another important point to be remembered. Once who eats or drinks more than one’s constitution can bear, or who sleeps excessively, is sure to fall a prey to disease. Further, different men have different constitutions and all cannot bear the same amount of strain. We should, therefore, put only that amount of strain upon our bodies as can be easily borne. We should also allow our bodies to have rest after work. All work and no rest wear out the constitution and causes health to break down. Besides these main laws of health, there are others which should also be carefully followed. Our bodies must be kept clean; the quality of our food should be good and we should never take our meals hurriedly. Neither should we sleep late nor rise late. The old but useful maxim

“Early to bed and early to rise,

Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

Should always be in our mind.

Good health is so essential for the very existence of man, we should, on no account, be indifferent to this important thing. Our youth is the best time when to lay the foundation of good health and we must be careful not to allow this period to pass away without improving it. Once the basis of good health is laid, we shall acquire the habit of preserving it and shall be fortunate to enjoy peace of mind throughout life. Out of India, everyone is health conscious but in India, we need to improve our thinking about health and avoid such harmful conditions.

The Importance of Sports in Life

February 1, 2019

The Importance of Sports

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”

self confidenceThis proverb throws light on the importance of sports in life. The words “sport” may be roughly defined as anything that diverts a man from the monotony of his routine life. But the word “sport” is technically used only for those activities which man undertakes either for delight or for athletic purposes. There may be outdoor games as well as the indoor games. Cricket, football, hockey, and handball are the example of outdoor games, while chess and table tennis are called indoor games. There are some games that require individual participation, while in other sports the participation of the whole team is required. In shooting, archery, long jump, running and swimming the individual participation is required, whereas in cricket, kho-kho, hockey, and football the teamwork is required.

Sport is sometimes wrongly considered as a waste of time. Some people argue that sports deviate the students’ attention from the study. But they forget the fact that sport is also a part of education. Sport is necessary as a preparation for life. It prepares the man to face the struggle of existence that awaits him. He must have a strong body in order to become successful in his struggle for existence.

The basic purpose of sports is to make the person physically fit. The Greeks were the first who laid the great emphasis on the development of bodies. Many games such as weight-lifting, wrestling, archery etc were popularized by the Greeks. The Olympic games were first started by the Greeks. The marathon race is also associated with the Greeks.

The advantages of sports are many. They keep the person physically fit and sound. They keep the person healthy and away from the diseases. A sound mind dwells only in a sound body. The physically weak persons are often dependent on others and they lose much in their life. The Sanskrit saying says “Sharir Khalu Dharmasadhanam” it means that the body is a means to achieve salvation. Sports play an important part in the character-building of an athlete. When you participate in any sport, you have to follow a set of rules. This provides you a code of conduct that later on develops into a steadiness of character. Sports bring out the inherent qualities of a person. Sports help to develop qualities such as team-spirit, co-operation, and the readiness to take a quick decision in sportsmen. Another important benefit is the spirit of sportsmanship that is developed in the athletes. Sport teaches us to accept out defeats with good grace and open heart and not to have any ill-will against our opponents. It makes life pleasant not only for our own self but also for the persons whom we are to deal. If this sportsmanship is taken in the right spirit, it will teach us a great lesson in life.

Sports remove the monotony of our daily life. They give pleasure not only to the sportsmen but also to the onlookers. In modern times, the sport is often considered as a career-oriented activity. There are many opportunities for sportsmen in various jobs. The due weight is given to the sportspersons in army and police. The top-level sportsmen get handsome gains when they participate in the international competitions. The players are honored and respected the world-wide.

Sport is, no doubt, advantageous to us, but it has its limitations. Interest in sports is a good thing, but when it turns into a mania, it harms us. Many young students often neglect their study for the sake of sports only. During the cricket-series, cricket-maniacs forget their all work and sit idly to the television set for hours. No doubt, the potentially rich sportsmen must be encouraged. But for the other people, their main activity should not suffer merely for the sake of sport.

Our performance in sports at the international level has not been satisfactory. Of course, we have shown good performance in cricket, we have yet to show better performance in other games. The proper attention must be given to sports during school education. The students having potentialities in sports should be searched from the school level. They should be encouraged and trained in their respective games by expert coaches.


Thoughts – सोच

January 30, 2019


ये दुनिया बहुत ही स्वार्थी है
इधर आप की सोच की कोई कीमत नहीं है
आप को वोही सोचना है जो दुनिया की सोच है
जय हिंद

Politics or Citizenship learning in School

January 30, 2019

Politics or Citizenship learning in School

an ideal studentThe aim of education is to create responsible citizens. Hence, we give much importance to citizenship training. The education should enable them to develop desirable qualities like kindness, truthfulness, responsibility, obedience, discipline etc. as a responsible citizen, he should be aware of his rights and duties. Above all, he should uphold the values of the country such as democracy, equality etc.

Citizenship training does not mean involvement in politics. Of course, politics has a major role in democracy. The students should know about the constitution, how do we elect our representatives and how they make laws. They learn all these facts in schools. If these ideas taught are not enough, more topics on civics, law, and constitution may be included. On the contrary, there is no meaning in students’ engaging in politics. In the earlier stage, if they indulge in politics they will be misguided. They learn nothing from political parties in the present context. They do involve in violence and work for their political masters as blind followers. They are not given the opportunity to think what is right and what is wrong. They are not mature enough to choose a party. On the other hand, they follow the political lines of their parents, teachers and sometimes they are misguided by anti-social elements. In schools, we are giving lessons on family life and their responsibilities in life. But we do not allow them to engage in married life to learn about family. Hence, the arguments are that they should be allowed to work in politics to learn about democracy in baseless.

Students must get proper training to become a good citizen in a democratic country. For this, they should have enough knowledge of the constitution and the functioning of our government. They should be aware of their fundamental rights and responsibilities of a good citizen. More emphasis should be given for the values like democracy, scientific thinking, equality, independence and integrity of the country, security of the country. Students should be given an opportunity to choose their own politics when they become mature. Hence, elders should not try to impose politics on children. They should be allowed to learn more, think more and to choose their own way.

Of course, this is my thinking and you have some different. You can share your thoughts to me and if found any correction then let me inform.


Common Questions in HR interviews

January 29, 2019

Here I am providing you some of the common questions and answers of HR interview. For more detail you can check my official blog at Gitesh Trivedi blog.

Que: Tell us something about yourself?
Ans.: Be step by step whereas responsive this question. Jump with your Name the candidate should cowl his skilled expertise. Keep in mind you speak that has relevance to the required profile. You want to provide a temporary plan regarding your educational qualification, achievements together with the career goals.

Remember that before telling something regarding your interests and traits, you have got already mentioned and gained the data regarding the obtainable position.

Que: What are your weaknesses and strengths?
Ans.: This is the largely asked question throughout interviews. Be terribly positive whereas respondent these queries and provides a sensible answer. Attempt to render a positive account each the queries.
While talking regarding your strengths describe regarding your skills and talents that are the foremost appropriate to the vacant position. like “I don’t simply follow the deadlines however attempt to end the given task well before the given deadlines.”

When there’s the communicate say regarding your weakness you’ve got to be a touch diplomatic. Show the positive facet of your weakness like “I praise my team when each winning action, then again I feel that I will improve them to try and do higher.”

Que: Why should we hire you?
Ans.: One of the foremost typical queries that are asked throughout the interview. Here you’ll be able to offer some examples within the sort of your experience and past achievements. To answer this question in best means, you must have done the preparation and compare your skills with the need of the vacant position. the most effective answer to this question is often “because you have got the chance and that I have the competency to accomplish that chance.”

Que: Tell Me the difference between hard work & smart work?
Ans: Hard work suggests that you may provide physical & mental stress to yourself for completion of labor on alternative hands sensible work suggests that you simply to use your information especially direction to complete your task.

Que: Are you willing to relocate?
Ans: If you wish a job in this company your answer is affirmative, I’m able to relocate or travel.

Que: Describe your ideal company, location & job?
Ans: Don’t be Foolish to grant the solution like that my ideal company is INFOSYS location Bombay and Job coder. This Ans are making a dangerous impression to an hour. The preferred Ans ought to be:-
Ideal company means: – wherever client satisfies for employee’s project. Wherever manager satisfies for employee’s performance.
Ideal location means: – wherever I’ll get new Skills, Knowledge, and act with totally different individuals.
Ideal Job means: – wherever I’ll suppose my theoretical information supported that I’ll get sensible information

Que: Tell about your outstanding experience of your career?
Ans: I was in past company and providing DBA support throughout the night. At that, I used to be alone Oracle DBA in duty with some IT operation guys. At 2:45 AM, I used to be watching all info and same time I found one thing wrong with our one in every of the production database. info crashed and that we got physical corruption during a file that size was around eighty GB. Instantly I attempted to decision my superiors however no one picked my phone. that point I made a decision to revive file from the last backup and commenced recovery method. Before this method, I ended my all standby info of the production database. Recovery method took around four hours for extracting a file from backup, copying, applying archive logs. However, finally, production info was up. Early within the morning, I got a decision from my superiors and that they aghast to listen to concerning this state of affairs. Next day I got appreciation however those half dozen hours were extremely alarming on behalf of me.

Que: Do you have any question for me?
Ans I might wish to grasp the talent you found missing to ME. so I might improve myself to suit for the corporate clearly if I’m selected. If I’m not selected these days, your opinion is going to be serving ME to the future interviews many thanks…

Make to Easy any Tough HR interview

January 29, 2019

Make to Easy any Tough HR interview

Interview questions usually around the base of what he wrote in his biography circulates, and the interviewer asks many questions about their qualifications, experience and academic until I feel much more satisfied with their performance and confidence you can customize your request. Finally, an opportunity, questions or concerns you should ask in an interview. But this is a very important issue that should be much higher.

A reasonable question:

The first basic awareness of the problem in context, would you have enough information to give a clear image or to work or not. While, for example, to remember and gather information about the final “no” when the caller to ask questions? The clock is completely wrong. Also, ask the interviewer asks a good idea, no doubt, increase the employer that you are more interested in the program. However, ask any questions you might ask well-informed if answered, but during the interview. It does not irritate the employer to ask stupid questions.


In addition to his interview questions and answers give you the opportunity to how to analyze. Moreover, in order to identify, formulate the question: Instead of asking, “What role should be to increase the company,” “What man is set to the role of business plans,” because the questions that give you confidence and a good impression of you.

Prepare for questions:

You have to ask a few questions for the interviewer. But think about it, these questions can help employers make a good impression of you. Moreover, it is also an essential market research company, the company develops in the future, and the current level, so if it really helps and gives a good picture of who has studied the company. Avoid stupid questions and clarify questions if you are brave, confident.

Sometimes, some of the questions the interviewers are not looking for the most useful reactions and hopeless, but I really think that the problems are very useful candidates for the character and behavior or apparent danger. These applications are often asked to interview a candidate for the views and thoughts to read.

The Bear and the Friends

January 29, 2019

The Bear and the Friends

Today I am going to tell you the solid moral story of Panchtantra. In our real life these all stories are still true.

Once, two friends set out on a long journey. On their journey, they had to pass through a forest. It was dense jungle inhabited by many wild animals. One friend said to the other,”My dear friend, do not be afraid of the beasts. So long as I am with you, no beast can harm you.” The other friend replied, “Well, your friendship will be tested if and when an opportunity comes.”

After sometimes, they saw a bear coming towards them. On seeing the bear they were frightened. But the friend who promised help and protection to the other, at once climbed up a tree. He cared only for his own safety and paid no attention to his friend. His friend was surprised at the behavior of this friend who had made only false promises. He lay down on the earth and pretended to be a dead man. The bear came up to him, smelt him, licked his feet, took him for a dead body and left. Seeing the bear out of sight the selfish friend came down from the tree and asked the other friend, “What did the bear whisper in your ears?” replied the friend, “Well, do not trust a false and selfish friend.”

In this 21st century, people become more selfish. Everyone is interested in himself/ herself only. Friendship should be out of cunningness, selfish and ego. If you have a selfish friend then you would get in trouble anytime anywhere. Avoid this kind of friend. Choose good friends.

No Gains without Pains

January 29, 2019

No Gains without Pains

panchtantraOur every Panchtantra stories are really excellent and provide some moral message to us but unfortunately, we heard like story or fairytale only. We do not bother about those messages.

Once there loved an old farmer. He was a hardworking man. But his sons were idle and useless. The farmer was anxious about his sons. When he was lying in his bed he thought of teaching his sons a good lesson to make them industrious and hard-working. So he called them near his bed and told them that in one part of his property there was a hidden treasure. These were the last words of the farmer to his sons.

Soon after the death of the farmer, the sons took spades and dug all the fields. But no treasure was found. This made them learn a lesson, “No gains without pains”. This encouraged them to sow the fields with different kinds of seeds. Thereafter they lived happily from what they got from their fields by their hard work.

Moral of the story is work hard and do not become lazy. If you work hard then you would definitely get some result. If you are lazy and do not work anything then you would not get any kind of result. In this highly competitive world, you just need to work hard in your service or business otherwise you will not get anything. Without hard work nobody gets anything. In this new generation, you need to do hard work as well as smart work too. Because even donkey can do hard work, then what about us?. Use your brain, apply your brain and do hard work then you would get success.

My life my style

January 25, 2019

जवानी के जोश में लोग अक्सर होश खो देते है
जवानी में बहुत कुछ करने की तमन्ना होती है. हर तमन्ना पे उम्मीद होती है.
जैसे जैसे समय बीतता है. और सच्चाई सामने आती है तो वो जोश ठंडा पड़ने लगता है
सारी उम्मीद धीरे धीरे खत्म होती है और उसी के साथ तमन्ना भी दम तोड़ देती है.
मेरे साथ भी कुछ ऐसा ही हुआ. जवानी के जोश में बहुत सपने सजाये थे. लेकिन उन सपने पुरे करने के लिए सारी महेनत बेकार हो गयी
में अक्सर अपने आप को अकेला महसूस करता था उस वक़्त।

“शाम ढले गगन तले
हम कितने एकांकी”

हाँ. लेकिन मेने कभी हिम्मत नहीं हारी। एक के बाद एक लड़ाई लड़ता गया और कभी हारता तो फिर खड़ा होके वापस लड़ाई लड़ता।
मेने कभी उम्मीद नहीं छोड़ी। एक के बाद एक सपने बिखरते गये, टूटते गये फिर भी में खड़ा रहा आरज़ू की कश्ती पे सवार होके।

कभी किसी का साथ मिला तो कभी किसी ने साथ छोड़ दिया। जब से होश संभाला तब से मेरे पिताजी, माँ, भाई सब एक एक करके साथ
छोड़ गये. लेकिन में डटा रहा ज़िंदगी की बाकि लड़ाई लड़ने के लिये। जो दोस्त थे वो भी स्वार्थी निकले हरेक जगह पे धोखा दिया फिर भी
मेने आस नहीं छोड़ी। कोई तो मिलेगा जो मुज़को समझेगा और मेरा साथ देगा इस उम्मीद में. आखिर उम्मीद पे ही ज़िंदगी कायम है.

ज़िंदगी की राहो में
रंजो ग़म के मेले हे
भीर हे क़यामत की
फिर भी हम अकेले हे

आखिर में सभी उम्मीद टूट गयी तो मेने नयी उम्मीद बनाने की कोशिश की. क्यों की में जानता हूँ की उम्मीद पे ही दुनिया है. जहां अपने ही
बेगाने निकले तो विश्वास भी किसपे करे. हर रिश्ता स्वार्थी निकला। सब को अपनी ही चिंता है और सब मुज़से ही उम्मीद लगा के बैठे है तो
में किससे उम्मीद करू? सब को अपनी ही फिकर है और अपने खुद के सपने हे. मेरे सपने और मेरी उम्मीद का कोई मूल्य नहीं है. मेरे
एक साहेब बहुत सही कह रहे थे “Who is interested in you? NOBODY is interested in you.” शायद वो सही थे.

दुनिया में तुम्हारे सपने, स्वार्थ, उम्मीद, आस में किसी को कोई दिलचश्पी नहीं है. सब अपना ही देखते है. इस स्वार्थी दुनिया में मतलबी लोग
अपने सपने में ही जीते है और हमारा सिर्फ इस्तेमाल करना जानते है. एक बार इस्तिमाल हो गया तो तुम बेकार हो उसके लिये। माँ बाप को छोड़ कर
दुनिया के हर रिश्ते सिर्फ मतलब के होते है. मेने तो कभी कभी माँ बाप का रिश्ता भी मतलब का देखा है. तुम किसी पे आस नहीं रख सकते सब
तुमसे आस रख सकते है. अगर तुम उनकी उम्मीद के बराबर नहीं निकले तो तुम स्वार्थी हो, नालायक हो. यही हालत मेरी भी हो गयी. इधर कोई आप को नहीं समझेगा आप सब को समझो। इधर कोई आप को नहीं पूछेगा आप उनको पूछो। कोई आप की भावना से साथ खेल सकता है कभी भी लेकिन अगर आप ने कोशिश की तो आप नालायक हो.

आभासी दुनिया के मतलबी लोग है इधर सब फ्री है सोशल मीडिया में. हकीकत की ज़िंदगी में किसी के पास आप के लिये समय नहीं।

“इक ऋतू आये इक ऋतू जाये
मौसम बदले ना बदले नसीब”

ज़िंदगी में बहुत ठोकर खाई, संभला में खुद ही. कोई नहीं आया मदद में. आज मेरी आखरी आस भी टूट गई तब जाके मेने ये पोस्ट
लिखना जरुरी समझा। इतनी चोट खाई की हिसाब रखना ही भूल गय, लेकिन लोगो ने हिसाब रखा. हर साथी छूट गया जो बचे हे उन्हों ने भी
सिर्फ अपना स्वार्थ ही देखा।

“ज़िंदगी एक फ़साना ऐ ग़म हे
मेरा तो इससे नाक में दम हे
तेरे कहने पे जी रहा हूँ ऐ खुदा
तुज़पे ये अहसान मेरा क्या कम हे”

बस अब ज़िंदगी के वो मुकाम पे हूँ जहां लोग आखरी सफर की राह देखते है. अब देखना ये है की वो राह भी कितनी देखनी है.

आज फिर से थोड़ा दिल भर आया तो भड़ास नीकाल दी और एक पोस्ट मेरे खुद पे भी डाल दी । चलो कल से वापस आप के लिये पोस्ट शुरु कर दूंगा।

जय हिंद
भारत माता की जय