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How to Become a DBA?

February 21, 2022

DBA is a term that is mostly used in the IT industry. This is because database administrators are responsible for managing the data and they are the ones who are always in contact with the database. They are the ones who have to manage the servers and other related systems as well.

The DBA role is the most important one in the IT industry. So, if you want to become a DBA then you must know what the DBA role entails. If you want to know more about the DBA role then you must read this post.

The DBA role is very different from the other IT roles. You will be working with various types of databases and not just a single database. You will be dealing with different types of databases and they are very complex.

So, if you are thinking that you want to become a DBA then you need to know that it is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and dedication.

Here are some of the important skills which you should have to become a DBA:

You should have the ability to work under pressure

This is one of the most important skills that a DBA must-have. You should be able to perform under pressure. If you are unable to handle the pressure then you will not be able to work in the IT industry. You will always be stressed out when you are working under pressure. So, you must learn how to manage the pressure.

You should have good communication skills

If you want to become a DBA then you must be very good at communicating with other people. This is very important as a DBA will be working with other people. You must be able to understand the problem and give the solution to the problem. You must be able to explain the problem clearly and also be able to convince other people.

You should have good time management skills

A DBA must be able to manage his/her time well. They must be able to complete their work in a short time and they should not waste their time.

They should be able to plan the work in a systematic way. A DBA must be able to prioritize the work and they must be able to do the work in a short time.


So, these are some of the important skills that a DBA must-have. You can easily learn them if you practice them for a few days.

Why DBA Training is Necessary

August 28, 2020

Most of us always search for opportunities that can give us better career options than the ones we are presently serving at. A well chalked out plan for career progress can bring a major difference to those intending to succeed in the future. This plan may force you to study hard & get qualified in all those advanced courses that will give you an edge over your competitors while searching for jobs in the market. These advanced IT courses may look more or less similar but most of these courses usually vary & offer some features that other courses do not have. In this competitive job market, you need to learn an IT course that has better job opportunities & will give you the required support that can help you land with a better job offer. Though most of the aspiring IT professionals are seen interested in doing different language courses like java, ASP.NET, #C, UNIX, etc but little did they know that oracle DBA training has huge market potential & can help them get jobs easily. There are several online DBA training centers that can help extend your role of database administrator & may place you in higher job positions bringing further improvement in your career.

One can easily find DBA training institutes all over the world as well as in his/her localized area. If you are facing difficulty in deciding upon which one to choose for or don’t have time to attend classroom tutorials, then you can simply join online DBA training agencies & start getting online training immediately. However, you need to ascertain certain details about the organization in which you are going to enroll. These details may range from a count of its student success rate to placement assistance record which may influence your career growth in some way or other. When you are joining and good DBA training course which covers all types of advanced modules which are having high demand then probably you can get a salary increment or promotion in your present job. There are lots of chances to get a high level of the job offer from other companies or hr consultants.

Some DBA training institutes provide free online training while others charge some money for giving training. Though free oracle DBA training materials are the first choice among visitors but minor DBA course details like basics of the oracle, DBA fundamentals are found missing in them. Therefore professionals should always opt for paid training centers which can help them provide quality online DBA training including in-depth knowledge of PL/SQL, PL/SQL structures, packages, triggers, store procedures & much more. It will guide an oracle beginner to start learning oracle without any prior knowledge.

Online DBA training courses used to vary in contents & the course materials may range from simple courses for freshers to more advance & specific courses for professionals. Some general courses & module wise career-specific courses are also there. Any DBA training course you join should have a positive impact on your career or add weight to any future job that you may intend to apply for. As an end result, it may prepare you for any potential changes in the job requirements for a better job offer.


How to clear Oracle certification exams

February 25, 2020

There should be little question in your mind that you simply face a test filled with specific and pointed questions. The Oracle certification exam test consists of around 60-70 questions that you simply must complete in 90 minutes.

Questions belong to at least one three basic types; multiple-choice with one answer, multiple-choice with quite one answer, and fill within the blank questions. you want to answer the fill-in-blank questions with the precise answer, including spelling, otherwise, you will miss the question.

Always take the time to read an issue a minimum of twice before selecting a solution, and always search for an Exhibit button as you examine each question. Exhibits include graphics information that pertains to the question. An exhibit is typically a screen capture of program output, a selected SQL statement, or GUI information that you simply must examine to research the question’s scenario and format a solution.

Not every question has just one answer; many questions require multiple answers. Therefore, it’s important to read each question carefully, not only to work out what percentage answers are necessary or possible, but also to seem for extra hints or instructions once you are selecting answers. Such instructions often occur in brackets immediately following the question itself, as they are doing for all multiple-choice questions during which one or more answers are possible.

Obviously, the sole thanks to passing any exam is to pick enough of the proper answers to get a passing score. However, Oracle’s exams aren’t standardized just like the SAT and GRE exams required for entrance to the school or grad school within the U.S; they’re much more diabolical and convoluted. In some cases, questions are strangely worded, and deciphering them is often a true challenge. In those cases, you would possibly get to believe answer-elimination skills. nearly always, a minimum of one answer out of a question’s alternatives are often eliminated immediately because it matches one among these conditions. It doesn’t apply to things. It describes a nonexistent issue, an invalid option, or an imaginary state.

After you eliminate all answers that are obviously wrong, you’ll apply your retained knowledge to eliminate further answers. Search for items that sound correct but that ask actions, commands, or features that aren’t present or available within the situation that the question describes. Also, look in other test questions for possible answers to the question you’re battling.
If you’re still faced with a blind guess among two or more potentially correct answers, reread the question. attempt to picture how each of the possible remaining answers would alter things. Be especially sensitive to terminology because sometimes the selection of words (remove rather than disable) can make the difference between a right answer and a wrong one.
Only when you’ve got exhausted your ability to eliminate answers do you have to guess at a solution. An unanswered question offers you no points, but guessing gives you a minimum of some chance of getting an issue right. Just don’t be too hasty when making a blind guess.

You can wait until the last round of reviewing marked questions, even as you’re close to run out of your time, or out of unanswered questions before you begin making guesses.

differences between Online training and classroom trainings

January 23, 2019

Differences in Online training and classroom training

I have been receiving so many emails regarding online training and classroom training. Yesterday I got mail and asked “What are online courses? How we learn by online? I have never been part of online training. But I heard about this online training. What is the difference between online n classroom training? Anyone have done online courses? What is your experience? Kindly share knowledge about same. I am interested to learn online Oracle database administration.”

I replied simple answer “Using online courses, you can learn from anywhere including from home in your free time. There is vastly different between classroom training and online training because classroom training you can learn with other students from your teacher with a physical presence. Which is not possible in online training. Sometimes, some good company offers online training with a live instructor based virtual classroom. I think it is a better option too.”

One of more query got a day before yesterday was “I have confusion about online training. Does it good or better than classroom training? What are the major differences between online training and classroom training? I think classroom training is better than online training because we can raise queries and ask doubts to instructor directly in classroom training which is not possible for online training or e-learning courses.”

For more clarification, I am providing some basic differences between both types of training.

Following are major differences between Online training and classroom training.

Classroom Training:
– Good for but strictly maintain time schedule.
– You can ask queries and doubts directly to your instructor.
– If instructor changed then you get difficulty to set with another instructor
– You would not only in the classroom and due to this reason, sometimes you cannot ask a simple question which is more important, you feel shy.
– The course fee is very costly.
– Sometimes, classroom location is very far from your destination.

Online Training:
– There is no time constraint. Anytime you can take and anywhere you can access.
– If you select live instructor based online training then you can ask query or doubt to live instructor.
– Without live instructor based online training does not come with instructor means no dependency on the instructor.
– In online training, there are no other students with you.
– In live instructor based online training, one student-one instructor.
– The course fee is not costly.
– You can access from anywhere there is no location constraint.

There are lots of benefits of both types of training. You need to check which is more suitable for you. As per my opinion, if you are having a good instructor at your hometown or nearest your location then go for classroom training or choose online training. Some of the online training providers offer lifetime access and support too. It is good for us. I took so many online training for self-growing and upgrade myself. I took so many classroom training too. The choice is yours.

If you want classroom training from me for learning Oracle DBA from scratch then you can contact me. I am offering online training too.

I hope you have words about same like “E-learning of Oracle!! How can we get practical hands-on in online courses? I think classroom training is more good than online training.”. Then let me clear about the same, in online training you cannot get only videos but it is an interactive course with the live instructor based. You can learn practical things too with your instructor. Don’t worry.

How become Oracle DBA?

January 23, 2019

I have been getting so many inquiries from the various candidate who are having keen interest to be Oracle DBA. I am providing some information regarding this.

DBA (Database Administrator) is a person who is an expert with exceptional skills required in the fields of database management. These professionals are the worker bees that make sure that the system runs smooth and without any glitches. It is their primary duty to troubleshoot any problem. Especially developed certifications, training and hands-on experience are offered by database product manufacturers to train professionals to handle their products and solutions. DBA is a busy person in a corporate environment, even income corporate structures there are a number of DBAs at a single site. This all depends upon the complexity of the whole system.

DBA professional is a person who is equipped with the latest and up-to-date knowledge of the database system of his own choice. Advance knowledge is then combined with periodical training held by the manufacturer i.e. Oracle, and the final element, experience. Experience is considered to be the most important element, it is the stage when you get personal experience to troubleshoot the database system. A person who lacks any of these three elements would fail in his attempt to be called DBA.

Before purchasing the necessary course materials one should choose the correct database platform to begin. Latest platforms developed and launched by Oracle include the reliable 11g and 10g products. So one needs to choose the course for induction, he has ample choice such as Oracle DBA 11g or Oracle DBA 10g along with necessary Oracle DBA training. Once a person has made up his mind, the next step is to get admission in an authorized training and testing center. This is necessary and is mandatory for beginners. Experienced professionals would be able to benefit from their previous experience.

The route to Certified Oracle DBA is divided into three brief steps. These steps are interconnected and one must complete all three steps to complete his certification. The very first step is Oracle Certified Associate, this is the initial step and is composed of three exams. You must pass at least two to make it to the second step. Oracle Certified Professional is the second step professional, it is necessary to acquire training at this level to qualify for the next final level. Along with training you also need to pass the examination. Once cleared now you move to the final level the Oracle Certified Master, you need to get advanced training and have to pass at least two exams to become the Oracle DBA.

This is a long road but it is very much necessary so that you can actually perform your job. Maintaining and troubleshooting Oracle database systems can only be performed by a certified professional. A huge commercial and corporate firms have giant interlinked database systems that interact around the world. Only a certified person will be able to point out the problem and fix it. Confidence is also boosted with the training that you get in the three qualification levels. You will also get a chance to upgrade your knowledge in future too.