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5 SEO Traps that Will Gradually Turn Down Your Search Engine Ranking

February 17, 2021

I am totally new to this search engine optimization technique. But I am learning too many things nowadays for improving search engine ranking to get more human traffic. There is no guarantee that you will achieve a good search engine ranking by doing some SEO tweaks for your website. However, there are certain traps that will be counter-productive for your SEO efforts. If you fall into the traps of SEO, your website ranking will be gradually turned down. Here are 5 SEO traps that you need to avoid:

1. Creating a SPAM website

Search engines are working toward one goal in mind: to enhance user experience. Of course, what if the users that type in certain keywords land in a SPAM website? That person will likely feel bad for coming to that website. There are many people that are trying to SPAM the search engine with SPAM websites. They use auto blogs that leech content from other blogs and publish it automatically on their website. Not only this will lead to a bad user experience, but the search engines also will not be pleased with it and will gradually drop your ranking.

2. Blasting SPAM comments all over the internet

With the popularity of black hat SEO and the effectiveness of blog commenting as a method to boost search engine ranking, people want to do everything easily. They begin to blast SPAM comments to thousands of blogs out there in the hope that they will get as many backlinks as possible for their website. This is not the right approach to build backlinks. Not only you will be considered spamming the search engine, in the end, but your website is also the one that will be affected. Most blog owners will keep deleting your SPAM comments and the search engines will keep devaluing this kind of backlinking effort.

3. Duplicate content on the same website

Content will no doubt help you to gain more traffic from the search engine. The entire search engine algorithm is about content. The more content you have, the higher your rank in the search engine. However, if you try to game this by placing multiple duplicate contents in your website, the search engine will eventually regard this as SPAM. Not only your website will rank lower in the search engine rank, it will also have a higher chance to get penalized by the search engine.

4. Non-SEO-friendly design

Your website design is an important part of your SEO campaign. Your website design can be good for SEO or it can be bad for SEO. Too many JavaSript codes will make it harder for the search engine to crawl your content. As a result, you may not get the search engine placement you should get when you have a better design. If you experience this, improve your website design immediately and make sure that the design is SEO-friendly. If possible, you should ask your web designer to design your website carefully by not neglecting the SEO part of your website design.

5. Link swap or link exchange

This is an old and junk method of SEO that search engines no longer regard as a useful thing to increase your ranking. Search engines are using your backlink as a measure of your website’s popularity and authority. Link swap or link exchange is a method of backlink that represents no popularity and authority. It means that you are bartering links with other webmasters in favor of ranking. This was useful in the past but it is no longer useful today.

Those are 5 SEO traps that most webmasters are doing but don’t realize their devastating effects on their website. You should avoid using those SEO methods and strive to do the white hat method instead of a black hat. Good and natural SEO will give your website a good ranking for a long time.

Role of Social Media Networks in Your Business Progress

December 17, 2020

Social media is one of the most widely used platforms to communicate and share information effectively with business associates, prospective clients, and the target group. Most entrepreneurs are making use of social networking sites to promote their business globally. To kick start your business or website, get in touch with the contact number at any time.

According to a survey held last year, about 94% of businesses are making use of social media to promote their products and services. It is thus evident that social media is an important marketing tool. It can result in an increase in the number of quality backlinks to your website, which in turn builds more traffic to your website. The popular social networking sites are Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, and Google+

Role of social media in promoting a business:

It is the best platform to interact and communicate with your target audience efficiently. This way, you get potential customers and thereby enhance your productivity.
Social media can be used to showcase the complete information of your business, its core features, ideas, and goals to the appropriate group. The pictures, videos, and blogs that you use let the people know your business activities and actions.
It helps the rapid progress of good customer relationships. Customer is the God in business and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Offer discounts, free gifts, and packages to your customers, in the beginning, to make them comfortable with your brand.
The use of social media makes the job of interacting with customers on a regular basis easy. It also helps in finding a new customer base.
Social media provides one with various potential marketing options- video marketing, paid advertisement like PPC, and sharing quality content are some of them. Video marketing creates a greater impact.
Visibility of your business can be improved instantly if people are provided with complete information about activities. Do not let the content get stale, keep posting news and developments.
You can have more number of high-quality links which helps in increasing the PR (Page Rank). It also offers various opportunities to enlarge your business.
You can have a strong online presence, which helps in receiving feedback about your products and services and lets you make changes accordingly.
Social media features viral marketing. For instance, if a webpage is created on Facebook, that page can be shared by you with your family and friends, when they do the same it is shared among their family, and so on. This process can quickly spread your company motto and help build more traffic.
To survive the competition, your business must have brand awareness. You can use various social media platforms to make a mark.
It also offers various effective strategies of marketing like e-tuitions, e-book, and webinars.


Google’s War Against Spam Goes Way Beyond Panda

January 30, 2018

The war is long and there are many casualties, but it must be fought

Think of it as collateral damage, those of you who feel you were undeservedly punished. As indicated, Panda is just another in a long line of updates designed to clean the trash out of Google’s search index, and thanks to an awesome infographic from, Panda update victims can track the history of the war, one that started in earnest in 2003, which is around the same time Google’s hold over the search engine industry was entering the “iron-clad” stage.

Perhaps the perspective will give them some solace, as well the willingness to be prepared for future Google purges. The infographic in question. It’s a large file–almost 3000 pixels tall even with the size reduction–so be sure to click it for the full version:

Google’s search index, left unattended, would be a wasteland of spam sites, content farms, and prescription drug outlets.

Furthermore, if your site was one of the unintended victims, reports are, if the necessary corrections/alterations are made, Google will open the doors of its index and allow your site back in.

Some interesting tidbits from the infographic, at least from this perspective:

Google makes 400 updates to its algorithm each year, so even if there isn’t a widely-publicized released update with a catchy name, Google is constantly tailoring.

There were over three years between the “Big Daddy” update (2006) and “Caffeine” (2009). Before that, there were many major updates on a yearly basis. 2003 saw four separate ones, while there were two each in 2004, 5, and 6.

Do the extended wait between Big Daddy and Caffeine mean Google was actually satisfied with the quality of their index, save for the minor algorithm tweaks? Whatever the case, this graphic does a great job of informing webmasters about Google’s index-purging ways. It should also be a warning against complacency when it comes to website quality control.

Advantages of Web Directory Submission

January 26, 2018

Web directory submission is one of the key methods of search engine optimization.  Submission of a website to a popular web directory certainly bears great results in the form of link popularity and page rank.  Web directory submission is often a neglected area when it comes to search engine optimization techniques.  SEO methods like forum posting, article submission, blog commenting and the like are employed by the affiliate marketers these days to perfection.  On the other hand, many affiliate marketers fail to recognize the importance and the significance of web directory submission.

It is important to know that web directory submission has got its own advantages.  You should never underestimate the efficacy of submission to web directories.  Most web directories are highly ranked in the search pages of the popular search engines.  Hence if you submit your website to a popular web directory, then the chances of your website receiving high page rank is high too.

Although there are many web directories available on the Internet for you to choose from, pick the directory that enjoys high page rank in the search results of the popular search engines. There are two major types of web directories.  They are free web directories and paid web directories.  Both of them have got their own individual uses and advantages.  Submission of websites to paid web directories has specific advantages when compared to submission of websites to free web directories.

Go for a web directory that does manual submission of links so that your website improves its link popularity in the course of time. Manual submission is a vital factor when it comes to page rank.  Many search engines including Google support manual submission of links than submission through software.  Most popular web directories take the effort of improving the page rank of your website by individually submitting each of your links manually in such a way that link building is done with perfection.   Your website will receive the enormous number of visitors over a period of time by virtue of backlinks triggered from other sites.

It can be categorically said that there is no search optimization method like web directory submission when it comes to link building.  This is the opinion of experts of search engine optimization.  Therefore web directory submission should not be neglected since it contributes a lot to link popularity.  Another advantage of submission to web directories is that most directories have different categories to choose from.  You can choose the right category for your website to optimize the results.

How to Increase Link Popularity?

January 24, 2018

a1Link popularity is the secret of success of search engine optimization methods.  In other words, if search engine optimization methods are employed properly, then link popularity is surely attained.  Some of the SEO techniques can go a long way in increasing link popularity if used well.

Link popularity consists in the number of hits your websites receives primarily through search engines.  As a matter of fact, most visitors tend to reach your website only from searches through search engines.  Hence the selection of keywords and their application is vital when it comes to content writing.  If the content of your website is properly laden with appropriate keywords then your website will obtain link popularity gradually.  This is due to the fact that searchers across the Internet use the keywords employed by you in the content of your website to reach your website.  Hence it is important that you gain some experience in conducting keyword research.

a1The use of keyword research tools is highly recommended to get link popularity to your website.  Article submission is another SEO method by which the link popularity of your website can be increased.  Submission of articles to directories that rank high in search results is one of the best methods that can boost link popularity.  It is said by the experts of search engine optimization that link popularity directly depends upon the number of backlinks your website receives.  Article submission is the best method to attract backlinks to your website.  If your website gets visitors on account of links from other sites back to your website, then link popularity gradually increases for your site.

Link popularity is a concept that gets results gradually.  It should be said that link popularity does not happen over the night.  It takes some time to get link popularity.  Hard work and perseverance are two factors that contribute to link popularity.  As an aspiring and a growing affiliate marketer, you should work hard in terms of search engine optimization to get link popularity to your website.  High page rank is the direct result of link popularity.

The higher the page rank of your website the more is the link popularity of your website.  At the same time, it is equally important to keep the page rank reached by your website intact.  You should strive hard either to improve the page rank or take it further up in the course of time.  Hence link popularity once attained should be well maintained too.