How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA-3

How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA-3

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Today again we are going to discuss resuming making tip for fresher Oracle DBA.

I have seen so many fresher Oracle DBA make resume with OCP exam scores. If as fresher Oracle DBA is applying for Jr.Oracle DBA post and he or she is appearing in OCP exams then they mention OCP exam scores in resume as follows.

If fresher Oracle DBA is appearing Oracle 9i DBA track exams then what they mention in resume……

Exam Paper Score Result

1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i SQL                               92%                 PASS

1Z0-031 Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals I                    95%                 PASS

1Z0-032 Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II                  97%                 PASS

If fresher Oracle DBA is appearing Oracle 10g DBA track exams then what they mention in resume……

1Z0-047  Oracle Database SQL Expert                                 90%                PASS

1Z0-042  Oracle Database 10g: Administration I            89%                PASS

If fresher Oracle DBA is appearing in Oracle 11g DBA track exams then what they mention in resume……

1Z0-051 Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals           93%               PASS

1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g: Administration I              95%               PASS

But do you know everybody knows very well that dumps of every OCP exam papers are easily available in market. Most of people are using those dumps for clearing Oracle Certified Professional exams. Even  some websites also provide or distribute this OCP exam dump and people and fresher OCP students are downloading those and prepare examinations from it.

Can you believe that your interview taker is also OCP or technical sound and known with this dump mystery. Because when interview taker takes so many interview of OCP students and found they are technically ZERO even OCP, then what he thinks about those percentage mentioned in the resume?  If you mention this type of score of OCP exams then it will be creating wrong impression to your interview taker that you want to get job using OCP certificate and it’s score only, where anyone can do this think easily. There is no guarantee you have technical knowledge of Oracle DBA.

As per my advice as fresher Oracle DBA you should need to mentioned that you are obtaining OCP or Pursuing OCP certification track of Oracle 9i just as follows.

“Pursuing Oracle 9i DBA track OCP certification and have cleared 3 exams.”


“Present status: OCA and pursuing Oracle 9i DBA track certification with cleared 3 exams in same path”


“Obtaining Oracle Certified Professional 10g DBA track certification, present status appeared and cleared 1 exam of SQL.”

This will be helpful to interview taker can understand easily that you are obtaining OCP certification and within short period it will be clearing. This thing looks good and make nice image to your interview taker.

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