How to make resume as fresher Oracle DBA-4

Hi Friends,

Today again I am providing one biggest hint for making resume of fresher Oracle DBA.

When we are providing personal details like full name, birthdate, address, father’s name, hobbies, educational qualification, professional certification. Some candidate also mentions passport details as follows.

Passport detail:

Passport No:  B1569256

Issue date:  21/02/2009

Expired date: 20/06/2015

All consultants are not reliable. Now tell me if anyone of them is wanting to misuse of your details and make fake passport then what will be happening? Because all of your details he/she has including passport number with issue date and expired date with your education, qualification, passing years, professional certifications, experience, hobbies. Aha….all things because those are being provided in same resume.

This is security alert to make resume carefully. No consultant will ask you detail of passport while getting resume because resume is only mirror of your education, qualification and experience. Yes offcourse if you are applying out of country then they can ask. But as per my own view you should need to protect passport detail from them in resume. You can provide them following kind of detail of your passport.


Passport detail:

Having Valid Passport: YES

Passport No:  xxxxxx

Issue date:  XX/XX/2009

Expired date: XX/XX/2015

If you mention this kind of information of your passport then consultant can also know that you have valid passport. There is no reason to show this detail to everyone. Whenever you would be selected then you can provide full detail of passport. Means whenever you would get offer letter then also you can show full detail of your valid passport.

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Mean be careful to make your resume.

All the best,

Thanks and regards,

Gitesh Trivedi

Dbametrix Solutions


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