No Gains without Pains

No Gains without Pains

panchtantraOur every Panchtantra stories are really excellent and provide some moral message to us but unfortunately, we heard like story or fairytale only. We do not bother about those messages.

Once there loved an old farmer. He was a hardworking man. But his sons were idle and useless. The farmer was anxious about his sons. When he was lying in his bed he thought of teaching his sons a good lesson to make them industrious and hard-working. So he called them near his bed and told them that in one part of his property there was a hidden treasure. These were the last words of the farmer to his sons.

Soon after the death of the farmer, the sons took spades and dug all the fields. But no treasure was found. This made them learn a lesson, “No gains without pains”. This encouraged them to sow the fields with different kinds of seeds. Thereafter they lived happily from what they got from their fields by their hard work.

Moral of the story is work hard and do not become lazy. If you work hard then you would definitely get some result. If you are lazy and do not work anything then you would not get any kind of result. In this highly competitive world, you just need to work hard in your service or business otherwise you will not get anything. Without hard work nobody gets anything. In this new generation, you need to do hard work as well as smart work too. Because even donkey can do hard work, then what about us?. Use your brain, apply your brain and do hard work then you would get success.


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